Let's Remake Star Wars

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Well that's the thing, it ISN'T anything new because all this takes place 20 years before the original trilogy. It can't really be new because it just turns into "Well if he could do THAT the whole time..."

Easy. Have him bust out a ton of new bad ass movies that we have not seen then in Revenge have Palpatine do the same and still beat Yoda. Then Empire still make sense as he was unable to teach Luke the really complicated stuff due to a lack of time.

You liked it and that's cool. It's just that to me Yoda was always beyond lightsabers. The wise old man that nobody thinks is powerful who then busts out a ton of magic tricks that no one else can pull off.

Maybe it was more a matter of tradition (or the fact that Dooku had to survive until the third movie). I will say that I don't believe for a second that Yoda couldn't just hold the pillar in one hand while crunching Dooku's ship into a marble with the other.

Or maybe the force just can't be used in other ways without turning to the Dark Side.

I accept your first point that it was that they just wanted Dooku in Revenge but their is a hudge amount of Star Wars games that have cool powers for Jedi and according to a friend of mine who has a ton of EU books Jedi can use stuff like Lightning as long as they do not use anger to fuel it.


The Clone Wars IS better than Phantom Menace Bob
If for one reason

I have a problem with this shot. Yoda is far too wasteful in his movements. The original trilogy fights always seemed to me to be about the effect, not about the flash. Why does Yoda have to put his right arm all the way out before Force Pulling the lightsaber?

Maybe that's nitpicky, but I think it's yet another symptom of the larger problems with the prequels.

I actually had this idea a few years back, but I admit I hadn't thought it through so much at the time. But yes, I definitely agree that the original Star Wars had a lot going for it, and it would be interesting to see what someone would do with it now. Kind of like my other idea to write a new Gospel for a twenty-first century audience; it'd be the same story, but done in such a way as to resonate with newer heartstrings. For this reason, though, I don't think George Lucas should be in charge. He had the original idea, and it worked so well in its time because George Lucas worked well in that time. Now, he may be a bit too old to forget his sentimentality.
Also, anything to get rid of the akward sibling kissing scenes would be a welcome change.

Personally I think it makes more sense to remake the prequel trilogy and then create sequels for most of the reasons you said, the original trilogy doesn't need tampering with, it's a beautiful thing and the less George does to it the better. The only thing we have to gain from him remaking it is that it'll make us appreciate how good the original trilogy really was...Also he could maybe get rid of the ewoks and have it as Wookies instead, that'd be nice.

We've already seen that in his adept hands Lucas would just dump more cartoonishly proportioned aliens and otherwise pointless CGI into his movies. Luke would have even whinier daddy issues to fit him in with Anakin's personality and Obi Wan might swing his lightsaber like a sugar-high spaz at a rave. Also Hayden Christianson.

And he'd probably do it the best out of any director I can think of. And that's kind of sad.

This is a great article Bob, and your reasons are very well thought out and I spent too long contemplating the connection of Luke, Leia, and and Han to their respective allied forces.

However, I see this as a handful of reasons against almost a hundred. These constant remakes are undermining real creative vision, and it almost gives Hollywood the image that its run out of ideas and wants to apply their insane CG abilities to films that are iconic because of the era they were released in.

But I know what we all want. I do, and you know you do. Knights of the Old Republic: The Movie 1&2. It would be glorious.

I accept your first point that it was that they just wanted Dooku in Revenge but their is a hudge amount of Star Wars games that have cool powers for Jedi and according to a friend of mine who has a ton of EU books Jedi can use stuff like Lightning as long as they do not use anger to fuel it.

I'm not about to take anything the EU says over the original trilogy:

A jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack

I have a problem with this shot. Yoda is far too wasteful in his movements. The original trilogy fights always seemed to me to be about the effect, not about the flash. Why does Yoda have to put his right arm all the way out before Force Pulling the lightsaber?

Maybe that's nitpicky, but I think it's yet another symptom of the larger problems with the prequels.

