Movie Trailers: The Great Gatsby - Official Trailer

The Great Gatsby - Official Trailer

What makes this Gatsby guy so great anyway?

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Oh look, The Great Gatsby + Baz Luhrmann.

The book was a dull slog, full of unlikeable characters, and every Baz Luhrmann movie I've seen has made me feel hungover and embarrassed for everyone involved, including myself for having seen it. I seriously can't understand what the appeal is in either of these things.

I loved the book, I loved Moulin Rouge!, and I will no doubt love this movie.

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Well, I remember liking the book, but I think it was only because of the scene with the drunk guy holding a steering wheel who couldn't figure out that he'd wrecked. So if that part is in the movie, then I will be satisfied. However, I'll also be interested to see Leonardo's portrayal of Gatsby, because I would not have made such a casting choice. Should provide an interesting perspective, if nothing more.

Hum anyone think 1922 New York kinda remind them of rapture?

I see they put back "The Great" since last trailer.

BTW, what is it with Tobey Maguire and movies set in the 20's?

I'll admit the book had some problems, but overall it was still a great book.

Now, this movie on the other hand. I don't know if they cut together the trailer to get more mass market appeal, but I'm certainly hoping so. Otherwise this would be a movie about a Gatsby who is a brooding, gravelly-voiced twit, instead of somebody who is trying so hard to fit into high society it hurts. Additionally, the book fairly effectively broke up the crazy, high energy party scenes with slower, less frantic "Let's just talk and characterize for a while" scenes, partially to give everything a sense of depth or scale, but I'm seeing no evidence of the latter's existence.

...And is it just me or does it seem like Toby Maguire thinks that Nick Carraway has a British accent?

....Im going to say it...

Are we trying to ride the coattails of like Boardwalk Empire...did it on such a large scale and then made it all a massive green screen looks like ass...Why must we ruin semi decent things by making them worse?

Hum anyone think 1922 New York kinda remind them of rapture?

Well yeah, that is the look and feel Bioshock was going for. I am not too fond of Baz's style. That said, it looks like it might actually work here in this setting. I remember enjoying the book and I remember it being short enough that they won't have to shoehorn anything into it. Plus Leo has so cemented himself in my opinion as an acting badass that if he's in it I want to see it.


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