Let's Remake Star Wars

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Here how I would remake:

Insert parts from the book and audio play into the story (some were actually shot but cut later in the original.)

Keep the look more like the concept art:


The OT to me is kinnda like Jaws (which I believe Bob mentioned)
A lot of what makes Jaws such a great movie is the limitations they had. We don't see much of the Shark because it looked quite bad (apparently). Thus we now have moments where suspense is built up instead of just constant shark munching action.
The limitations in the OT help make it good. The more seasoned heads mulling around, the inability to put literally anything they wanted on the screen.
This to me is the problem with the prequels. George wants, George gets.
Also what is with this assumption that we can do it better? Sure sometimes the remakes outshine the originals such as Wizard of Oz of The Thing but how many times do we simply end up with Casablanca now in colour and with a happier ending?

You want to see Star Wars rewritten to reflect the prequels? Am I reading this correctly? Bob Chipman, reasonably saying such things, even if his final though is one against it all?

How is that even possible?

Also, why remake it, when they can just remaster it, and still make a solid mint off of it?

How about instead of trying to remake ANYTHING, we work on coming up with the Next Big Thing?

No more Remakes. No more movies based on books/comics. No more Reboots. No more sequels/prequels or special-enhanced-shoving-in-the-word-nooooo-to-a-scene-that-was-perfect-and-has-no-reason-to-be-there-editions. We need something as compelling as Star Wars was for this era of films; something that people will look back on in 20 years and get just as pissed off about the prequel trilogy that was made later on. This era of movies, in my opinion, just doesn't have that. Yes, some of the best movies of this year were based on some other form of media, and yes, Star Wars borrowed heavily from it's inspirational movie, The Hidden Fortress, but I think anyone who's able to read past all of these commas in this large block of text is going to understand where I'm coming from, even if they don't agree.

Just... leave Star Wars alone. As a fan of the original trilogy, I have resigned myself to the fact that it will get remade. The allure of money is just too great.

Everything he listed as a pro sounds like a con to me.

Soviet Heavy:
Four reasons stacked against five hundred is not good odds or a good justification for remaking Star Wars.

Never tell me the odds.

Hmmm. If there's a remake.. he might finally leave the originals alone....hmmmm. COmpelling argument sir bob.

THough seriously why remake the star wars franchise at all why not I dunno, go forward. Dear god there's tons canonized stuff that happen after Return of the Jedi, stuff that's actually pretty crazy. How crazy: Two Words "Jedi Hutt".

But yeah, the real reason for remakes is obvious.

X made money.
We want to make money.
If we remake X we'll make money.

Why not create Y instead of remaking X thus creating another profitable franchise?
*Sounds of man being beaten and caniballized*
So are we all *burp* agreed? We will Remake X.

No need to remake the originals. The expanded universe has a ton of content.


Would make a great new trilogy.

The story from Kotor 1 would make a great trilogy also.

And did Bob see the Pinkett/Red Letter Media first trilogy reviews? Choreographed lightsaber fighting is crap. The duels in the original trilogy were symbolic of the emotional conflict between the participants. They weren't about being fancy and flippy, they were expressions of the feelings of the characters.

For more information check out the review here. Takes an hour but well worth a watch: http://redlettermedia.com/plinkett/star-wars/star-wars-episode-1-the-phantom-menace/

We should do it. JUST so the originals are no longer screwed with.

I suppose a remake in concept isn't much different from re-interpreting or re-imagining other works of art such as the plays of Shakespeare, the opera's of Wagner or the millions of covers that exist for various songs to give but three examples. Seeing what other visionaries might do with such classic, universal material presenting it in a new contextual light could be very interesting but as the original version is so widely available, known and, most importantly, adored, a remake could only ever exist in the shadow of the original and be measured (no doubt unfairly) against it. Plus the internet wouldn't shut up about it for probably 20 years so I suggest we pass on a remake of Star Wars, after all, remaking something that was pratically perfect to begin with seems like a waste of time; at least remake something that was already lacking. That's my best rational response, my gut tells me to be physically repulsed by the idea. Much better to do a sequel trilogy (or that Boba Fett movie, yes please!)

I would not hate going to the theatre to watch these remakes... I might hate it coming out, but not going in.
I appreciate the points Bob makes

You know, you're right, this could be an interesting opportunity for the Star Wars franchise. Speaking as a fan of the Expanded Universe, it could provide an opportunity to integrate some of the more popular aspects like Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, or even Kyle Katarn. However you're also right in that a remake of the Original Three would almost certainly fail anyway. *sighs*

the last argument is probably the most compelling. although there's an equal risk that as he's tried to hide the original unaltered versions in the hope of making them extinct someday soon, he'd first remake the original trilogy and then order all of the originals to be burned!

I will give you your arguments Bob, because they are surprisingly strong, but there's no way in hell that would be a good idea. Not even if the movies weren't held to be sacred. Just because Hollywood thought Spiderman needed a reboot, doesn't mean that was a good idea either. You're basing your arguments on the foundation of bad ideas.

That said, I'd love to see the movie that was described where the main heroes are metaphors for the countries that fought the Nazis. But we need to wait until Lucas is dead, because nothing that interesting can come from him.

Hey Bob, I think this'll put a damper on your expectations:  Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion

For a company that made cinematic history, one would think it'd be worth much more than $4 billion; say, perhaps, $20 billion?

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