Tropes vs. Women Protagonists

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Moonlight Butterfly:


Artistic Integrety goes right the fuck out the window as soon as we said that there should be more variety on the characters anyway. Also, after the ME3 fiasco, i doubt that anyone would even dare to use that word again if they dont know their shit to begin with (or are prideful as fuck)

On the SHODAN note, you said women wont feel uncorfortable with it. Are you sure you know SHODAN? because i am pretty sure that regardless of the gender of the player, having a dominatrix that treats you like an insect, who constantly expects you to do your best of the best like a overbearing mother AND who speaks non-stop about her magnificience, may unnerv someone.

well, i can only think of beyond good and evil, which needs a sequel harder than EA needs someone FROM the games industry in the directors board.

because Jade is awesome and has my respect boner.

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