Escapist Expo: Magic as Therapy

Magic as Therapy

Audio Only. Clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Kline uses many unusual methods to connect with his patients, including Magic: The Gathering. Learn how he uses the card game in his practice and how patients can use it as a tool to delve into how their brain works.

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Fun to listen, but know I want to play magic with him. Mean old school making me miss this.

This was awesome. I used to be the weird shy kid in the back of the class who couldn't talk with anyone(I read the dictionary for fun and almost had to repeat kindergarten for not playing well with others) until I found some people I could game with, of any and all kinds! Gaming is a great tool for anyone and everyone, hence the reason so many kids get stuck in soccer as kids XD

To use a meme "I know the feels".

I've been diagnosed with Social Anxiety. Which is just a fancy way of saying very very shy (which it just so happens to be why I didn't go to the Expo, Can't stand all those strangers). Because of this I had great problems relating to others and I remember just not understanding why I had no friends.

Also I'm also an old school magic player from about 1995-2000. From I believe the newest set was the Dark until I think weather light.

I wish I could have gone to someone like Dr. Mark when I was a kid having problems.
Well, at least I somehow overcame most of them for the most part.
(Don't ask me how, I have no idea.)

Magic the Gathering always pissed me off. ALWAYS either a land flood or a land starve no matter what I tried, no matter what advice I followed.

Most games of FNM for me ended in me ripping up all my cards in disgust.


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