Escape to the Movies: Fall Preview

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Oh they made a Silent Hill sequel. Hey I wonder if it will follow the actual storyline of Silent Hill 2 and have a chance at being decent...

Oh. Nope. I guess not. But it seems to be following SH3's storyline? There's still hope for a decent SH2 adaptation? I'm okay with this.

I thought Bob had called Prince of Persia the best game-to-film adaptation? Or has everyone just forgot about it already?

Still, a few interesting movies coming out. Likely won't be seeing many of them, but I might try to catch a few.

Oh a whole tonne of movies I'll definitely be seeing, nice.

I was pleasantly surprised that Bob was excited for "The Man with the Iron Fits" XD

I'm excited for that the same way i was excite for Afro Samurai! in other words VERY.

F*** ya, the hobbit!

Ha! I've also been saying that I reckon Silent Hill was the best game-to-movie adaptation I know, too.
Doesn't mean much with that genre churning out mostly flops.

There's a bunch of movies in Bob's list that I would really like to go see.

Michael Clark Duncan passed away? That sucks.
Looper looks interesting, really excited about the hobbit. Also thanks bob, as this espisode was the first I had heard of many of these movies.

Geez, AGAIN you go with "Toy Story for games", how come you're the only one making that comparison while everyone is is saying "Roger Rabbit but with video games"? Also, no mention of Hotel Transylvania? I mean, yeah, it's an Adam Sandler movie, but it's being directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, one of the greatest animation legends of our age, so yeah, I think that's at least worth a mention!

Other than that, though, of the movies mentioned I'm looking forward to Wreck-it Ralph, Lincoln, Rise of the Guardians, Django Unchained, and The Hobbit. Also, RIP, Michael Clarke Duncan. :(

Good episode. Put some things on my radar that I didn't know were coming out. Also, really dig that Man with the Iron Fists got a mention. As a movie geek obsessed with old kung fu films, it's probably my most anticipated movie this year.

Although I'm also excited for The Hobbit, I'm concerned about the decision to include expanded lore and make it a trilogy. I'm still cautiously optimistic, but I have a nagging little fear that the movies may end up a little bloated.

"geek symbology" Oh you

Bloody hell, that's actually a (mostly) really good sounding list! Plenty to look forward to there.
I hope Taken 2 is good, but then I just read someone else here talking about the fact that this one has his daughter as a sidekick. Shit. Really enjoyed the first in a guilt-free action movie kind of way.

Captcha: this is not fake. Seems legit.

The Master: Please include Tom Cruise, please include Tom Cruise

RE: Oh boy, we need this

Looper: Stoked

Frakenweenie: Opposite of above

Butter: This may be everything The Candidate wasn't

Argo: Color me interested

Cloud Atlas: It would take a lot to keep me from this one

Silent Hill: See RE

Wreck-it Ralph: Want to see, not sure about in theaters though... maybe DVD

Man with the Iron Fists: Meh

Skyfall: Haven't seen a Bond since Die Another Day. Not sure I plan to change that...

Lincoln: This.

Twilight: It's over! Cue the chorus of joy!

Rise of the Guardians: This is original

Life of Pi: Hugo with a weird concept

Zero Dark Thirty: Meh

Django Unchained: See above

Hobbit: Worried about a trilogy (as is everyone else) but, hopeful... please be good... please...

Hmm.. there's a lot of movies that look good to me out of that list, but nothing that really screams must see.

I can't wait for the Twilight movie so I will never have see another stupid trailer for that horrible book ever again. Other than that the rest the the movies that are coming out look good.

If nothing else, I'm actually looking forward to the publicity blitz leading up to the next/last Twilight's release simply because it will be entertainingly awkward to see the two leads repeatedly forced into the same media events given what happened over the summer.

Lot of interesting films coming out before the end of the year, all I can say is oh my aching wallet!


Yes, yes it does. The reef especially looks stunning.

Wait, Life of Pi is getting a movie? That seems like one of those movies where if you haven't read the book, you're probably going to hate it. And if you HAVE, you'll probably have a laundry list of complaints but ultimately enjoy it.

it's amazing how jack frost looks like such a generic ponce next to the other "guardians". every other character is supremely interesting.

a clause who did some time.

a flapping humming bird. . . thing. . .

an Australian with exploding eggs.

a narcoleptic shape shifter.

and a blue tweeny bopper with a hoodie. (honestly?)

i'll still see it, but i'm really turned off by the jack frost. it seems like he will really drag down what would otherwise be an interesting and fun movie.

