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and Kate is gorgeous by the way. Good on you for not exploiting that. *Cough* Lisa Foiles *Cough*

OK, the creepy red head dude who I think is named Andy, needs to be on more often. Because he's awesome.

Andy + Kate = Amazing.

Sorry, that's all I have.

Was Andy actually saying stuff in French during the condom story? Or was he just babbling?

At the very least, he was peppering French-sounding gibberish with some actual French words to make it sound authentic, like "prophylactique." I'd like to think Andy was speaking in actual French to provide a little bilingual bonus joke for those who also speak it.

The French also have a city named Sedan. They have cornered that market (whatever it is).

The obvious solution for the penny dilemma (you're welcome, headline writers of the world) is to replace each Canadian penny with a random smallest denomination coin from a variety of countries. What does a Zimbabwean penny look like? Let's find out!


This is why all of our papers, magazines or anything else that shows money use American money. Use the Canadian stuff and they sue you into the ground. Oh well, at least this is a fairly harmless stupid law, not like that "one party can block a motion by talking too long" thing that they do in the USA.

P.S. I didn't get any of that "French" except the "merde" so either my French is terrible (which it is) or Andy's French is terrible (or terribly made up).

Well actually, Jesse Cox and (maybe) Dodger from The Game Station podcast have that hat and they both provide news. So yeah. Deal with that.


Pretty sure they're from PAX Prime, see TGS Podcast #23.

Ehehe, I like that Andy's performance on the booty-call wrong-number bit was so hilarious that it managed to break Kate's professional composure.

I think we just saw a return of Andy's amazing morphing accent. =P

Ohhh and all those suggestions for the condom names and gravestone webpages, too much gold to analyze individially.

The marketing companies must have acquired the advertising on a gravestone idea from Monkey Island 2.

I've wanted to visit Condom in France for years... Also the "cascade d'arse." It too is a real honest-to-god place.

Kate gave me un-christian thoughts with that police hat an that blouse. She's charming as well as beautiful. And the talent oozing from the three of you in this episode s amazing! You guys should be on Netflix! I would pay to see you all in a live stage performance!

Hmmm nice Cop hat, and the glasses just topped it off!

Hmm doubled up Soz

I believe the answer you were looking for was 'Cock Sock.'

I was thinking méthode condomoise could work.

OK, the creepy red head dude who I think is named Andy, needs to be on more often. Because he's awesome.

Actually I think his name is Danny Kaye

They even have the same grasp of language...

The penny is going to be obsolete anyway, why are we suing over it?

Oh and the hipster glasses bridge push! My friend and I use it all the time.

Does anyone here know how to extract a GIF from this video? I'd like one of Kate saying "Nope" over and over. Not even the whole thing, just enough to get the gist. You'll have to PM it to me.

ah man I knew I was forgetting something. was hoping to give Graham/Paul a hat at the Escapist Expo :P

"But you know what, Israel? How much we care about you."

Huh? That was oddly put-together, grammatically speaking.

I always thought Kate was cute, but she's super hot in that police hat.

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