Trailers: Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett Trailer

Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett Trailer

Watch out for the Pirate lady, she doesn't seem trustworthy.

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I cannot squee enough

I cannot squee enough

i'll add my squee to your squee so it squee's even more!

OT: this looks amazing, and i am quite disappointed i hadn't picked up the season pass earlier...ugh. one of the few times i don't buy DLC and i'll regret it

Out now???

This is the one time I bought a season pass and I hope Gearbox doesn't make me regret it.

I have to say it looks like fun and I don't regret any of my B1 dlc purchases. This is looking good.

There can be only one!!!

There can be only one!!!

I knew i heard that name before somewhere.

Proves my ability to remember TV shows that are 25 years older than i am is getting stronger.

Get redi ta loot sam'ooore yer landlubbers!

Out? Already?! I haven't finished Dishonored and XCom yet!

There can be only one!!!

this will make the game easy, he's indestructible.

wait a mintue.

Fun, fun, fun. Great areas. Funny (and sometimes a bit twisted) new NPCs. Actual new enemies (Cursed Pirate is a summuma...). Notes in bottles that can lead to nice named loot. Fun new vehicle. This thing has the goods.

I haven't heard voice acting that awful in a long, long time. Since Heavy Rain in fact.

That music is starting to get on my nerves, it seems to show up everywhere.


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