Nothing interesting this week? Sleepwalk With Me was plenty interesting, you jackass.
Mike Birbiglia made a great film that didn't overstay, was a great introduction to his stand-up for those that on't know it, AND had a little tribute to Mitch Hedberg.

And he's from Bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwstin.


Wow, I think I may have found my new favourite thing. Thanks, I'll be looking out for this!

Oh they made a Silent Hill sequel. Hey I wonder if it will follow the actual storyline of Silent Hill 2 and have a chance at being decent...

Oh. Nope. I guess not. But it seems to be following SH3's storyline? There's still hope for a decent SH2 adaptation? I'm okay with this.

Considering how much they messed with key elements of the first game's storyline, I'll be intrigued to see how on earth they pull it together to make this movie both a sequel to the original film and an adaptation of SH3. Although I liked the first movie, and like Bob I think it's the best video game adaptation, it wasn't perfect so I don't hold high hopes for SH3. Besides, Vincent is Heather's boyfriend in the movie... make of that what you will.

So hyped for the Hobbit! I pray they're just as good as the LoTR trilogy, still some of my favorite movies of all time.

Wreck it Ralph looks pretty cool too, will def give that a view once it's out.

Argo is not one i'm dying to see but it got me interested with the trailer so maybe theater, maybe netflix *shrug*.

Life of Pi: Just now hearing about it and while not super interested, the aesthetics totally caught my fancy. Seriously, that huge whale breaching the water looked amazing. Looks like a decent happy vibe film so maybe one for date night.

I watched LOOPER trailer and i aproove.

It's been a long time since i was excited about a movie release, now i'm excited about three, The Hobbit, Silent Hill Revelations and Looper

Personally, I would still give "best videogame movie" to Professor Layton. The fact that it constructed an entertaining, coherent, standalone story while still resembling the games to the point of including numbered puzzles stands out to me as more of an achievement.

Actually, the Phoenix Wright movie might edge it out of the top spot. I saw it in Kyoto last February and it's really amazing what Miike was able to pull off.

I can just see the coverage for Lincoln:

"Beloved actor Daniel Day-Lewis died today during the premiere of his latest film. Day-Lewis shot himself in the back of the head, insisting that this would make his role 'more authentic'..."

I really really hate when a single book gets cut up into a few movies. I like that more will be included in The Hobbit. but i really wish they would just make three parts and release them all at once so that people could choose to go see all three in one day, or one a week or whatever instead of having to wait another year for each part. I know this will never be done though, cuz it's less profit.

What about Seven Psychopaths?

and all that, we don't have a good decent WarHammer40K movie? (please forget that shameful piece of *&%^$ CGI movie a while back...)

I'm fairly surprised he didn't review Branded. It looks to be a sleeper hit.

I'm glad he mentioned Lincoln, I'm REALLY looking forward to that movie, and that Cloud Atlas movie, huge fan of Sci fi like that, or what it looks like.

Eagerly looking forward to Cloud Atlas.

So Branded wasn't even interesting enough to mention then. Too bad.

Or Dredd, that's the real suprise.

only two of the movies on bob's list interest me

Rise of the Guardians: as bob put it, how the hell has no one made a movie about this yet o.O

Hobbit: please be good..please be good...please be good.

You talked about December, mentioned Twilight... But nothing about Les Miserables on December the 14th? Shame on you.

As for Twilight, all I can say at this point can be sumed up with this:


Anyway, besides the hobbit the only film I am looking forward to is Wreck it Ralph.

I don't go to the movies very often.






Excuse me, I need to go punch a chainsaw to get my man card back.

As for Twilight, all I can say at this point can be sumed up with this:


perfect! I just watched the episode that screecap was from. Marceline to Twihards about the movie series: "It's over, you psychos!"

I'm most stoked for Dredd, Looper, Skyfall, Wreck-it Ralph, and The Hobbit. Frankenweenie's a maybe (but I missed Dark Shadows and Abe Lincol:Vampire Hunter), but that holiday-character mash-up sounds intriguing.

Great if not a little to quick to taken in episode, but I was hoping to see a Judge Dredd review. The trailer looks cool, sdo i was a little on the fence about seeing it. I'll have to take his opening line of "nothing interesting came out" as the review.

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