Hating Multiplayer Creep

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Exactly! Being introverted is not a crime.

Introverts isolate!!!

Anyways, I'm not AGAINST multiplayer, and there are a couple people I know that I'll play with online, but for the most part I play stuff alone. MMO's are too slow paced and have too much social emphasis for me to enjoy them. I don't like mulitplayer RTS or FPS because too often someone else ruins my experience (by owning me into the ground, TK'ing, being a dick, etc).

Thank god for Bethesda (minus the MMO) and their good single player experiences. Obsidian as well. Bioware no longer falls under this category (mostly due to EA).

Yahtzee you pleb! Strongbow?! These people must not be paying you enough.

I actually prefer playing Borderlands alone. I played with my gf and that was also very fun. But it's more due to two of us sharing an awesome common interest. It's another way of spending quality time together without having to resort to boring everyday stuff that extroverted people do (we are both introverts). I enjoy single player Borderlands because of the sense of loneliness and adventure.

I don't hate multiplayer though. I just hate when developers put it in games that don't need it (Bioshock, Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed etc.). I play MP occasionally. I used to play Counter-Strike a lot. Even on tournaments. I am a pretty introverted guy. And I don't hang out with people that much. But that doesn't stop me from playing MP. Real people are a lot smarter opponents than bots. And it's a lot more satisfying to unleash your skills on someone than on something. It doesn't mean that I have to hang out with those people. And I don't. I have my own small circle of friends. But I still prefer single player games for their story and mechanics.

I understand Yahtzee though. He suffers from social anxiety. So it's a lot harder for him. Luckily I don't. I'm very, very introverted but I'm also very, very confident. To a point where others think of me as "that arrogant prick".

I've overcome my introversion for some MP games but Borderlands is exactly the kind of game I don't want other people in. Last time I played it it was a hectic rush towards objective arrows because nobody wanted to hold the team back. That was NOT fun.

A MOBA is fairly relaxed in comparison because the game design does not encourage "speedrunning" while also including exploration and stuff, even those monstrosities of competition are fairly static compared to running at top speed across many maps and trying to grab as much loot as possible while maintaining that breakneck pace. In a MOBA you have your place on the board, you don't race around areas that you'd like to see more of.

Great article, as always. It probably doesn't need to be said at this point but you're not alone in disliking multiplayer. *drums fingers* That was a bit odd to write.

Yahtzee, I am disapointed. You had the opportunity to make everyone's free time disappear by linking to tvtropes and you didn't do so.
I must correct this at once!

I will see your text, sir, and raise you a video : State Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Looks like we are extremely similar in our opinions here, Mr. Croshaw.

'I only raise objections when its presence interferes with my beloved single player experiences without me asking for it, like when games like Spec Ops: The Line are forced to waste effort on a shit multiplayer mode, effort that they could have spent on making the single player campaign even more amazing.'

This is basically my oppinion on any critisism I raise over a piece of art/media/whatever. Im only mad because its a missed oppurtunity, we could have had something kickass or new and intersting but instead we get Mr.Mc Blandys safe adventure with checkpoints... its not nice to think about the number of good ideas that fail to get green lite because someone thinks its a good idea to try and make a shitty clone of something thats already there doing it 1000 times better.

Very insightful and funny as usual Yahtzee.

Luckily I don't have as much of a "problem" with playing games with strangers, I'll even chat to them, but I definitely don't like going out with people. Even with friends and family I find small talk to be useless and dull and as a result I avoid going out with friends and family too.

As for the lonely drinker "problem", there is nothing wrong with it.

Captcha: had me at hello

Yahtzee certainly did ;)

I think that I'm an online introvert; I like talking to people in person, and I love meeting people who are interesting. But when I try to interact with people on the internet I often feel like I'm trying to talk to a really stupid, really boring, really unfunny version of the borg collective. Like there is this AI hive mind, but rather than being a cold, emotionless and calculating super intelligence it's a really incompetent, spastic, non-intelligence that's constantly spouting references and paraphrasing marketing/PR speak.


This seems relevant: The power of introverts

Curtains drawn, drink in cup and in stomach, dinner enough for two, eaten by one, with leftovers for tomorrow, a couple of friends at text's distance if I'm feeling talkative, room aglow with a soft warm light from my lamp (not the blinding white light), and wall behind me lit from the glow of either my computer or the tv or both, unless I'm reading.

I don't like multiplayer if the person isn't next to me or I don't actually know them, and even then, there are few games where I actually want to play with other people.

