Escape to the Movies: Cloud Atlas

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I'll bite. I will check it out once it hits Australia.

I'm really excited for this movie. Shame us brits have to wait until FUCKING FEBRUARY to see it. What the fuck Hollywood, seriously.

This movie actualy reminded me very much of a classic japanese animation/manga called " Phoenix "

Very similar story and same theme of taking the characters through time but changing roles and such.

I saw it last night. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it, but I'm glad I went. I'll need a few more viewings to really make up my mind but this film was absolutely ambitious. It's hard to tell six stories in one movie but they did a damn fine job of making it flow. Got the book a while back but haven't read it yet, which may be for the best so I wouldn't be comparing it the the movie.

I agree with everything MovieBob said. And that doesn't happen very often.

Even if you don't think individual threads work, even if you don't think the whole works, the sheer amount of craft and work and thought that went into making this movie are evident in every minute of it, and at nearly three hours length it doesn't drag for a single instant, something I wouldn't even say of the "Lord of the Rings" movies, much as I loved them.

See. This. Movie.

I think Bob just spunked all over the screen. I don't think I've ever heard him gush so much about a movie. So Bob, tell us how you really feel.

I'm a big fan of the book, and I liked this movie.

The first 45 minutes are a bit rough, with the movie bouncing around the different story lines and not quite wrapping them together. But after that, it's absolutely wonderful how the movie pulls itself together to work.

My least favorite part of it was probably the "Sonmi" story line, but that's probably because "Orison of Sonmi 451" was my favorite part of the book, and it was no doubt difficult to translate from book to film.

Eric the Orange:
This is much more how I would think of this movie

Wow, that was an incredibly horrible review. Not because I rather enjoyed the movie and disagree with their opinion(mainly because that's why they're opinions and I can admit the movie has flaws), but that was just really hard to watch. They do admit that it's going to be polarizing (and it is), but it turned from a weak review to an incredibly shitty one when they claimed that people only acted as if they enjoyed it, because they want to sound smart.

EDIT: CGI was bad? What the fuck?

I've seen the movie today.
It was wonderfully complex. Themes, storylines, concepts interwoven like a tapestry, and I was delighted to try to follow the different "golden threads" and try to keep this sad, romantic, funny, exciting, awesome construction alive inside my head.
And to everyone who insists on hating this movie:
You are wrong.
It's just like when the slave character shows the Englishman how friendship works by pointing first to his eye, then to his counterpart's, that connections happen on a moments notice and there is nothing else you need.
I loved Cloud Atlas. It has played with some of my favourite themes, it has demonstrated great cinematic craftsmanship, and it has left me with an emotional response, a "connection" if you will:
I want to be its friend.
That simple.

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