Movie Trailers: Vampire Dog - Trailer

Vampire Dog - Trailer

Bram Stoker's original vision finally makes it to DVD.

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It's like everything anyone could ever want in a movie all in one place. Hobbit Schmobbit, the world wants FANG!

It is going to be the defining film of our generation.

Well, at least he doesn't sparkle...

I hope AirBud and Beethoven make cameos

Honestly, the first time I watched the trailer, I thought it was a spoof of those cheap, stupid, straight-to-video family movies.

Call Me Jose:
I hope AirBud and Beethoven make cameos

It could be like the Oceans 11 of dog movies.

You know, when I read the title, I thought it was going to be a horror flick.

Silly me.

just when I thought there was no way they could top Cop Dog...

Haha, my brother walked in while that preview was on, he was in the middle of saying something, he watches the trailer for a few seconds with his mouth open, then just walks out again. come that movies with wisecracking talking animals are still legal?

Our children and children's children shouldn't suffer through this...

I think.... I think that video just stole my soul.

looks absolutely horrible, even for a kids movie. Never seen such a slow and boring trailer for a children's film before.

So... this is... umm... no, just NO...


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