Moviebob's Re-Tales

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Great stories. You should post some more sometime. Even if they have to be ones in which you didn't do the right thing.

That was such a great read, Bob. Good job! I hope to see you write more like this. =D

I would love to see more of these! :D

i hardly ever write comments on this site but i had to say keep doing these stories there great maybe you could do a big picture on a collection of these i realy connect to the second one becauce i love anime and my dad does not and we all know how anime looks to an outsider

The Sailormoon craze hit about my freshman year of highschool. My friend who parents and him immigrated to the US from China. He lived close to my house and we use to hang out at his house after school as long as his parents were not home. They were really strict and if I ever met them I was suppose to tell them I was also a straight A student also and I was over to help study. Fortunately/Unfortunately I never met them. Most afternoons when I was over there we would watch Sailormoon on Cartoon Network. At that time I was not into Anime and really wasn't a so called fan of Sailormoon, but could put up with it. One day my friend was on his computer and I was sitting next to him and brought up a locked folder. Inside was all this Sailormoon hentai, I was quite shocked, concidering his strict upbringing. Lets just say I became more of a fan of Sailormoon that day.

That last anecdote was awesome.

Ah, Toonami. Tenchi Muyo, Yuyu Hakasho, Dragoon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, Sailor Moon, Android 009, Big O, etc.

Sailor Moon was a good show, I went back and watched some of it again recently. Tuxedo Kamen is useless 99% of the time, so many stupid decisions of people. Also seeing that Sailor Neptune(Michiru) and Uranus (Haruka) are in love with one another, also the fact they were made them cousins in the Dub on toonami was a bit weird.

The planned demographic for a show doesn't mean much frankly. A periphery demographic also exists, all female cats can attract men, all male cast can attract women. Also Magical Girl shows are awesome, Madoka Magica, Nanoha, Sailor Moon. Other interesting thing about the focused demographic, shows for girls have more character development while shows for boys have more action. I personally find character development an important part of a show not just action action action.

I liked this. The Sailor Moon story was kinda touching actually. I'd love for you to do more like this, Bob.

I'd love more of these! The Sailor Moon story was so sweet. I'd like to think you did them some good.

I remember SM from when I was 5ish. I watched it with my sister IIRC. I found it again years later at around 12 or 13 maybe as far as 15 and rewatched all of the English translated episodes on Youtube.

I admit I think at least part of why I liked it was the girls...Minako and Makoto.....Yowza. Regardless I can't wait for the new anime. Come on 2013.

I still remember my sisters reaction to a "direct from Japan", un-cut and un-censored version of a Sailor moon movie, that I had recently purchased BUT had not watched.

She had borrowed it (without my knowledge) and showed it to her, the, 4 and 6 year old.

She was SHOCKED by the level of over the top violence and rampant displays of underage sexuality.

The only thing I could say to her was "Hey; That's Japan."

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