Escapist Podcast: 063: Starcraft 2 Free-to-Play and Bacon Conspiracy

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"This is the man cast, we can make all the dick jokes we want!" Then you proceed to talk about Linux for 20 minutes.

Sigh, where did i said they should be talking about KeSPA? Just poited out for the guys that made the show and are interested in SC II that it happened, it's important for the game and as important for the metagame as HotS, and I am not sure they know it because SC II PvP is clearly not popular around this places. I don't know why you needed to point me and label me as undesirable company or whatever for that.

And no one is crying for LAN, did you watch the game i mentioned live? MKP vs Parting in the GTSL finals? That is an unexcusable fault from blizzard, that's why SC II should have had LAN (like any other "serious" e-sport), and well, now that you can resume from replay, the poor man's solution blizzard choose, i guess it won't matter after HotS releases.

It's important to you me, and probably 5 other random people here.
Nobody else cares.

And I don't watch the GSL because I'm too cheap to buy the pass and enjoy sleep to much to stay up till 4 AM.

It's important to you me, and probably 5 other random people here.
Nobody else cares.

And I don't watch the GSL because I'm too cheap to buy the pass and enjoy sleep to much to stay up till 4 AM.

Probably, but SC II as a whole is important for maybe 10 random people from this community, so popularity isn't a concern in this case.

And i am taking a GSL break myself because freking Seed and his decitful tactics made me rage too much. Long live MC!

I can haz Escapist Staff Xbox Live friends?

This is the first time I just deleted the podcast after 15 min. The amount of Windows 8 ignorance out there is amazing, and how it was based on what you guys heard is... I just, I could not stand listening to it. It started up with you deciding what Windows 8 was, without having tried it, then going on explaining why Microsoft has done this and that, when your premise was wrong to begin with. Valve does not like Windows 8, because it rivals Steam in the same way IE was an issue for NetScape. Of course Gabe hates it. Notch also should perhaps quiet down, his 4 million copies sold of Minecraft for Xbox shows that he is no stranger to closed systems.

I am writing this on a Windows 8 laptop, Chrome runs as a native app, and it did not get certified to become a native app. Certification is only required if you want to sell your stuff on the Microsoft Store.

I can run any programs on this machine that I could on a Win 7, without any sort of problems, and with less clicks then I can from the Win 7 install I had on this PC before it.

It boots up in half the time Win 7 did, shuts down even faster, it takes up 35% less ram, and 15% less CPU, most programs boot up faster, and runs with less hassle then Windows 7. The admin commands are far more accessible and the search tool more powerful.

Windows 8, even on the trial release that I am on, is better then Windows 7 ever was, it is so good that I have decided my next investment will be a Microsoft Surface, and once my phone contract is up, a Win 8 phone is on my list of things I will look into.

OK I dont think anybody came in here to correct the stuff about Jenkem. It was actualy started as a joke on /b/ a long time ago. I think if you google image search it you should get screenshots.

Oh jeez, not this crap again.
Another late Podcast. Brilliant.

I cracked up at the flopy bit. I have made sure to keep a flopy drive in my gaming rigs forever just because I have had a similar tech issue lol. when you have to use DOS to boot up and kill a specific windows file so your computer will actually boot properly, you tend to keep obsolete hardware around just in case.

I actually have 4 brand new stiffy drives that I bought *years* ago. Only tested them once to make sure they are working.

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