The Big Picture: The Prophesy of Freakazoid

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Hmmm, well I'm not sure if I agree with Bob about the Internet, though I agree Freakazoid was an overlooked gem.

Simply put I think The Internet could have been everything that was promised, and it does indeed have all of those positive promises contained within, but it was introduced badly. I think half the problem is arguably the degree it was made accessible and how it was changed for accessibility. If it had remained a powerful tool, something people had to actually practice to use and reap the rewards, it would have been fine.

I think technology is something that can bring about self improvement by forcing people to adapt to use it, it's when you dumb everything down to the lowest human denominator that technology and it's promises fail, because it falls into mediocrity and pretty mych stays there.

Kids have shown they can rapidly learn new and complicated technologies if introduced to begin with. The problem was when "they" wanted to get those who were already complete people and who weren't nerds online, which meant changing everything for the tech-ignorant and making things simpler and dumber, instead of increasingly more powerful.

To an extent I think Freakazoid wasn't really prophetic of what happened, he wind up becoming what he was because of the explosive potential of the internet, combined with youthful enthusiasm, ans what I think was supposed to be a metaphor for what your nerd was holding pent up inside, and was going to see an avenue of expression. At the end of the day the guy was a Freakazoid, but he did great things and saved the day. In reality we wound up where we are now not so much because of 4-chan and groups like that, as much as because of businessmen who wanted to get your dad and grandmom on the internet, and when they weren't willing to learn (and weren't inspired by the possibility) things were gradually limited, and dumbed down until they could use it. When you had these kinds of people involved they had no real interest in what The Internet could do, and instead got into the whole personalization aspects, and when you get a lot of people who weren't worthy of the technology to begin with involved, you see the changes to lead to things like Lol-cats, massive porn, pro-wrestling and NASCAR fan sites, etc... which are what those people are like and are projecting onto the Internet. Instead of using the internet to propel people forward, it was changed due to improper handling (and "right at this moment" greed) into simply a platform for all of the garbage it was supposed to move away from.

Basically The Internet should have remained entirely in the hands of nerds, and the upcoming generations, and slowly intergrated into society, as opposed to being plastered everywhere over a mere two decades.

I think there is a bit of a distinction between this, and what Bob is saying, unless I misunderstood his points.

That said, I always felt Freakazoid as an IP was one that was inevitably going to be resurrected.

I love freakazoid!

There is only 1 episode I remember not liking, the one with relax-o-vision! Every time something violent was going to happen a calming screen popped up.

Freakazoid, chimpanzee!

Yep, saw the ending coming a mile off. I mean you, can't talk about Freakazoid without going into Candlejack. Of course, what I love about that character is

It is a shame Bob messed up the joke though. Candlejack only gets you if you say his full name, and he's always nice enough to send your post if he gets you while you're typ

On that note, I have to say the following. Ahem.


I was waiting for that joke to come in at the end, really I was, the whole episode in fact, and while he didn't do it exactly right it still made me smile from ear to ear.

Seriously Bob, if I ever meet you in person, you are getting a heck of a high five for both reminding me about this series, and running a Candlejack joke. So much nostal

Gotta love the reference to candle... person... at the end there so great. Uh uh no I didn't say Candle Jack I said, oh crap...

Congrats on 100 episodes. And yes, Freakazoid is on my list of "cartoons you should feel bad about not knowing about" up there with Megas XLR and The Tick.

Lo and behold, the internet! Now really guys, these Candlejack jokes are

Kind of funny that Bob would do a show on this. I've always dissagreed with Bob's opinion on the 90's. They were a wonderful time for animation and media in general and this is one of the shows I always point to when I argue with people of Bob's persuasion.

Aww man. I can't even begin to describe how much I love Freakazoid. I had a picture of him as my facebook avatar for over 5 years, I dressed up as him on Halloween, memorized the dialogue of half the episodes... Ahh, good times.

Truly a shame more people don't know about him. He was pretty much the start of me becoming an outcast for having strange and specific interests. He's like Deadpool for kids. If on;y it wasn't cancelled. Freakazoid was my favorite show of all time. Spielberg cartoons were the best family shows of the decade. You know what? I'm going to go watch it again.

I adored Freakazoid so much. Especially the way ahead of it's time weird metagame with being told during the credits how many times in the episode Emmitt Nervend appeared, and seeing how many times you noticed him.

Freakazoid was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and I remember I was sad it got cancelled.
Fast forward to now where MovieBob pieced together that he's basically the internet pre-carnate, and it just blew my mind.

It's not like Freakazoid laid a time-bomb joke that I just got years later, it's more like Freakazoid laid the schematics for a time-bomb joke in which life was cleverly manipulated into dumping all the pieces in my mind, re-arranging them over the course of growing up, and then pulling the trigger just now.

MAN that's awesome.

Steve the Pocket:
I suspect the creators were at least somewhat aware of the "Internet culture" that was emerging even then. There are some Internet memes referenced even now that date back to the Usenet era. Heck, the term "spam" was born out of a Usenet meme that was a reference to Monty Python. And as for the creators' personal experience with those proto-freakazoids... well, just ask Tress MacNeille why she refuses to voice animal characters anymore. Yeah. It's exactly what you think.

