Escape to the Movies: Alex Cross

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Okay, is Tyler Perry success some specifically amerian thing? Because i'm european and i don't think his movies are even shown here, where i live. I wouldn't even have heard of him, if some critics didn't mention him now and then.

Oh and another thing: Speed Racer was actually a really fun movie. Just something i wanted to mention.

He caters to a niche audience, Black American women. Better yet, let a better Black artist(Aaron Mcgruder) summarize the whole appeal to Tyler Perry movies....

Basically, the guy makes chick flicks for Black women and they love it(I assume, otherwise who is watching his movies?).

Is it bad that I don't know who either of those two actors are? ...or rather didn't know who they were?

Also, was that a giant sized Skeletor?

I always seem to get stuck on just one thing in these videos. This time it was the guy with a balistic vest with huge letters that say "CHIEF OF POLICE". Is that wise to advertise that you are high up in the chain of command in a dangerous situation? Just wondering.

Also, was that a giant sized Skeletor?

Yes, yes it was.

Can this movie be re-shot with that teddy bear in the lead role? I would pay money to see that!

Tyler Perry Movies are pretty big in the US, and in some regards they do well with certain segments of society, so they may not be for everyone, like many other movies do.

First thought.. Mr. Fox worked out a bit for this movie it seems.. GEEZ!

I could see Perry as a lead star in something serious, but ya not an action Star.. yet..

I have seen most reviews say it was decent, but nothing WOW, and I even get that from Bob's review. He said it was Terrible, but it seem more like it was generic.

I was suprised at Bob's last comment.. Why are you ok with this not working?

I hadn't even heard of Tyler Perry until South Park did that episode. I doubt his movies are even played in Australia, but if they were it was somehow done without any marketing whatsoever.

Now I'm hearing from Bob and obviously that South Park episode that he is a huge deal, it must be a North American phenomena haha.

Iron Man isn't yellow, he's gold. A cowboy never quits.

I'm kind of upset that Moviebob didn't make any kind of mention of Tai Chi Zero in the ending blurbs, I would have thought it was right up his alley.

1 app is going to convince you to purchase a iphone...?

It's Bob we're talking about...

This might actually look like a movie for me :P

Why do I get the feeling that this movie was supposed to star Jamie Foxx and Vin Diesel?

Is it sad that I was kind of rooting for this movie just so they could film more movies in Detroit?

But the best film that could ever possibly be set in Detroit already exists!


How do you top that? You can't top that. Detroit's in good hands. Robohands.

When you described the hypothetical appeal of Tyler Perry as a huge burly Sherlock Holmes style cop just outside the law, I immediately thought of the English TV-Show "Luther" , starring Idris Alba. That show is exactly that, with interesting and awful serial killers and masterfully executed. You should check it out.

So you can say that Alex Cross

"put on sunglasses"
got crossed of.

Figured. This movie, just from the trailer, looked abysmally cliched and over the top awful. "I'll meet his soul at the gates of hell."
"You have a very pretty wife."

JESUS. Screenwriters, do better.

Am I the only one who finds Tyler Perry's movie rather racist and sexist? And is that because I did not grow up "black"?

Not racist just lacking the proper terms to explain myself.

That's what Tyler Perry looks like without a wig and makeup? I knew he was directing but I didn't know he was actually in it.

Isn't that Iron Patriot (or rather Coldblood as Iron Patriot)? He's gotta be in red, white and blue, maybe that yellow is the explosions reflecting off the white?

No it's definitely Iron Man. Here's a shot of the armor itself

They're changing it because of the plot. He's using the Extremis Virus now, which in the comics caused a gold exoskeleton of sorts to coat his body and the suit to become fused with him. He blurred the line between Tony Stark and Iron Man and essentially both became the same.

The suit the extremis virus worked best with just happened to use more gold plating. Odds are he'll use another one in the process too.

It's more like this skin tight jump suit (sort of like what you sometime see him wear under the armor in the movies already) in the comics, and the actual armor looks nothing like the Extremis armor, but I guess it's a reasonable explanation for the look if the wanted to have the gold stuff on the armor itself.

Iron Man isn't yellow, he's gold. A cowboy never quits.

I don't know if it's yellow, but in the shot above you can see that it's definitely a different color/shade from the gold section of the older armor.

I think my favorite tyler perry movie has been good deeds to be honest. I think in certain films he fits well when hes not doing stock characters.

I read a James Patterson novel once. Coincidentally it was the one called 'Cat and Mouse'. Man it was shit. Standard paperback novel length but the chapters were on average three pages long, (one and a half leaves.) Shortest one was about half of one page. A complete schizophrenic mess of a story that, I'm ashamed to admit, did draw me in at some points. Still, I have very little respect for a crime writer who decides to call their psychopathic killer 'Gary'. Don't know why they keep making films but I suppose it is standard Hollywood mulch - which is probably Patterson's intent.

I have seen most reviews say it was decent, but nothing WOW, and I even get that from Bob's review. He said it was Terrible, but it seem more like it was generic.

I saw it; I thought it was just mediocre, not terrible. The only objective complaint I have is that the last fight scene was total shaky-cam; I couldn't really tell what was going on half the time.

The script wasn't great, but it wasn't the worst I'd ever seen. The cinematography (with the exception of the last scene, as I mentioned) was not noticeable; to me that means it gets a plus for not getting in the way of comprehending the movie.

My girlfriend agreed; one thing I thought was interesting is that she said if she knew it was a James Patterson story she probably would've been snarky about the movie, and probably would've hated it. Instead, she found it entertaining, just mediocre.

One thing the movie did that I'm not sure I've seen in any other movie is scope parallax. In the shots where you see through the rifle scope, most movies just have the crosshairs centered in the middle of the screen. Either that or the entire eyepiece moves within the frame, and the crosshairs stay centered within the viewpoint. In this movie, the crosshairs move independently of the view, which I thought was interesting, even if possibly unrealistic for that range.

So Bob wants to see something with a black actor with s powerful presence doing some Sherlock style detective stuff. Is it me or is he just describing Luther with Idris Elba

Precisely why I thought the dumb guy that chose to replace Elba with Perry is just plain dumb. And it doesn't surprise me that this movie won't even get a theater launch here.

I would be surprised to meet anyone excited to see this. It looks like direct to DVD type action junk.

I don't know what to think of this. I am a huge James Patterson fan. He's probably my second favorite author next to Oliver Bowden, (Assassin's Creed book series.) I started reading his books when I was younger and I fell in love with the Alex Cross series. The trailer looked awesome to me and I think I might like it but I'm unfortunately not too hopeful. Sad really cause James Patterson comes up with some truly scary villains.

Maybe he's just one of those writers whose books can't be made into movies. I dunno.

Thought of what would make a good movie with Tyler Perry in it as a man:

Kinda a crime-drama, Tyler is assigned as a partner to Crazy, prone to violence cop. They form a stark contrast as Tyler is his normal self, big, tall, and imposing but way too sweet while the Crazy cop is small, shifty, and nondescript but has a hairline trigger.

Idk, it just seems like it would fit him. He has a very-specific set of talents as a actor and you can't have him being the main-character unless he is doing something crazy, like his Madea movies.

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