Escape to the Movies: Resident Evil Retribution

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Cracked makes a number of good points about how the movies have become better.

I love how he pointed out that, of the 9 different viruses in the games so far, each one of them does one of exactly two things: Turn people into zombies and turn small animals into whatever the writers want them to turn into, or turn people AND animals into whatever the writers want them to turn into. So in essence, all the bioweapons do pretty much the exact same thing.

Alice is probably the worst character in her own movie franchise. She's just so boring.

Wow. Sorry to say, but Alice is -not- a great, or even remotely good character, she is a super Mary Sue in every sense of the phrase. This movie is utter garbage, the movie franchise is absolutely terrible (and no it is not consistent or logical within its own universe), and I really just wish they would stop introducing characters from the video games for no reason at all. Sure, RE5 was terrible, but I still think even that game is better than the 'plot' of these movies.

I love the RE movies, not because they are good but they are the best B action movies currently coming out and I love a good B movie.

Oh you silly people. There is no Resident evil game after the third one.

Well, now seriously. I'm the only one who thought that the resident evil canon story is cool? at least for the first 3 games before it went like crazy?... Okay, maybe I can forgive the fourth one.

Wait, what? - There is no fourth RE game... we just established that.
The RE trilogy was IMO fine and the remake of the first IMO proved that the formula could still hold up 10 years later. It was never anything special story wise but I would say it embodied the zombie created by science cliché.

The films? Yea we get it, the director got himself a hot wife... I don't give a damn.

So Bob, you haven't seen The Master yet?

This was precisely what I wanted to ask.

Not that I've seen it, and I'm not a HUGE fan of PT Anderson. But any takedown of Scientology is AOK by me.

Soo, Looper, The Master or End of Watch next week?

Really hope it's Looper, seems right up Bob(and mine's) alley.

Bayonetta for the next Smash game. Just saying.

Why are people saying Mila is hot?

Okay, her face looks pretty good, but other than that, she looks like a skeleton + shes.....flat...GG

Oh come on...... Super Mario bros. (the video game) also has a TERRIBLE story, but no one uses that to defend the different direction its movie counterpart went. I also don't know anyone who says these movies are getting better!? They are getting worse on every level imaginable.

Why are people saying Mila is hot?

Okay, her face looks pretty good, but other than that, she looks like a skeleton + shes.....flat...GG

Some people might like women with small breasts?

Though I have to say Mila was at her hottest in Fifth Element.

This movie was terrible. IT would have been better if they didn't introduce any of the RE characters at ALL . But the one thing they copies perfectly from the game , is the sense that it's becoming less horror and more action, even thought the action in this movie sucks.

Why are people saying Mila is hot?

Okay, her face looks pretty good, but other than that, she looks like a skeleton + shes.....flat...GG

not every woman needs big breasts to look attractive. she looks hot to me and i think she has reasonable sized breasts.
yes, she does kind of look slim but she is for sure fit.

I must admit i always kinda enjoyed the first movie, while i hated the second one so much that i haven´t really bothered to watch any of the sequels. But atleast this movie can´t be as bad as the extremely boring Degeneration movie, i think that has to be the worst resident evil related thing i have ever experienced.

For the most part of the movie Leon is literally acting like a piece of wood, he never ever expresses any emotions whatsoever.

this is movie is the definition of pure shit, if you wanna live in darkness because you lost your eyesight go watch this what ever it is.

As much as I like the action and the pace of the Resi films, they are butchering the series in my opinion.

The whole idea of Resident Evil was to capture the terror of being trapped, isolated, with nightmare creatures. Much like the latter games (5 primarily) this concept has been completely scrapped in the movies in favour of whatever the hell the director feels like.

My point is that the films are half decent, but at this point they don't resemble the games on any level and as such they should change the name to "Evil: Insert sequel title here". That way a fan of the games could reimagine the series and, with changing a few things, make the writing fit for cinema, and Anderson can keep making these films.

As soon as Bob said "Capcom should let us play as Alice, she's much more interesting than the other guys" I stopped watching.

The Resident Evil videogames story wasn't so bad at the beginning. The original trilogy From the Mansion incident leading Raccoon City getting nuked was just like a B zombie movie with some monsters.

It became really stupid with Code Veronica when they turned Wesker into Neo from The Matrix (way before the movies did). Since then, both the movies and sequels/prequels got dumber and dumber.

I am not a fan of the game series but I found myself enjoying the movies I watched, which were the second and third. I think they have the same good things about them as the 1980s Transformers cartoon, they are just dumb fun. The games try to take themselves too seriously. That's just my opinion.

Aside from the obvious, "Yes I agree that the RE 3D movie is alright", I'm quite excited to see that Guardian of The Galaxy is getting a film and 4:00 Oh yeah, that's Rocket Raccoon as featured in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I don't know if Nolan North voices Rocket Raccoon but it would prove that Nolan has an incredible range of voice and he's already the voice of Arkham City's Penguin which has a similarity to Rocket's voice.

You know, it's sad I didn't watch this review when it first came out because I completely agree with Bob.

When I was playing the RE6 demo (Before the actual game was released), I just kept thinking a game that revolved around Milla's Alice might be more interesting. Her character IS interesting if you ignore the I-have-superpowers-but-now-I-don't thing. Alice is an action character. Leon, Claire and everyone else are just survival characters. They don't wanna go out and fight zombies, for the most part. Alice kinda does.
So there, Capcom. I know you don't give a crap about fans but you know, food for thought.

I just saw the movie tonight and I think it's safe to say that the only way to enjoy it is to see it as a mindless action flick...

I've watched all 5 of them now and, like the other four, it's impossible to make sense of the plot because the Umbrella Corporation's motivations just don't make any sense. They've always just been evil for evil's sake. Sure, they operate with the excuse that they're "testing their weapons," but their methods of testing them become increasingly elaborate and illogical with each movie, and this one features the most elaborate and illogical of them all, which only serves as a very contrived way to show action scenes that the writers think look cool. (and bring back dead characters like Michelle Rodriguez's)

If you can see past all the ridiculous contrivances and forgive the crappy acting, (seriously, the worst acting of any RE movie) the action sequences look pretty cool. If "cool action scenes" aren't enough of a selling point for you on their own, then I'd suggest you don't see this movie.

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