Escape to the Movies: Taken 2

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Imp Emissary:


Imp Emissary:
Yeah, that's about what I thought when I heard this movie was coming out.

What I loved was when Liam Neeson was on Jon Stewart's show, Jon asks; "Taken 3?", and Liam just does the cutting his own neck with his hand move.

I hope he was right.

And now I'm off to watch The Daily Show, thanks!

No problem friend. But, you know you really shouldn't need more of a reason to watch The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, other than the fact they are The Daily Show/The Colbert Report. ;)

Just watched it, he looked completely tired lol. Looks like no Taken 3, already milked that cow XD


You'd be correct that I've not been to Istanbul, but I am aware of the ubiquity of the ezan broadcasts in predominantly Muslim countries. However, I wasn't talking about ambient noise, I'm talking about deliberate soundtrack drops - typically occuring during establishing shots or "slo-mo pan over the bad guys" shots.

Fun "secret" about Hollywood movies: Almost NONE of the sounds you hear during a movie was actually recorded alongside the action they accompany - not even a lot of the actor's dialogue, if the scene was shot outdoors. For example, If a scene is taking place outside, pay attention to the background noise (re: busy street, wind, trees rustling, water, whatever) from shot to shot: Most of the time, you'll hear the sound remain at the same relative pitch without any audible cuts or edits even as the camera cuts to a completely different angle - which, if you've ever edited camcorder footage, you know isn't how microphones work. 9 times out of ten EVERY sound you hear in a movie other than someone speaking (we're talking footsteps, ambient sound, animal noises, papers-rustling, EVERYTHING) is added to the footage later so that the levels and pitch can be controlled in post-production.

The takeaway from this should be that there's generally no such thing as a sound (certainly not a specific, identifiable one like a prayer call) winding up on a soundtrack that WASN'T intended to be there. Even if the camera mics did just "pick it up" during shooting (not probably in this case, given that it's mostly played over shots that would've almost-certainly been shot either without sound to begin with or with the intent of cutting out all "natural" sound in post) if they didn't want it there they'd have simply mixed it out.

Wow, wasn't expecting this to get picked up on. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply to what I wrote... just another reason why I keep watching your show Bob, respect.

Point taken about the sound pre and post production, I can't argue with that at all.

Though, I'll say this much, I'd be very surprised if anyone (least of all a Turk) took any kind of offence, or derived any deeper meaning into the use of the ezan sound effect. I've yet to watch the film (though shall do), but what you described (slow-mo on the bad guy, ezan style singing) actually sounds like a typical device here in Turkish series and I'd surprised if they didn't draw a little inspiration from local sources (I know you said it was a French production, but still). The ezan is such an ingrained part of daily life here (most people don't really even notice it, it's background noise to them) that, as a dramatic sound, it probably fits the bill quite well and people aren't so thinned skinned about it.

Also, I watched the trailer again to see if they use it in there but they don't... if the singing is Arabic, it's the ezan, if it's Turkish, then it's just traditional Turkish singing which can sound incredibly similar. I could tell you for sure if I heard it in the film.

Thanks again for your reply!

Are you going to review Looper? I thought it was awesome but I want to see your review :)

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Especially when compared to the original.

Dude, why do you always have to drag your leftist ideology into your reviews? It makes them completely inaccessible to a part of your viewership

Dude, why do you always have to drag your leftist ideology into your reviews? It makes them completely inaccessible to a part of your viewership

I agree with this statement. I'm a leftsist (in US at least, at home a right winger) and this was too much.

Well I am pretty sure I will enjoy this one, it didn't make MB as angry as the expendables, which I liked, so theoretically a movie that he simply didn't like that much should be an incredibly enjoyable movie by my metric.

the "how little moviebob dislikes something" scale is a decent barometer for how likely I will enjoy an action movie.

I really hope they find a way to make movie tie-ins between the Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet.
I know, they are probably bad movies individually, but the continuity would be awesome

Bob is physic.
"Chanses are Taken is playing on TV somewhere"
It was on Finnish TV just last night O.o

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