Trailers: Borderlands 2 - Launch Trailer

Borderlands 2 - Launch Trailer

The much anticipated sequel to Borderlands brings you back to Pandora.

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01:14 - Can we call that a "sis-fist"?

Nevertheless, this is gonna be awesome! Getting my Ultimate Vault Hunter Edition in about 10 hours! ^.^

Cannot squee loud enough.

I actually thought the guy was gonna say "welcome to Pandaria"...fricking WoW ads.

where`s the wub wub ?!

Every trailer for this game is better than the last.

Off topic though what the hell is up with this forum? Why is it stretched so much?

Sad, this launch trailer kind of lack the humor that was present in all the previous video, not that it was bad, but not on par with the rest.

Can't wait to play it, to bad I need to wait till the twenty-first.

Let me guess. None of that happens in the game? Anyway, have to wait for the 20th to get my copy.

Can't friggin wait for this. Sure, the two Vault hunter teams probably won't end up teaming up like that against a massive army but I'm still stoked for this beyond words.

Axton all the way, baby.

Can I have a "HEYOOOOOOO!" anyone?

Daystar hasn't commented yet? I'm disappointed in him...kidding kidding.


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