XCOM: Eternal Service

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I name all my characters after my friends and family...
Too bad my best friends character turned most of 'em into chrysalids.

This was great I laughed quite heartily

This was really funny.

I only change the nicknames and colors. It gives them more "personality" if I don't name them after people I know. Admittedly, I've been save scumming it up through my 2nd playthrough just to keep my favorite characters alive (my first playthrough was an outright disaster when I got attacked by 8 Chrysalids in the alien base).

I must say the head of the girl on the second panel is horrifying HUGE!!!!
This remind me some all anime I was watching when I was a kid.

The strip is like sky crawlers, with no emotional investment.

This comic makes me think of something...

Imagine that you've got yourself a military corp. And you want to keep up moral. All you have to do is create a Legend among them.

... All one would have to do, is have one man, who seems like he never dies; even in the toughest of battles. But really, he's just being replaced with the next guy to walk along, who you dress up to look him. So One legendary man, is really a hundred.

Instant Legend.

And it becomes a legendarily funny story if anyone ever leaks the information.

It's like that theory about James Bond.

Speaking of... I wonder if anyone's named a soldier Dread "Pirate" Roberts yet...

Imp Emissary:
Yeah, I heard it's best not to name anyone until they get strong enough.
Like not naming a puppy until it's old enough so you know it's probably not going to die.
:/ Sorry for your loss. :( I heard Susan died too.(In someones game.)

My friends tend to decide what people are named based on the class once they hit squaddie or corporal, but I name them from the outset and let fate decide.

Apart from the starting guy you get in the story, my wife is my longest-serving trooper. She was annoyed to discover she was a support class instead of a sniper, but I explained that that wasn't up to me. I always made sure she got the best and newest weapons and armour, even when my snipers overtook her in rank, because she's made it clear there will be consequences if anything happens to her.

I wanted to re-create some of my favourite troops after they tragically met their end but as the Memorial carries the lasting tribute to my failure I decided against it. I have new favourites now an- daw they're dead.

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