Overstrike Becomes Fuse

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I am often against people calling EA the Antichrist of the videogame industry, but damn if this doesn't look generic and boring. Specially compared to the previous trailer, this looks like it has no personality at all.

Executive meddling at work, people...

[quote="thanatos388" post="6.387988.15523807"]And always remember grit will always sell more than humor and charm, just ask MGS, WOW, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Obviously EA is such a genious, if only they were smart enough to take the humor out of Mass Effect 3 the one thing people complain about in the damn thing.

To be fair to Metal Gear Solid, as ridiculous and campy as the story is, the aesthetic has always been rather 'stylized grit'.

Yes but metal gear has the aesthetic, but has always had its own style of fun and camp whilst getting its message across (no matter how forced like a sword through the players fucking eyes). This looks like a fun game with a charming aesthetic that was turned into a co-op military shooter. Looking at just how the characters faces have changed i doubt they have kept any of that. Biggest disappointment since the removal of Killer Freaks from Outer Space. Hell after watching the trailer it just looks like they made it the same but tool out all the charm Insomniac put in to make it stand out and be special.

This new version tears at me so... Insomniac is a great developer and I'm sure that the quality of the game will be high, but it seems to have lost it's heart. Insomniac is a rare studio in that they can have both high quality in gameplay and graphics yet move to the beat of their own drum. This trailer, and the gameplay video that released on (shudder) GT-TV last night, shows that the drum has been commandeered.

I still want to play the game, as I believe that it will be quality, But I'd rather not give those that stole the drum the satisfaction of my money. Giving them money proves that making game's styles similar to all other games is what people want. I want Insomniac to have their drum back, and to return to pioneering new styles and directions.

Wow, that turned into an overextended metaphor...

These characters look SOOOO boring now.

While the saying "gameplay trumps graphics", a HUGE portion of a game's appeal lies in the aesthetics, art style, and universe the games take place in. Team Fortress 2 could still be successful without its Pixar-like graphics, but their stylized universe is so charming that people love the game just as much LOOKING at it as they do when they play it.

This really saddens me. Just look...

After looking at the video my friends and I had an argument about how all the FPS look the same. Can't say that I won, but this sparked the fire in my belly. It looked fine, not it looks uniform with the other multiplayer first person shooters that you bump into after walking 1 foot in a game store. I'll give it a chance, perhaps it's not completely lost it's way. Maybe that humor and energy is still there.

I was massivly interested in Overstrike when it first was shown with the fun cartoony humor. But when i found out it was changed to a more gritty realistic approach i lost interest. Maybe Fuse will have poor sales and Insomniac will see the mistake they made.

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