Escape to the Movies: Fall Preview

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Fall Preview

MovieBob gives you the scoop as to what to look forward to this coming movie season.

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Nice tribute for Michael Clarke Duncan at the end. Was sad to hear that he passed away, I liked most of the stuff he made.

And you've made me curious about... that movie with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt. Will be checking it out. The Hobbit, eh, I'll pass.

It's a good year to love movies.

not that these are terrible episodes, but it would be far better to do what Yahtzee does when nothing comes out that week i.e. RETRO REVIEW. a Moviebob review of Singing in the Rain? a review of Dr. Strangelove? A review of Annie Hall? Requiem for a Dream? The Hunt for Red October? it would be fucking glorious!


Actually that looks like an interesting fall... really want to see Lincoln, and the Hobbit. Taken 2 looks interesting but i feel it's unnecessary and it might kill the first one if it bombs.

Wreck-it Ralph. YES.

not that these are terrible episodes, but it would be far better to do what Yahtzee does when nothing comes out that week i.e. RETRO REVIEW. a Moviebob review of Singing in the Rain? a review of Dr. Strangelove? A review of Annie Hall? Requiem for a Dream? The Hunt for Red October? it would be fucking glorious!

thats what the big picture is for.

I can't wait for the Twilight movie so I will never have see another stupid trailer for that horrible book ever again. Other than that the rest the the movies that are coming out look good.

The Master: Now THIS won't raise some brows

RE: Blech

Looper: Might be interesting

Frakenweenie: I think Burton at this point is beyond redemption

Butter: Hoo-boy

Argo: Ever since Affleck started directing he's really been churning out some good stuff

Cloud Atlas: The FUCK did I just see?

Silent Hill: Meh; the only interesting thing is Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones is in it

Wreck-it Ralph: If Mario does not show up I will be surprised.

Man with the Iron Fists: Definitely LOOKS interesting; Russell Crowe's inclusions baffles and intrigues me

Skyfall: I think Quantum's problem was more that it was directed by Marc Forster

Lincoln: Because Day-Lewis doesn't have enough Oscars

Twilight: Thank Buddha it's over

Rise of the Guardians: Amusing at least

Life of Pi: Was I smoking something?

Zero Dark Thirty: Too bad it wouldn't be out in time for election day.

Django Unchained: FUCK YES

Hobbit: Good times

Was expecting Dredd

P.T. Anderson making a movie about Scientology?

I am oddly hyped for this.


not that these are terrible episodes, but it would be far better to do what Yahtzee does when nothing comes out that week i.e. RETRO REVIEW. a Moviebob review of Singing in the Rain? a review of Dr. Strangelove? A review of Annie Hall? Requiem for a Dream? The Hunt for Red October? it would be fucking glorious!

thats what the big picture is for.

The Big Picture really seems to be more about obscure and bizarre geek things (when it's not about some big societal thing) and how they impact nerd culture. He never just does reviews of classic well regarded films. That's what I want to see on these off weeks.

Django Unchained AND The Hobbit in December? Oh Hollywood, you always know just what to get me for my birthday!

Also, Wreck-It Ralph looks glorious. DISNEY, DO NOT SCREW THIS UP.

Sure, because the movie 'Silent Hill 2' wont be confused with the game 'Silent Hill 2' even though the movie isn't strictly an adaptation of the game (James Sunderland, Maria, Pyramid Head before he sold out etc.) but is actually an adaptation of Silent Hill 3, with Heather Mason having to go to Silent Hill and explore an alternate reality etc. as Silent Hill 3 was the proper sequel to Silent Hill, and Silent hill 2 was pretty disconnected from the whole cult business, which is why it's my favourite.

Can't wait till december!

Oh fuck me, there's a Cloud Atlas film coming out? I mean, I'm not necessarily looking forward to it and I wasn't impressed by the book, but I'm surprised that a movie is being made after how ever many years since the book's release. CA is one of those "smart" books you read once and never think about ever again, so I can't see there being many fans waiting in the wings for this one.

That said, I suspect I'd enjoy the film version more. Not sure why though - the generic, diliberately recycled plots of the story should look just as blatant on the screen.

looks like there are some interesting movies coming up. my poor wallet again.

I'm looking forward to Wreck it Ralf, but then who isn't?

Looks like there's nothing next week for me, as for later...

Looper: interesting premise for those who've seen the trailers.

Taken 2: We assure you, we didn't get the idea from Die Hard 2

Frankenweeie: I finally won't have to look at those boring trailers.

Butter: A satire of American politics? What an appropriate name....

Argo: One of the more interesting premises I've seen for a film I've seen in a while. Even better that it was based on a true story.

