The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2012: King Kong Lives

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Well, at least now I know what the movie is that they keep mentioning in The Big Hit.

Let me guess, this guy was the one who made the 3rd or 4th Jaws movie. The one that took place in the aquarium and wasn't any good.

the antithesis:

Calling it next week is either white buffalo or Orca

More likely Orca.

Man, Orca is terrible. I can't wait for it to get the Schlocktober treatment (if that's the plan...which, I agree, it probably is).

Oh, the simple joys of watching Sarah Connor doing open heart surgery on a giant gorilla.

At 2:30 I was like, 'Damn! Imagine the pizza that thing could cut!'

What I don't get is, the heart was being transported in the crane; was it a blood transfusion or a heart transplant? How Did Miss Kong survive having her heart removed? Why would scientists endanger a healthy creature to save a wounded one if as far as they know those are the only two members of their species?

Movies are strange.

At first I thought that the Army guy was Gerald McRaney, and that was awesome, but it turns out it was John Ashton...and that is even better.

I know "monkey" is a funny word to say, but seriously, is is so hard to say:

"It's a love story with giant apes"?


The greatest love story ever told ... featuring giant gorillas. Also starring Linda Hamilton.

I like that how for the operation they were in full medical gear, but no goggles. We saw blood splatter, but no one was concerned for getting it in their eyes?

Maybe the budget didn't allow for goggles.

I would love to see MovieBob review the Leprechaun movies if he ever got the chance. They are terribly made but so much fun to watch.

No Mechani-Kong D:

It's wierd that moviebob's mention of "Son of Kong" reminded me there was actually a "Son of Kong" movie. Notable for Carl Denham(played by the same actor as in the first one), both having had his pants sued off for almost destroying new york with his giant ape show and the fact he actually feels pretty bad for what happened to Kong. Yeah, it was horrible but not a total waste.

Is it bad that I really want to watch this now?

Bob, you should have gone the whole hog and called it Kongtober, reviewed nothing but remakes, sequels or spin-offs to King Kong

Heh, Taggart got squished.

Always avoided. I think it was Ebert that said this was so boring kids were playing with the theater swinging doors rather than watching this boor. Bob does make it look like silly fun though. Can't wait to next week!

Calling it next week is either white buffalo or Orca

My bet: Orca. It is another "fish" story. And had Bo Derek!

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