Feed Dump: Dinner and a Movie

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So many screenshot-able segments! My favorite is Pregnant Beej and Cop Cam.

Well...now we know why they are referred to as starving art students if they have to spend all their money on crap like that...

Also...I'm pretty certain this is NOT what the Star Trek TNG VCR Board Game meant when I had to experience Beej... (Bonus points if you know what I'm talking about.)

I did not have the pleasure of seeing the Marquee of Caffeine previously, but I like him!

I think I'm the only person who didn't notice the new ear piercing. o.O

I'm getting those expansions for my copy of the Sims. This is going to be fun.

A sketchbook, very clever Cam.

I don't watch much basketball either, but that's a pretty sweet hat xD

He's a freemason? Quick, ask him about the Apple of Eden!

I was genuinely surprised that Graham didn't say "Nothing but hat."

My god...I did the exact same thing in my Sims games! Right down to the portrait painting and the urns! I'd have a gigantic hallway devoted to all the people I'd killed. Except, I went one step further, and had a kid with each one, and then drowned them in the pool.

I think the Sims and playing god does bad things to me.

I dont think nerds in general have a problem getting girlfriends. All but two people in my social group have significant others, and those rarely leave their apartments and have trouble talking to any people not just the opposite sex.

If you have a problem getting a girlfriend you are probably looking in the wrong place. If you are 18-30 I recommend your local gaming store, or college computer department.

Also cons are a great place to meet girls, maybe next years escapist expo could have a "singles mixer"

Face value? Did the cashier not think "Hmmmm these are old, valuable looking coins. Oh well! Into the penny tray they go!"

If anyone needs a new Avatar i got you covered;


After watching this particular episode I am a: officially getting the complete Sims 2 series and b: I want Cam to be my Sims 2 mentor. Because let's face it he's hot and obviously REALLY good at figuring super villain stuff to do!

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