Cloud Atlas: Saw the trailer for this last night. Feels like a more interesting version of Babel.

Silent Hill II: Why is this the first I'm hearing of this?

Wreck it Ralph: I'm not as big of a Pixar fan as Bob is, so I'll just say to lower your expectations to Cars level.

The Man with the Iron Fist: Potentially interesting, but I need someone to vouch for it.

Skyfall: James Bond versus an evil Julian Assange. Oh, and Q is back. I'll be in the first showing...

Lincoln: At least the Oscar bait this year doesn't involve WWII

Twilight Breaking Dawn II: Oh please let this be the end of that series.

Rise of the Guardians: Santa as potentially ex-Russian Mafia? Full of win no matter how that movie turns out.

The Life of Pi: Huh... I thought that was just a short put into the trailers for a few movies.

Zero Dark Thirty: Regardless of how it is, expect the US conservatives to complain about it for some reason.

Django Unchained: Fuck yeah!

Hobbit I: While I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings Movies, I'm not excited about round two...

So, lots of movies to miss until January. See you next time.

Oh neeto I had forgot about Skyfall Bond films have a habit of sneaking up on me.

And I competely forgotten most the films you've mention except for The Man with the Iron Fist, Django Unchained, Rise of the Guardian, Wreak-it Raplh, The Hobbit, Return to Silent Hill and Skyfall.
I guess those are the films I am looking forward to the most well expcet for Skyfall as James Bond is easy to remember.

Yay! I'm not the only one who likes Silent Hill the movie! Problems, yes, but it's still pretty damn good for a video game movie.

I am, however, the only one who liked Quantum of Solace and I need to be okay with that. I guess.

And yes, Lord of the Rings looks fucking amazing.

Bob...somebody did make an Avengers-style team-up of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Jack Frost, and the Easter Bunny. It was just called The Santa Clause 2 and 3, and they sucked (which makes me sad because I feel like they didn't have to).

I thought "Flight" looked like an interesting movie. Denzel Washington plays a pilot who miraculously lands a plane with almost no casualties (the trailer is vague on whether or not some people actually die) but it is found out shortly after that he had alcohol in his system, which could land him in jail for life.

After watching the trailer for Rise of the Guardians, I to thought "Holiday Avengers". And yes, for some reason I'm really looking forward to Argo for some reason. Maybe it's because Ben Afleck is a good director and there's the kickass combo of John Goodman and Bryan Cranston.

On film missing though is Dredd, which coming out in the states at a latter date but it just arrived in the UK (home of comic) and I can actually say it was a great film for me at least. No-nonsense, ultraviolent gritty action flick.

Also RIP Michael Clarke Duncan indeed.

Huh, I didn't realise the winter had this much in store for audiences in terms of movies. Looks like a good time to go to the cinema more often.

I can't wait for the Twilight movie so I will never have see another stupid trailer for that horrible book ever again. Other than that the rest the the movies that are coming out look good.

Hah, just you wait until they make a movie of 50 Shades of Grey. We all know they will! Its arrival is written in stars and blood!

You forgot to mention Les Misérables, the film adaptation of the stage musical. Not only does it have an Oscar-baiting cast (Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe) and director (Tom Hooper), but it actually looks pretty good. Rather than do the singing through ADR like most musical films, they recorded the singing live on set, and judging from Anne Hathaway's performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from the trailer, this looks like it's bound to be a good decision.

I honestly expect Les Mis to be a huge contender in the Oscars next year. It's a period piece, it's based on classic literature AND a hugely popular musical, and it's coming out in December. I think Anne Hathaway is going to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress as Fantine since she's garnered a lot of exposure from TDKR and she shaved her head for the role and Oscar loves it when actresses change their appearance for a role. I think Hugh Jackman will get nominated for Best Actor as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe for Best Supporting Actor as Javert, though Sacha Baron Cohen may steal the show depending on how good his portrayal of Thénardier is.

Yes, the 1998 film didn't win any accolades, but it wasn't that good and it came out in May.

Oscar-baiting aside, it actually does look like it could be a really good movie and I'm surprised you didn't mention it.

Aside from The Master and Cloud Atlas, I'm excited for...

The Wolf Children (dir: Mamoru Hosoda who did "Summer Wars" and "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time") Oct 11 in UK

Like Someone in Love (dir: Abbas Kiarostami who got big last year with "Certified Copy" a mind-blowing romantic drama) Oct 14 in UK

A lot of these movies seem really interesting, and I'm certainly going to check out a fair share of them.

I will say that Frankenweenie is the first Burton film that I actually find myself excited to see for several years now.

A lot of these movies I've never even heard of, but at least seem pretty interesting.