When I go out, I'm out. I can be fun, and sociable, and have a decent rapport with the people around me.

But when I'm in, playing games, or reading, I'm usually by myself, and I like it that way. On occasion, I've played a co-op game with a partner, or some friends might come over and we'll all pass around controllers or beat on plastic instruments, but the majority of my gaming is done with just me.

And that's how I like it.

Entirely on board with this - I still haven't been able to bring myself to play Journey, despite the fact that I'd been looking forward to it for a very long time through its development cycle and even had it preordered. It's probably the one game in the last 5 years that I'd actually been looking forward to, and reviews and word of mouth have only encouraged my interest further... Yet... The "multiplayer" part has kept me at arms' length from day one, and the game just sits there in the XMB, taunting me on a daily basis.

Pessimistic, perhaps, but I just don't want to be responsible for someone else's enjoyment, or dependent upon someone else for my own.

From what I hear, Borderlands 2's single player is identical to its co-op, but without teammates. Like, they don't even scale down the enemies to account for you having a quarter of the firepower and enemies having a quarter of the targets to shoot at. Is that true? Magicka did the same damn thing, but at least the co-op in that game is often so hectic that additional players can be as much a liability as an asset.

I still don't understand why the idea of making games that are multiplayer-only, a la Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament, never stuck. Seems to me like more and more it's the single-player campaigns that are tacked on and rushed out of some feeling of obligation. Do Sony and Microsoft have some sort of guideline requiring games to be playable without a working Internet or multiple controllers? And if so, wouldn't a bot mode (like in Left 4 Dead) satisfy that requirement just fine? It's not like we haven't spent the last decade and a half improving and perfecting multiplayer AI technology. Valve seems like the only company left that still understands this.

And speaking of Valve, I'm surprised you didn't bring up Gabe Newell's recent statement about how Portal 2 would be their last game with an "isolated single-player experience." Given that they're just about the only video game company you still like, I was hoping you'd use the excuse to rant about that.

This is a society that demonizes the introvert. In movie tropes it's always the quiet dude surfing the internet alone in his room who you're supposed to assume is the potential serial murderer. Whenever there's a "lone wolf" hero, getting them to "come out of their shell" and "learn to love again" is always, always part of their character arc, usually through the browbeating of a more outgoing character. It's like there's this assumption that every introvert secretly wants to learn how to love clubbing or holding someone else's fucking baby but doesn't know how to ask, when in reality I find both those activities less enchanting than nailing my foot to the floor.

This... thank you for this.

I am bad at games. My reaction time is horrible, I don't care about strategy, etc, etc... I will sometimes play multiplayer with my friends, but I always lose horribly and spend the whole time making self-deprecating jokes. I usually enjoy that, don't get me wrong, but competing with other people is not why I play games.

The thing that draws me to games is the value of a powerful singleplayer experience - the sort of feeling you get from a run-through of Half-Life or Portal or Iji that you just wouldn't get from a movie or a book. I may only be able to play on Normal difficulty most of the time, but singleplayer experiences are why I like games.

As always, you are a shining light reason in this depressing world. (No Irony)

You are completely right with what you said. I am an introvert too and it really bugs me, when people try to "help me" enjoy the "important things" of life. Everyone just assumes that you really, reaaaaaally want to go clubbing or talk for hours on facebook/ICQ/Skype about meaningless nonsense.

I enjoy the company of my friends, but i want some time for myself, too. Being an introvert really brands you as looser today.

There are studies that suggest that introverts are more intelligent, as they tend to think more. But will the people listen? No, cause there is always one extrovert in the room with a lampshade on his Head and a bottle of *insert alcoholic brand here* in his hand, screaming for attention.

The problem with being an introvert is that extroverts are louder. And at this day and age people tend to think that louder means better.

I agree with this. However, I haven't had a hard time doing Borderlands 1/2 by myself. Some parts were a bit difficult, but I managed to get passed them. Orcs Must Die 2, on the other hand, I quit playing due to the extreme focus on coop. Maybe only two or three (if that) levels where you only had to put traps in one area and not watch multiple sides. Once it got to the point where I was having to look up on youtube how to set the traps up just right and make sure I was on the right side at the right time just to have hopes to beat the level by myself, I quit playing.

We, introverts have to stand up for ourselves! Women did, LGBT did.
srsly guys,
parades and all.

mago te:
We, introverts have to stand up for ourselves! Women did, LGBT did.
srsly guys,
parades and all.

A parade for introverts? Isn't that kind of a paradox.