The Tall Nerd:
now that i think about it , dude has a point, way ahead of his time freakazzoid was a major troll.

He even has the hair for it!

I didn't know what you were talking about before this post. Then I did research. Now I wish I didn't know. Brain bleach, anyone?

Anyways, yes, top notch episode, Bob. I've always thought that Freakazoid was a show that was ahead of it's time. It really has held up exceptionally well. Shame it never had the fame or success of Tiny Toons or Animaniacs, it's just as good a show as them.

And I say we need more Freakazoid memes. The show is ripe with memetic potential. Just having Candlejack isn't enou

AM I the only one that out of shear mental training habitually even think that character is named Jandle Cack? perhaps I have some nascent aversion to rope, and being kidnapped.

"Hey's Skipper!"

That show was greatness! Definitely need to grab the DVDs.

Thanks for the look back, Bob...and for the ninety-nine previous times you made me laugh, smile or just nerd rage myself silly.

Okay. Ten thousand points to Bob for that ending. That made me laugh non-stop for at least 5 minutes.

I didn't really like this show as a kid, and I probably still wouldn't like it.
Sorry, I just hate annoying characters.

This. I never could stand that "random" and childish humour, even when I was a child.

Ahh I remember this show I really need to go and watch it again along with a ton of other shows.

This thread is going to need a LOT of rope.

Also: Freakazoid: The Movie, staring Jim Carrey!

You know, with the right writing, and good direction Carrey's manic energy could really fit the role.

Bob, you know better than to say that name!

Great show, I even did a set of voices for Baldur's Gate 2 with Freakazoid.

Movie Bob you are awesome! Being a gigantic fan of Freakazoid when I saw this I had to watch it. Kinda surprised no mention of Scream-o-vision, but since it is the same episode that Candle Jack shows u

Hmmm, well I'm not sure if I agree with Bob about the Internet, though I agree Freakazoid was an overlooked gem.

This, right here.

...or else we'll be unemployed, Freakazoid, Frekazoid...


But yes, Freakazoid is overlooked, underrated and generally not getting the attention it deserves. From Armando Gutierrzez (voiced by Ricardo Montalban, may he rest in peace) to the Lobe and of course, Candle Jack, this is a series worth watch-

Ah, Freakazoid. I got back into this when my wife picked the show up for me for Christmas on DVD a few years ago, but loved it back in the day because of the random gags we'd get. When I rewatched it, I was reminded of how Freakazoid pioneered the cutaway gag to random action ("Hey Freakzoid. Wanna go see a bear ride a motorcycle?" "DO I!!") that Family Guy uses now... Prophetic in more ways that one.

I'll just say to note my avatar; it serves me well. Also, it's nice to see Candlejack get some

You can't really define a medium by what it's most accessible content is. The internet of course has Facebook and memes. Books these days have pennydreadful techno-thrillers. Music has misogynistic hip-hop. Television has cheap reality shows....

You see what I'm getting at right?.... doubly so due to the sheer vastness of this particular medium.

You did the meme wrong he only kidnaps you if you say his name, in its entirely. It's not 'candle', its candlejack. You ruined the jo-

I just need to say that personally I consider Freakazoid to be one of the most over rated cult following shows in geek culture. I liked it on occasion and it definitely fits in with the Animaniacs style (which I also didn't really like) so take that with a grain of salt.

And yeah, the promise of the early internet... *sighs* Connected world of information and change. Though I admit I still used it for porn then. Ah, dial up porn~

This thread quickly devolved into lots of candlejack refer-

Part 4Chan?

No, he's not part 4-Chan, otherwise he'd be spouting racial slurs and posting white supremacist propaganda for about 10% of the show's air time.

Awww, now I need to go watch that show. When I was a kid, I loved that show for the randomness. Now that I'm an adult, I still love the show for the randomness, but I actually understand the pop culture references.

Congrats Bob. Nice to have a fun, nostalgic episode. And people, are we seriously going to keep doing this Candlejack thing? It stopped being f-

Bob, you are a man after my own madness.

I hereby knight thee, Sir Bob of Moviedom.

Also, I can knight people.

Whats the name of the cartoon at the start? (with the green/blue people) pretty sure I know it but forgot the name.

Whats the name of the cartoon at the start? (with the green/blue people) pretty sure I know it but forgot the name.

I believe it's a 90s show called ReBoot.

Heh, never expected people on this site to make a reference to Candlejack.


Yes! Freakazoid! I loved that show as a kid! Bob, you uncovered a whole layer of depth I never knew was there. Man, I forgot how creepy Dexter's mom was, with that Stepford Smile and passive aggressive comments. And you left out the awesome voice talent!
Can you do some more on those 90's cartoons you talked about? Like whether or not The Brain was hero or villain? And what other shows besides Captain Planet had that "Socially-concious proselytizing"? But today's video was great from start (what did that ASCII code at the begining mean?) to finish, ending on the bit with that Second-rate Scarecrow, Candle Jack. That's right; I'm not afraid!

captcha: usual sus

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