Most of them I'll probably just check out if they ever end up on Netflix Instant Watch, but it's still nice to be aware of them.

It's a shame I forgot about all the movies that were mentioned before The Hobbit.

Wee it's a 3parter not a 2parter.
Wee it will contain the events that happened during the Hobbit but wasn't included in the book.

It's a shame Middle earth is a universe I could never read. But I could watch it very much.

I'm one of the rare and tasteless few that actually liked the first Silent Hill movie, so I'm pretty excited for it's sequel. As for the other movies, I'm especially excited for Wreck-It Ralph and The Hobbit, although I'm curious to see how can Peter Jackson transform a light reading kid's book into an epic 3 hour trilogy.


The "Man With the Iron Fist" trailers annoy me. With emotionally-complex classics like "The Five Deadly Venoms," "The One-Armed Swordsman," and "Legend of Drunken Master" there's no need for all the extra sci-fi appendages. It's going to be a fun movie, sure, but it's probably going to be a sterile, American Kung Fu movie like "The Forbidden Kingdom" WITHOUT the epic Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan fight.

Shoudn't we have gotten another trailer for The Hobbit by now? I know the movie itself is going to be a big deal, but honestly, it feels like the hype behind it hasn't quite reached the same level as, say, The Avengers did in the months before it was released.

As for Twilight, all I can say at this point can be sumed up with this:


I'm really looking forward to Looper, it looks like smart, understated sci-fi that focuses on the cool stuff, rather than focusing solely on character drama, which is a mistake as far as sci-fi goes. Also, like the rest of movie going audiences I'm really quite interested to see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt's career evolves.
Not looking forward to Frankenweenie, I feel like when a filmmaker reaches the point at which they start homaging their own work, they've probably gotten too far up their own ass. Plus I don't feel like this is a movie for me, much the same feeling I got about ParaNorman. This is a movie for Tim Burton fans and I don't think anyone else is being targeted here.
I'm glad to see that someone else is as excited for The Man With the Iron Fists as I am, I positively love these kinds of homages. Plus, since it's only produced by Tarantino and is actually directed by RZA, we'll probably get the fun homage stuff without any of the smugness that I feel has become Tarantino's new signature.
In spite of myself I'm liking the look of Skyfall, the trailer actually looks like fun. I really hope this movie signals a return to classic James Bond action as opposed to the boring Bourne rip-off that Quantum of Solace, and Casion Royale to a lesser extent, were. And sidenote, doesn't anyone else get a Heath Ledger's Joker vibe from that one shot of the new villain walking into of the flames?
Lincoln seems interesting, not my cup of tea, but Spielberg's been trying to make it for a while and Daniel Day Lewis is a good actor, so this will probably be predictably good.
Taken 2 made me groan when I read the synopsis, apparently Liam Neeson's character teams up with his daughter to rescue the ex-wife, which just sounds absolutely awful. I mean, first of all I think Taken was a fine movie, one that managed to be pure, unpretentious action without devolving into Michael Bay-syle awfulness, but it was very clearly a stand alone film, no sequel necessary. Second, why on Earth would I want to see Liam Neeson's character have to drag the dead weight that his daughter probably will be? I hate when action movie sequels decide to saddle the hero with a useless sidekick.
Django Unchained has me very apprehensive. On the one hand I really like the premise, I really like Westerns, and I really like a lot of Quentin Tarantino's movies, but on the other, I found his most recent movies lacking. Deathproof was just awful to me, it homaged grindhouse cinema without remembering to do the most vital part of any homage, that is, trim the fat, the elements that suck, and leave only the cool stuff that people actually like. Inglourious Basterds was just okay, but I didn't particularly care for it and Hans Landa was really the only stand out part for me. I hope that with this movie we see more of the Tarantino who made Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, and less of the one who made Deathproof and has gotten progressively more up his own ass as the years have gone by.
One movie that went unmentioned here was Hotel Transylvania, which I was actually looking forward to just from the posters, but then completely lost interest in when I saw the trailers. I saw the posters and thought "awesome, a fun adventure comedy about classic movie monsters, this sounds great" then trailer revealed that it was a slapstick goofball comedy about Dracula learning that his vampire-daughter is growing up, which sounds absolutely awful.
The Rise of the Guardians, which is indeed an incredibly boring title now that I think about it, looks interesting, and it might manage to be one of those distressingly rare non-Pixar animated movies that are actually good.

Also, man, I can't believe Michael Clarke Duncan is dead, I remember for the longest time though that I was convinced his name was Michael Duncan Clarke, which I feel flows better. He was only in his fifties, and a really cool on screen presence, it's just unfair.


Oh man, I can't believe I forgot about this. I can't wait for this movie.

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