It's called STYLE yo! Or do you have the same problem with Dooku's fencing salute?

It could be done, and it could be good. I just don't think George Lucas can do it. Strangely, he doesn't seem to actualy understand Star Wars. You'd need a Fan to be put in position of Director and one of the good Book Authors to do the screen play. Timothy Zahn for example.

If you did it, you'd have to throw out all the lore from before and start fresh, but with knowladge of relations and personalities.

The prequils should be thrown out allmost entierly. What would hae been more interesting would have been a similar movie from a different perspective, a Non-Jedi perspective. Have them meet Obi-Wan, Anakin, yoda, ext but don't make the movie about them. Center on a variation of Morgan Katarn maybe.

How about "no"? Seriously, this is a terrible idea. Just leave Star Wars alone, it's been abused enough already.

What's this crazed obsession with remaking good movies? You don't retake a test because you passed, you retake when you fail. Somebody should tackle Masters of the Universe or take a shot at another Power Rangers movie. It'd be a lot better to reforge something bad than wear the polish off of something good.

I'm not averse to more movies in the Star Wars Universe, though. Give us some of Han's smuggling days. Or go back to the Old Republic. There could be a straight-up military movie involving soldiers. Heck, a cloak-and-dagger flick involving a disaffected Imperial agent might be cool.

I think remaking the original trilogy would be a mistake.

I can see whichever Director and creative team that get assisgned making changes for changes sake. This is understandable as no one would want to see a shot for shot remake but it would lead to diversions from canon and a very definite ripple effect across other Star Wars IP's.

I think a smarter move would be to jump ahead a hundred years or so and pick up with a Skywalker descendant. After all, the Star Wars universe is pretty cyclical and the same major themes pop up over and over. This way you can do a kind of remake, without treading on fans toes, and, allow Directors etc a bit more breathing room to make the project their own.

Just my two cents :)

Kudos for saying a potentially unpopular thing and stirring discussion, and I agree with your theory that any idea can be made into a good movie - it's all in the execution. There is a conceivable chance that a Star Wars remake could be good.... but realistically I don't think it would work.

The stakes would be way too high for the studio not pour billions of $$$ into the CGI budget, making it a horrendously goofy Roger Rabbit in space, worse than the prequels. I know that plenty of intelligent things have been said about the prequels sucking because of bad writing, acting, pacing, editing, and so on and so forth and all of which are true, but it's the CGI overdose that clinches it - that sucks the life completely out of it.

No image rendered by a computer will ever be as visually exciting as the AT-AT march on Hoth, or the speeder bike chase on Endor, or the Millenium Falcon flying through an asteroid canyon, the clouds of Bespin, and the bowels of the Death Star - because those were real things that were shot with real cameras. Trickery was involved, sure, but your subconscious recognizes that they are material things that can be touched, and that makes all the difference. It's what activates the adrenaline.

Also, gotta say it, more lightsabers does not equal more awesome. I believe it was the indelible Bob Ross who often said, "You need light to show dark and dark to show light." Lightsabers were so awesome in the original trilogy BECAUSE they were underused.

This is one of the dumbest ideas that I have heard in a while.

Why waste money and time on remaking a series that could never be done right. There are too many people that have emotional interests in different aspects of Star Wars. Whatever a remake would be, it could never satisfy people. From Lucas's need to control, and market everything; to the incessant nitpicking form the fans.

Why not just make a new science fiction series?



Sure, someone who "got" the original trilogy COULD end up in charge and do a great job of both bringing the story into a modern era, while respecting the originals themes and messages and paying homage, while ALSO making it engaging and visually interesting (but not a CGI clusterfuck).

More likely, they'd get some hack, making a 2 hour toy commercial with the names of the original characters slapped on top of the bases for the new action figures, while cramming in several "respected" hollywood names and a few of the new up and coming actors, with half of them being rubbish and the other half trying their best to fight the awful dialogue.

I know Bob has decided that the Prequels weren't all that bad in his mind...but they are. They just are.
And a remake would probably be even worse.

