How to Be a Nethernaut in Minecraft's Hardcore Mode

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I think that method is called "molding". Just build a mold out of dirt, layer by layer, pour the lava in and drop a bucket of water on top.

Can be used for many shapes, and with enough buckets to move the lava around, can be faster than mining the obsidian.

I also use that method to create solid stone, filling the mold with water sources and pouring lava on top (And then using dirt to get rid of the lava flows that won't go away).

That's brilliant! I'll give it a try. But doesn't lava+water normally create cobble stone?

You're quite right, Whenever lava is running, it makes cobblestone. When it's a still block like in lakes, it makes obsidian. It's not difficult to smelt cobblestone back into solid stone, however.

I assume dayz is still moddable in the arma 2 engine, which has tons of mods, i am sure as time goes people can or will add all kinds of twists on the standard survive at all costs thing, the really wonderful thing about sdks and game engine editors is the fact that those games have 10x the life of any single our way or the highway game.

Minecraft is also that way with more mods than you can shake a stick at from its own minez mod to quake you cna find any flavor of gameplay that appeals to you and that gameplay can evolve via the community itself or just taking some base and tweaking it to your liking.

Challenge runs are old as time immoral and games have been around. dark souls is another game that is popular for that because of its difficulty and because you can beat the game without leveling at all via pure skill.

If you become good enough at DayZ, you get to the military areas and you get your DRM with 8 mags and wonder what to do next. You give up and decided it time to go back to Cherno and take out Noobs because that's the only thing to do left at that point, unless you find the helicopter.

I wouldn't have thought that the Croshaw himself was a minecraft aficionado. I figured it had run its course already!

I recently got very into my own hardcore game-- dwarf fortress, one of the main inspirations for minecraft. The interface is only half as obtuse as everyone claims-- and there is no mode other than hardcore.

I'm currently putting down a weredonkey infestation. Every full moon shit gets crazy.

Dwarf Fortress is best fortress.

Exploration and goals and everything and

there is no mode other than hardcore.

Figuring out how to stop medics from sewing wounds with adamantine and using silver as material for warhammers and not swords just because it's heavy and soft and there's nothing else available and doing memorial slabs for monsters who invaded you ('Loving mother') all those little funny industries and billion different ways to do every kind of necessary and not so necessary everyday shit you can figure out and try and FAIL and start again.

Also if you play DF hardcore hardcore - set yourself silly limitations and goals etc - that is crazy.

Text mode and interface - it's all just talk to scare away the fools, not real problem. There's also wiki and all.

mago te:
Dwarf Fortress is best fortress.

Having played both, I think they both have their perks.

I play minecraft when I want to unwind. Generally I go back to my usual non-hardcore survival game and just add more crap to my ever expanding giant monolith tower rising out of the ocean.

Dwarf fortress I tend to play much more seriously (with the one limit now that I won't use spoilermetal or danger rooms). It's harsher because it doesn't progress at your own pace and because there are generally defined goals, even if it's just "survive this tantrum spiral" or "repel that siege which arrived a year before you were ready for it".

That sad moment where you realize that your awesome Minecraft idea of having an underwater biodome complex has been done already ;_;.

Great article though, haven't touched Minecraft in ages, but when I pick it up again I'll keep these in mind.

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