Movie Trailers: The Bay - Trailer

The Bay - Trailer

After dealing with the zombies they should really focus on getting that camera steadied.

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Not the worst trailer I have seen recently. It has got my attention, in the good way :)

captcha - my bad

For now, it has a slight interest with me, will have to judge it on full film though.

This was actually looking like a really cool and somewhat creepy movie. All until about two thirds through the movie where zombies. Granted, there haven't been many found film zombie movies, but if this had simply been a massive viral outbreak which simply killed people instead of turning them into zombies, it would be great.

Still, I'll check the movie out.

So, it's like Night of the Creeps: Baywatch edition?

I don't know how I feel about this film. On the one hand it looks pretty interesting. On the other hand it is another zombie film so I can kinda guess how it will end.

Soooo...zombies again. Fish zombies?

Well I went from intruiged to "ugh jeez really?!" the second it became zombies.

The trailer actualy had me curious, if it had remained the hidden camera, disease/biological conspiracy thing it seemed to be doing I'd have been all over it

Then it became zombies and I lost all interest

Looks ok I guess.
The only thing I could think about at the end was "D'oh, didn't adhere to Rule 31."


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