If someone puts another finger on Star Wars I might have to exterminate them.

Hasn't it suffered enough?


All laughs aside, if there's any chance that Lucas can just ruin the old trilogy with a remake and I can get the unaltered (but remastered) originals on Blu-ray... I am willing to take that risk.

It's not like Georgie boy can make it any worse...right?

The problem here is that the Star Wars universe is still going, pretty strongly. It's got a popular TV show, the books, comics and games are still coming out at a good pace.

Also, remember all the nerd-rage and butthurt we had to put up with when the prequels came out? Yea, it'd be that x1000.

Although, you could probably get away with remaking the prequels...

That's an horrible idea indeed. There's no need to remake Star Wars. Maybe in some 30 years from now.

Really, remaking movies destroy the status of unique art piece each one has. Why not remake Monalisa? She needs blonde hair and bigger boobs. Or let's remake Liberty Statue and make her thinner and wearing a mini-skirt. Let's remake Beatle songs as dub-step.

Every important movie becomes just a pop-corn flick which is exactly what Hollywood wants, but as movie-goers there's no way we should support that.

Why do we want a Star Wars remake? To make Luke a tween who wants to be a jedi because it's cool and make Obi-Wan a teenager who is in love with princess Leia. And make Obi-Wan fight Vader to the sound of dub-step while they fight making acrobatic jumps and some kind of stupid dance? Should the rebels be replaced by a gungan rebel army too? Yeah, because we need lots of comic relief for this stupid generation to enjoy a movie these days, right Hollywood? Also include more CGI and please make the damn aliens more cartoony! Damn! We don't need a stupid Star Wars remake!

I'm OK with remakes after the original is seriously dated and the new version is truly good and not an excuse to sell the movie to tweeners and dumb fans of explosions.

Some good remakes are King-Kong and the new Planet of the Apes, but most remakes seem to be made for teenager tweens. Please stop the madness, Hollywood!

Well, you can remake Star Wars prequels if you want to. Do whatever you want with those horrid movies. But don't fiddle with original classic trilogy anymore! Especially you, Mr. Lucas! Take your stinkin' paws off those movies, you damn dirty director!

Now, a new movie series in the Star Wars universe like Knights of the Old Republic by some talented director like Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro or ever Mr. Spielberg... That could be truly good!

Aren't the words "Starwars" and "Remake" considered unholy devil-speak when uttered next to each other according to most hardcore Starwars fans?


Aye, 'tis heresy that Bob speaketh!

captcha when, where?
Preferably, never and nowhere.

Hate to burst your bubble Bob, but the authentic Evil Empire of late, is the US. That being said, maybe it does add an interesting element for the modern version of Star Wars giving a bit of self reflection.

No. You add new movies that are seperate from the original trilogy. 100% original and not based on what came before. New stories and new characters. Make a Mandalorian movie. Make a new character on new planets based in the star wars universe. Brand new stuff.

After watching the prequel films I'm just not sure that re-making Star Wars with the no limits of CGI is such a great idea. It kind of seems like the original Star Wars had to be creative because there were limits to what the film crew could do. Just felt like there was more attention to things like detail when a space ship had to be built in miniature instead of programed into a computer.

On the other hand if a new remake could do something better than Ewoks for an ending I'd be all for it. Empire Strikes Back really had a nice dark tone to it and then the series kind of goes down the crapper in the end because the Empire has to be defeated by space teddy bears to appeal to kids.

I've been of the opinion for a while that they simply need to do another Star Wars series instead of re-treading the existing story.

