LoadingReadyRun: The Birds, The Bees and The Bears

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I found the roles looked a little awkward for you three at the beginning, but it really picked up after a bit.

As a 22 year old unemployed virgin still living at home. I'm feeling kinda depressed right now.

I'm 21 and just moved out on my own two months ago, and I kissed a girl once, and that was it. So, you're not alone, we can be depressed together!

This one really got me, didn't expect it to go there. Great video.
And this made me realise how glad I am that school took care of my sex education and not my parents, although I doubt (hope) that they wouldn't have talked about bondage.

This is hands down one of the funniest LRRs I've ever seen. Thumbs up guys. Thumbs up.

Awesome stuff.

And, uh, kinda gave me flashbacks. The bad kind.

As a 22 year old unemployed virgin still living at home. I'm feeling kinda depressed right now.

23 and a half here <3

I suspected it was a Kathleen script.
I am curious about the prop as well.

Hilarious! Real men go with squash though. Why not try a seasonal butternut?

omg that was hillarious, makes me glad my folks never tried that. tho Graham you do realise that now at every Con your going to get a club soda and zuchini

My "Talk" was my mom heard I had a girlfriend from my sister, then my dad threw a box of condoms at me when I got home from school and said "You don't want any bastards". Looking at this sketch I got off easy.

This week on a very special episode of Loading Ready Run, it's time for Paul's parents to talk to him about putting a cucumber up his butthole.


'Old Lady' Kathleen was too funny :)

Plus "Please stop talking!"


Graham's wig was amazing. And National Treasure is a good movie thanks to Nicolas Cage.

This was hands-down the funniest AND most disturbing episode you guys made. Bravo! I'm 28, unemployed, single, and still living at home, so this really struck a chord with me. I hope my folks don't resort to THAT t make me move out.

(O_____________o) I want to laugh.. but I can't lift my chin off the floor.

I totally agree with the video... National Treasure IS a great movie.

Didn't notice the head jerk towards Kathleen when they mention anal sex. I think that woulda killed me if that were an actual family talk.

I lost it at the end when Graham casually strokes his nipples. Well played LRR, well played.

Elder Graham and Kathleen are the best things ever. When Kathleen is actually old, I'd like to sit down with her for a cup of tea and a dong chat.

In 17 years I will definately be using that method to get my son out of the house. Great episode.

My first thought was; "Graham, what's that on your head?"

Then the sex talk started. It's funny, because it's true.

Kathleen script to the max. Still funny. Just glad I didn't choose this week to introduce someone to LRR.

Bears + Kathleen and no ursophobia? This is a Kathleen script and no one dies? LRRfail.

Still funny though, good job.

As a 22 year old unemployed virgin still living at home. I'm feeling kinda depressed right now.

Do not be.

1, it is a bad (but recovering) economy, I was unemployed for almost a year before finding a job (and another 2 years before finding a good job).

2, Virginity is a choice. I do not need too worry about unexpected pregnancies, or STDs, I can focus on finding a good stable relationship built on communication instead of sex.

3, In the Pre-Victorian world and entire family would live in the same small house. Children, Parents, Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts/Uncles, and this went on for thousands of years. Moving out only happen if you were a woman getting married, or a younger (male) sibling moving someplace with better opportunities.

O Kathleen. I love that delightfully twisted sense of humour of yours. Couldn't stop laughing at this one. Well done!

As a 22 year old unemployed virgin still living at home. I'm feeling kinda depressed right now.

Could be worse. You could be on fire. You're not missing much... Well, except for maybe the unemployed part. And even then, you've got a good amount of time ahead of you.

OT: This was great. Fairly standard/typical, but the delivery was better than many others. LRR will always be amazing at character acting.

Best LRR in a while. Everytime I thought they's gone as far as they would, they went one step farther...

That was a strange kind of funny. I liked the leather vest, it really sold the joke.

FWIW, I lived at home into my 20s, and also didn't get any in high school. So, it's not like we're making a statement with the video.
Those are just societal norms we're going from. "Norms" in heavy quotation marks.

Hmmm.... odd this week, just a normal family conversation. Paul overreacting was pretty funny though, he should have been the one to bring this topic up after his first few sexual encounters so it wouldn't be so awkward.

......Why are you people looking at me like that?

Graham, make sure the zucchini is properly lubricated. Some mistakes are more painful than others.

Wow, did not expect seeing anything like this on Escapist. Shocking, but very pleasant surprise.

I was certain they were going to go in the direction of scarring him into abstinence or something, instead of trying to get him to move out. Frankly, with those mental images in my head I think I would stay a way more sex for a while.

And while this was great, I was a little disappointed that their were no actual bears involved.

This was no where as bad as when my father tried to give me the talk after my wife was pregnant.

i just really don't know what to say about this one... mainly cause i cant speak cause i'm laughing way too hard!

When Kathleen grows old she will be constantly under the impression that she's playing her old lady characters.

So, how did Jason have sex when he is obviously wearing a video game T-shirt? That just strains by suspension of disbelief.

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