Escapist Podcast: 060: Escapist Expo and Multiplayer in Games

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Greg Tito:
I found my article on griefing by the way. It was called "Dood, It's Part of the Game".

Ah, that got me laughing. Thanks Greg.

(And because I want in on the fantasy book convo) Has anyone read the entirety of the Amber series by Roger Zelazny? I'm attempting to read it for the third time.

Its a tough life being a reader...

So true, there's always too much stuff to read. I miss commuting to work by train because it was a guaranteed hour of my day spent reading. Nowadays, the only time I get is the fifteen minutes before bed.


Hi Escapists! I really love the podcast and am glad that you fine folks take the time to have interesting and fun conversation for our entertainment, then do whatever wizardry is necessary for actually posting it on the site.

I have a recurring problem with listening to the podcast, however, and, in the off chance that it can be addressed on your end, wanted to mention it here (and maybe it's come up already or maybe absolutely no other listeners care). I tend to listen to episodes as .mp3s wearing headphones and the changes in volume often are quite dramatic (at least to my probably oversensitive ears), particularly when going from relatively calm talking to outbursts of laughter (or vice versa). As a result, I end up tinkering with the volume control and often end up turning it too low to hear the calmer conversation or so high that sudden laughter becomes shocking/unpleasant. Is it feasible, easy, and/or desirable, on your end, to somehow normalize (if that's even the right word) the volume a bit more so this whiny listener can more properly enjoy your discussions and jokes?

The podcast's free, you guys are plenty busy already, and I'm just a random a-hole on the internet, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks, regardless, for the podcasts and everything else.

Great podcast, I loved having Janelle back, she's awesome! And Monopoly rules (I used to love playing it as a kid, but everyone in the family hated it, I could never coax anyone into playing with me!! XD ).

If you think working as a vet tech (which I did in high school when I thought I wanted to be a vet), try working in a pediatric oncology ward. Worst - rotation - EVER!!!

The Expo looks sooooo exciting, I so desperately wish I could come... :( Have they invented teleportation yet? I really hope you guys will be filming or at least recording the "Hour of Love" Panel. That's the panel that seems the most awesome, but there are so many other events that look positively awesome, the laser tag, the human vs zombies, the games, the arcades, ... Argh, so frustrating not to be there!! :(
Another great podcast, guys, although I still need to adjust to Steve's departure.

Hey, awesome podcast. I wish I could listen to you guys more often. The news that you'll be recording that Panel of Love is the best thing ever.

As a sucker for cuteness, I love the talk of comparing small children with pets. For some reason, your non-gaming whatever-chatting is the most engaging and hilarious parts of the show. Like the name-calling for example. Isn't that right, Greg... um... Stupid-faceo?

Also, I gotta know what that music was in each break.

By "record panels" I hope they don't mean record, then edit them down to 5 minutes.

So, wheres the recording of this 'live' broadcast that happened on Friday the 14th?

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