Crazy One Time

Crazy One Time

Making up reality TV can be so much more fun than actual reality.

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I wonder how long after the video was posted that someone realized "fill this man with cream" could be taken in a extremely wrong way...

Unlike most people in my circle, I don't immediately turn my nose at the mention of "reality TV," and "Who wants to marry an axe murderer?" would go on my must watch list.

I think those posters should go on sale for Desert Bus or something.
Also, good luck on your Reality Show!

You know who needs his own reality series? Jonny.

Your reality show - Now made with REAL reality! - is castle more entertaining.

And mildly less psychotic.

Heh, I didn't even notice the posters. Nice touch.

Please tel me Beej will be featured more. He and Cam really seem to click. Ooh, next Feed Dump: Beej and Cam!

Despise reality shows, loved the sketch, loved the BTS (as always).

Will you guys be hosting Loading Time on YT permanently now? If so, it's either tragic or hilarious that they will have about 2.3 times the resolution of the actual sketches.

(Edited twice because what is maths.)

I would watch the hell out of America's Next Top Guinea Pig. In fact I have 4 that would love to audition for it, call me! The level of detail never ceases to amaze me.


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