Jimquisition: Crying Through The Laughs

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I think there needs to be a distinction between Drama and Tragedy, I feel this video doesn't understand very well where the line is between them.

Not all dramas need to have a 20-minutes happy build-up in order to seem sad later. You can empathize with the character even if you didn't SEE him experience happy times. Evocation and memories or flashbacks can go a long way to making you understand why that character is sad. This obviously depends on how well the character is made.

This is a simpleminded way of seeing things that would make games, movies and books very very boring. 20 minutes happy, 80 minutes sad => boom drama.
No, it shouldn't be like that. That's the exact replica of a cheap horror movie; first they show you a few happy teenagers then some psycho starts killing everyone. Does that make it more horror for you? Do you NEED those 20 minutes?

what game was it with the pig cooking himself? i don't think thats tragic i think its horrific.

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