Unskippable: Prototype 2, Part One

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Maybe in 28 years later when everything is pretty much back to the way it was before all the death and there is no chance of annoying children finding the one surviving person with the Rage virus.

I believe you're forgetting that annoying children in horror movies are either messianic or dead weight, so either one of the children will be the last surviving person with Rage virus, and some weird cult will form around them, or, yes, they will once again find that last person, and make everything crazy again.

CAPTCHA: foul smelling

Right, sorry, captcha, I forgot: children in horror movies are either messianic or dead weight, and they always, always smell bad.

My favorite part about these games remains taking the body of one of the girls in boots, and doing all the evil dressed that way. It's so much better than someone dressed like either of these two twerps. Also, ridiculous game is ridiculous, but at least the gameplay was slightly improved in the sequel.

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