For the record everytime I saw borderlands 2 advertised it said "Kick Ass. Bring Friends." Or something along those lines. What I don't like is when we're supposed to believe playing anything online on our own is fun. No-one goes paintballing on their own, so why should we play team games online with strangers, when communication and cooperation is key to winning and fun, and people who have just met, who can't talk to each other, can't do that with any enjoyment.

Although I did go paintballing once and there was this one nutter in camo gear who tried to order us about. I think he wanted us to be a 'distraction'....See, imagine him online!

It's not really the developers hating on introverts though, it's the corporate, suit wearing, investor types who cause it. Most programmers are stereotypically introverts, but then some higher-up says the game needs some compatibility with social type programs so they can advertise that part.

Also if anyone is interested in why introverts can be awesome and actually not just an excuse to stay indoors and play videogames, read the book "Quiet" by Susan Cain

Knowing as I do that there is a very minor chance that he bothers to read these threads at all, I just have to say that this article really touched me because I, too, find the societal assumption that I am just some shy flower waiting for someone dynamic to bring me out of my shell insulting. I don't want to go out partying, or hang out with giant crowds of people, because those things don't appeal to me at my very core. There is no part of me that craves that sort of thing and never has.

It's nice to see Yahtzee's human side a bit more.

The last "I hate multiplayer" XP he wrote that I remember (in response to Modern Warfare 2, I believe) he came off as a jaded misanthrope in distilled, unbridled form.

This one was much more raw, and as lifetime, unapologetic introvert, I greatly empathize.

I don't WANT to use GameCenter on my iPhone because I don't give a toss what other people are playing! And no, I don't WANT my Facebook to "push" when when I'm not using it!

I don't WANT to play on Xbox Live! I GREATLY prefer single-player to multiplayer, and I DON'T CARE how many millions are playing COD online, I DON'T WANT TO!

I've had to spell these things out so many times because so many people just don't "get" that I really truly don't care about playing multiplayer games on Xbox Live

These things don't make me wrong, they just make me introverted, and there's nothing wrong with that, damn it.

This makes me feel so much better.

I have social anxiety. I'm not "shy" or "introverted," I'm actually really frigging terrified of people. I do not DO social interaction very well. It takes time with me. Video games are one of my safe havens, where I can go and be ALONE and have fun. If they keep putting other people into my safe haven, it will no longer be a haven and I will no longer be able to go there. I resent the hell out of that.

I've had "friends," and I use the term loosely, who want to try and "draw me out of my shell." These are the friends who, six minutes into a four-hour car ride, ask what I've done about getting rid of my anxiety and it's been two years already since they found out I have it so come ON what are you waiting for?! Like I can call up a person mechanic and ask them to fix my fears. Like I'd even really want to. Sure, the crippling fear part is something I want to get rid of, but I don't WANT to be a social butterfly. I LIKE being by myself, with my pets, and hanging out with my fiance or A friend. Why does that have to be a bad thing?

I agree wholeheartedly with the article. VALVE know how to do this properly. Want an amazing singleplayer experience? Portal. Want an amazing Multiplayer game? Team Fortress 2.

Of course, there was HL: Deathmatch, which wasn't as good as Quake. and the MP mode of Portal 2. Which was...less good...than Portal 2's singleplayer.

Well no one's perfect, I guess.

Except Columbo.

Now, this may surprise you who are used to me projecting the image of a witty, urbane, staggeringly attractive cock of the walk about town, but in social situations I'm pretty awkward.

Say it aint so!

Amen there. I do play games with friends the odd time (like Brawl or doing Portal 2's campaign), but I prefer to play alone. Always been like that. I'm an introvert, and I have enough fun alone.

It breaks my heart when I see Insomniac say they want all their future games to have multiplayer. I have All 4 One with the mindset that Insomniac is very competant in making solo campaigns (especially when you look at the entire Ratchet franchise, which catered mostly to solo play yet were also very replayable). All 4 One alone was an absolute bore. It was the shortest game in the series and it STILL felt long and monotonous. It doesn't even matter on the wonky character models. If the game was FUN I would've forgiven it and just get wrapped up in the pretty environments. I've heard a lot of people say it's fun with friends, but I don't have any friends to play this with! They all got scared away from it with the $60 price tag and Ratchet's giant bobble-head! The game has a solo campaign, so I expect it to deliver as such. I don't know about Yahtzee's opinions on the franchise, but it illustrates this point quite well (and I wanted him to rip it apart, though I guess Jim did a good enough job on his own).

I've played Borderlands 2 local co-op with a friend, but can't imagine why anyone would want to play a game with random strangers.