When you get down to it, Star Wars was pretty much the same thing as the remake of Battlestar Galactica, just more upbeat, and less heavy handed. It's a universe of prophecy where an all powerful "force" guides people through cycles of good, evil, and balance, using those it favors as it's tools. Indeed a big part of the entire story as spelled out in the prequels is how Anakin is prophecied to "bring balance to the force" and the good guys naively fail to realize that if good is pretty much dominant, balance doesn't mean taking down the now re-appearing bad guys. What's more it's also Papaltine's downfall, after all Anakin wasn't here to "bring darkness" either. When he's done he's basically killed all the good guys AND the bad guys, leaving one mixed up pseudo-Jedi (Luke) who could arguably go either way.... no seriously, think about it. It's also kind of a downer when you realize that if this is about the end of an era of good... it means that despite our little Ewok celebration the bad guys are eventually going to win this one (one way or another), whether that's from Luke turning evil, corruption in the new Republic, or the success of Imperial remnants is not something that it goes into, choosing to end on a high note. To be honest I think when George realized how his work was being received, he decided to try and re-do it to be more straightforward good vs. evil as much as he could, and wanted to make it more uniformly upbeat.

At any rate, what this means is that Star Wars is an ideal property to re-visit all the same ideas and the basic sequence of events, in another timeline. It could be the past or the future, ideally if they did it right it wouldn't be specified because it doesn't matter to the endless cycle (and truthfully one could argue that "The Force" itself might conspire indirectly to keep technology on the same basic level, and answer that question). Done correctly you could change a lot of the specifics, with the same basic events happening, and sort of show what it might look like with a more modern cast and point of view, with it still being canon.

The big question is whether people would really "get" that even if it was explained while the moving was being made.

To be honest, while it goes beyond the scope of a "remake" covering the same material, I've always thought doing the "cycle" idea in reverse would be kind of cool. Have a series where your basic evil Sith empire has already won, it dominates everything, people are being raped and tortured to death in the streets, planets exploited, 99% of the people are serfs, and the leaders live like god kings. Pretty much the opposite of "The Republic". Instead of having some Sith (which nobody remembers exactly what it is) worm his way in whie the force goes cloudy, have some repentant young noble find the teaching of these "Jedi" fellows and undermine the bad guys from within the system, while engaging in "Scarlet Pimpernel"
like heroics. Basically a role reversal with Papaltine as the great hero. At the end he dies heroically, tears down the empire, but leaves a rather mixed up prodigy-anti-hero behind to carry the torch. It would be kind of cool just to have a bunch of Sith sitting around in Dark Council pondering a propecy and the "Mystery Of The Jedi" (wait, didn't we kill all of them in a war thousands of years ago?). :)

I'd like the idea of planing a nine trilogy movie series.

EP1/2/3 "focus" on Annie Skywalker.
IE: The FALL of The Republic.

EP4/5/6 "focus" on Luke Skywalker.
IE: The fall of the Empire.

EP7/8/9 "focus" on Jaina/Jacen Solo.
IE: The rise of the New Republic.

You could even do EO10/11/12 that "focus" on Anakin Solo:
IE: The Yuuzhan Vong War

Interesting the first time I watched Star Wars I found the 4th to be the worst and the 6th the best. Recently I rewatched and the 4th is the best, the 5th and 6th is kinda more of the same and the characters suck except solo specially the 6 one. Yes, I'm no SW fan, it's the most overratet franchise ever, but I did think it has potential for a remake, it could be so much better.

About the prequels, didn't like the first two, but I lilked the 3rd, my favourite on pair with 4th.

It's hard for me to like movies from the 70's and 80's, they're ugly. And the only movie from, the 80's I rate more than an 8 is a movie about the past, Amadeus.

...I'd actually be really interested in that.

The movie is really, really 70s, and pretty much made of cliches (even though it created a lot of them) by modern standards. The universe has also been expanded so fucking much since it came out that I'd love to see it in more depth.

I mean, as good as it is, it's not really a deep movie in any way. Most of the complexity came in Empire. Hell, it might even work to deconstruct it somehow.

But most likely whoever would handle it would do a terrible job and everyone would hate it. Although everyone would hate it even if it was good because internet.

Did we suddenly learn how to properly choreograph lightsaber duels while I wasn't looking? Sorry Bob, the lightsaber duels of the prequels were among the MOST impotent things in those movies. And when you are talking about movies as sterile as the prequels, something that STANDS OUT as especially impotent is really saying something.

