Escapist Expo: Future of the Shooter

Future of the Shooter

Audio Only. Shooters have evolved a lot since the wireframe days of Battlezone. From cross-genre fusion to the use of real world military ops, hear our panel of industry experts talk about what makes a good shooter today and what the genre can to do to evolve beyond its current format and settings.

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Very nice to hear about narrative story telling in FPS being focused on.

CAPTCHA Cliff-hanger... hehheh indeed we are left on a dry note.

"we went from keyboard and mouse to a controller"
no we didnt. we went from controller to keyboard and mouse. controllers came from atari and are inferior. keyboard+mouse is latter invention.

also kinect will not get shooters right because kinect itself is not right. the only way, and something they forgot to mension, is direct connection to your thoughts. whether its scaning or imput doesnt matter. think Matrix. you lay down and you play the game, without moving in real life.

Pokemon Snap was a railshooter FPS where you didn't kill anything. I'd love to see a sequel to that, by the way.


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