Which Assassin Are You?

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Thane Krios

The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone.
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Trained by the Hanar to be an assassin at a young age, Thane is a biotically-gifted and very spiritual drell that prefers infiltration and hand-to-hand combat when it comes to eliminating his targets.

Of all of the Assassins in this quiz, Thane Krios is by far my favorite, though there are times that I tend to be a little bit more, well - EXPLOSIVE!!
Like a Vanguard (Mass Effect) or like Brick (Borderlands). Shotguns are fun for assassinations, too...

p.s. (I would kind of have liked to get Ezio, but I've always liked Altair just a little better...)

I got Ezio... When all I wanted was Agent 47

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Fear not the darkness - but welcome its embrace.
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I took the test twice because at first getting Ezio didn't sound right since I chose stealth and such. It must have been the "I would seek to prevent those who are unworthy from gaining power." and the "I normally work alone, but will work with close allies if needed" Oh well I am happy with this outcome.

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