Miracle of Sound: Roll Out (Transformers)

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Love the lyrics, very funny. Love the chorus, going to take days to replace it with some other super catchy tune. *goes to listen to Commander Shepard and the leopard*

Well, that's another song that I love.

Now to find the game and some DVD's of any Transformers series.

I just loved how you called Starscream an idiot because he is one, in any incarnation.

Keep up the good work man.

That chorus melody perfectly captures the feeling of one of the most iconic battles in cartoon history. It's the very same feeling I get when I watch Optimus kicking ass to "The Touch". I was sad back when you said you wouldn't do a track on WFC, but this one more than makes up for it. From one big fan to another, thank you, Gav. :)

Also, I love your homage to Vince DiCola's synthy sound from the 80's movie. If you have as big a spot in your heart as me for this kind of music, you might want to check out "Training Montage" by Zircon.

Meh this is still a better and more accurate song

That was really good, I've stayed away from this show since it showed up after being burned by that emo girl who didn't understand the subject matter of any of her songs. Mayes? I think I'm going to give you guys a shot. I seriously think you should apply to replace they guys who sing all the Sonic theme music as it's similar in style and you don't make me want to chew off my own arm to get away from you.

I liked how the songs had more styles in it and different tempos. not what we would call repetitive :P

but really nice work.

Meh this is still a better and more accurate song

'Better' is subjective, but if you're going to be pedantic about accuracy, you're wrong - Soundwave's iconic 'superior' line was in fact aimed at the Constructicons in the original movie, not the autobots.

"Starsceam is an idiot
And Swindle is a phoney
Grimlock's gonna squash you
To Veridium baloney"

I don't normally nitpick people's creative enderors but I beleive it is pronounced "Beryllium Baloney."

On a side note, great song! I had a feeling you'd make a Transformers song after I saw your avatar was Soundwave from G1.

Let's get this out of the way, the song was amazing as usual. Thank you and keep it up!

Ok now, did I see what I think I saw at the end of the video?


Do you know? I'm really curious if it's true.


By the way, I love the Resident Evil 6 song. Simple, catchy, funny and a bit of a mind worm.

It's been on repeat for the last 30 min... not sick of it yet. I kinda want to top your 14 hour streak.

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