The duels in the original trilogy were fucking amazing because they had emotion, gravitas, and meaning. The duels were used sparingly, and as such each had a overriding theme driving them. Most importantly, you knew WHY the duels were happening.

In the prequels the duels were meaningless, sterile, and fought in the crisp, clean, emotionless way no living being would ever fight, super-human reaction speed or no.

while i wouldn't mind a remake, i would greatly prefer them to concentrate on another part of star wars

i've always been giddy at the thought of seeing the mandalorian wars..or something involving them, i fucking love their armor/lore/atmosphere..


Remake the prequels those things SUCKED!

Luke kisses his sister, the first movie is basically one complete package that doesn't leave room for a real sequel, Han shot first, Alec Guinness was never originally intended to die (at the very least not the way that he did), and there was a ridiculous garbage tentacle monster.

These fundamental problems with the original movie are, in my opinion, a large part of what is so fascinating about it and its relationship with the trilogy. Political correctness has killed the capacity of Hollywood to have anything like these awesome aberrations (much in the way that the new Red Dawn simply cannot capture the stupidity of the original), so what do we have left? A Tron: Legacy-style remake. It wont be bad exactly, but it wont be good either. It certainly can't be groundbreaking.

Basically, Star Wars is a culmination of action settings, shaped around an old fashioned, archetypal story and characters. So really, the sequels should basically run along the same lines, combining more genres. A New Hope had cowboys, nazis and Samurai. Why not do a remake with gangsters, cold war spies and wuxia?

There is a risk that it could come off as goofy, tongue-in-cheek Tarantino movie, but as long as it stays self-serious, it could easily work.

Also, I recommend keeping away from the original plot line. All three prequel movies seemed to served the sole purpose of showing what Vader and Obi Wan did before the original trilogy. It's the old (or rather, brand new) prequel mistake of exploring back story that needs no elaboration. back story is there to simply provide a sense of history to characters (so as to flesh them out) and create the impression this is a living breathing world which exists beyond a 100 minute period. That's it. Exploring unimportant stuff we already know enough about is boring and restrictive.

Finally - keep Jar Jar Binx, but write him well. Movies need a Jar Jar Binx. Jack Sparrow is basically a Jar Jar Binx character. R2-D2 and C-3PO are the Jar Jar Binxes of the originals. Don't exclude them.

George Goofus remakes Star wars and implements new bad ideas everyone else but him knows is bad every time he re-releases it.

Don't give that idiot anymore bad ideas he comes up with enough on his own.

This needs to happen. Fan obsession has kept the Star Wars franchise stagnant for too long, and it needs a proper reboot and change of pace just like the new Trek movie.

The originals will still be there, and if the new version fails it can be rebooted again. Letting go of the past is the way to new interesting things in the future.

I personally grow weary of franchises that, despite having great potential, squander it by meandering on the same plot points, cliches and flawed continuity.

Have Vader not be Luke's father, have Leia be the protagonist, have Han be a black man and make Chewie an Ewok Jedi master. Have Ron Perlman play Jar Jar, Tobin Bell as Palpatine, and Hugh Laurie as Tarkin.

I'd be more interested in some new movies that take place after the events of the first six. Also, even if you remake it and it looks cool with new effects.. Who is going to replace Harrison Ford? He's kind of unique and well.. Was the guy for that time and place (to use a phrase from the opening of the big lebowski).

Great job, Bob. Now I almost want this to happen!

...That said, I'll also second the point that there's more than enough EU for exploring more of the universe. I don't know that I actually want a movie of KotOR itself, with all the potential that has to not jibe well with my enjoyment of the game(s), but... Wouldn't it be fun to see a movie set in a near-KotOR period-- not based on the game itself, but full of Sith plots and backstabbing and explosions (and, fine, some charismatic Jedi or other)? It might even revitalize SWTOR!

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