It's About Characters, Stupid

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Why bother getting into comics?

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Stick to games.

Good article, but there's something lacking...

Indeed, there's something lacking in nearly every extra punctuation entry since it's inception: namely the extra mother-loving punctuation!

When was the last time there was any punctuation around this place?!?

No ~tildes~? No em dashes--or rather, hardly any? Not even a single interrobang‽

How about let's title this content a bit more realistically: boring, bland, monkey-see-monkey-do punctuation.

Completely disagree about DC vs. Marvel villains... DC often has villains based purely around elements. Like Flash's rogues. You basically have Batman's villains.. Superman's villains, other than Lex, are pretty meh. Darkseid is not as complex as Thanos. Thanos is simultaneously tragic and childish, trying to impress his girlfriend by flexing his big muscles. Darkseid is just evil incarnate, and I've never really read anything that explained his motives beyond him being the evil side of the new gods.

The greatest conflicts in Marvel, though, are between the heroes. Civil War was so amazing because -- aside from Mark Millar's brilliance -- there's always been tension between Marvel's characters.

For the record, Moon Knight is infinitely more interesting than Batman, and Bushman is EXACTLY the kind of villain you're referring to -- he's the brutally efficient killer that Spector adamantly denies being. There you go. Bushman isn't even the best Marvel villain.

Also, lots of Marvel villains aren't simply representative of the inverse of their hero, because a lot of villains have become distinct characters. Zemo is as complex as any hero, because he's been a protagonist.

You say Batman isn't interesting without his villains. I counter that his villains aren't interesting without him. That's why all the big events involve either a new villain (Anti-Monitor, the Black Lantern Corps) or a Superman villain (because a non-Superman villain is just going to LOSE TO SUPERMAN). Joker isn't just insignificant in large events because of his individualism and chaotic nature, but because he ONLY works as a character when put opposite Batman.

Also, you say that character-based stories suit DC more, but I'm not sure that's true. There are only a few characters in DC that I would like to see good character-driven movies from, and one of them is being accomplished by the show Arrow. John Constantine would actually probably be really good in a character-driven series.

As far as Marvel goes, I love the route they took with Iron Man 3 in Stark being broken by the events in The Avengers. As a multi-part story, I really like what they're doing with it... small stories leading up to bigger stories...

I'd love Legion of Doom, or Legion of Doom vs. The Avengers (Fuck, let both sides do what they do best).

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