If you had a negative reaction to this article, it's probably just that you are not the intended audience. You can't "make" someone not an introvert and it's not a defect, it's just how we are.

I agree with most of what Yahtzee says, except that bit about strongbow, ack. Also if I didn't have exams the next 2 days I would having a glass of cider (usually magners) to relax with this evening. Now I'm thinking back to the beer festival and think I really need to get some of that fiery fox cider that stuff was damn nice.

The 1 game annoying me a bit at the moment with social rankings is Tokyo Jungle with every time I die being asked do you want to post your high score, to which my response is no why didn't you implement a replay button instead, It would be far more useful than navigating menus to play the same animal again and being mauled by a panther at year 15, damn this game hates labradors.

I find the games with the best multiplayer are games that had a great single player and included an option to bring along someone, if you want. Games like Saints Row 2 or Dead Rising 2 where you can go about the single player campaign as much as you want then if/when you felt like it, have someone pop in.

It's true, though, isn't it? This is a society that demonizes the introvert. In movie tropes it's always the quiet dude surfing the internet alone in his room who you're supposed to assume is the potential serial murderer. Whenever there's a "lone wolf" hero, getting them to "come out of their shell" and "learn to love again" is always, always part of their character arc, usually through the browbeating of a more outgoing character. It's like there's this assumption that every introvert secretly wants to learn how to love clubbing or holding someone else's fucking baby but doesn't know how to ask, when in reality I find both those activities less enchanting than nailing my foot to the floor.

As a fellow introvert I gotta agree with the sentiment. I'm generally pretty easy going so it doesn't bother me really, but I function perfectly well in society until it's time to 'go out' or 'party' (I'm not talking about small casual affairs or family holiday get together's). I understand this is a great time for most people but the few times I've let myself go out I've found it just plain boring, not to mention completely against my frugal nature. Honestly I'd rather be home reading a book or something, or better yet out playing hockey. I think the best way I could describe it from my personal perspective is a 'night out' is kind of like the boring 'road trip' part of going on vacation.

In my opinion, for the attitude Yahtzee describes above comes from a problem of distinct personality differences. Introverts are just fine being on their own, but extroverts tend to really hate it. They try to convert the extrovert because they need to be surrounded by like minded people, and for heavy extroverts the more the better. So it can become something like a religious conversion to get you on their side.

I'm glad to see Yahtzee explain his distaste for multiplayer more, and I sympathize. When I first got into multiplayer (beyond playing with one other person sitting next to me), it felt awkward and I felt like I was bad at it, but I stuck with it and it got more fun. I just hope he doesn't completely dismiss it in the future (at least in reviews)-- what I'd like is if he'd actually take the multiplayer into account in the review (maybe only if it's not tacked on), but that might be a bit much to ask, so he could at least not act like it's always inherently inferior to multiplayer.

Well reading this article and the comments has made my alcohol riddled mind a lot happier, the vast majority of people I know are not introverts and if their one thing extroverts are good at it making us intro's feel like the freaks.

Fuck extroverts, for too long our people have been pushed to the shadows, taught that there is something wrong with us, I say no more. Look at the history book's, scientists, historians, philosophers and inventors, we were the one who pushed forward the fields off human knowledge. I say this is the day that we teach the rest of the world the power of the Introverts, this is the day we take up arms against our aggressors, this is the day that we step out from the shadows and drag the rest of the world into them. That is if we wanted to off course, I mean we could do it any time, but that's just not the kind of thing we enjoy.

Yeah. I agree it's the exact reason I've never understood the popularity of Facebook. If I desperately want my friends to know what books I like or movies I've seen recently I'll tell them as it's a much more interesting way to discuss something then impartially listing everything in one page on facebook. I don't keep brochures of random facts on me to passout for that very reason... though I suppose there is no way to monetize personal conversations, because most people don't randomly drop "this discussion brought to you by Coke Zero. Mmmhmmm that's refresshing!"

Whelp. That sure was a rant from the ranty mc rantpants ranter of the rantlands.
He does have a good point though. A point that I'm just gonna go ahead and stab in the carotid artery.
Society hates the introverted, and always has. Always will. 'Humans are social animals' is a fucking cliché way of putting it, but it's the truth. Expecting fair treatment as an introverted person is like expecting to have an actual chance at olympic archery without arms. I can certainly understand being really fucking angry about it (and indeed, said really fucking angriness is well justified), but it will never ever accomplish anything.

TL;DR: Apathy hurts less.

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