Medal Of Honor Warfighter Review

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You''re kidding, right?

I was trying to think up a smart arsed reply for you, but I couldn't think of anything.

Yes, I was kidding.

I'm fairly positive the guy was talking about the killing when straying off path bit, not the EA bit. :P

Heh, come to think of it, the instant heart attack thing does actually sound even more ridiculous.

Medal of Honor: Doorfighter: Window-Smasher DLC coming soon.

Amazing stuff! Sounds like it could be the theme tune to an early 90's action cartoon!

This..... Totally this.

I just thought, Gav could do an awesome Power Rangers opening theme.

2.5 stars = Failure.

Last MOH title = Failure.

EA CEO's are pulling their golden parachutes and selling shares fast!

Maybe they can sell to disney, lmao.


Note on the song: I don't think people in the military wear steel toed boots anymore. Think it might be because it's actually more likely to chop off/crush your toes than non steel toed boots if something large/heavy enough lands on your feet.

Please keep in mind, I may be wrong, but then again, when my older brothers came back from the Army and Marines respectively, their boots lacked steel toes, and when they bought replacement military boots, they too lacked steel toes.

Onto the review, I'm a bit surprised you've done one. Guess you love your mon-ays! :P

Are we to expect more of them in the future?

Interesting. It doesn't matter anyway because the dudes in this game have TOES OF PURE STEEL

I don't know about that. From what I've seen, these soldiers will die from stubbing their toe on certain terrain!

I got a real Jack Black vibe from this, anyway, funny video.

Nice song, Gav!

Oh! Review, too?

Hey! Good review also!

(Does this mean a Resident Evil 6 review is on the way?)


Escapist is now officially my favourite site for game reviews.

why no im not saying that just because im a huge fan of your music..

Very funny review, Gavin! You've summed up what's wrong with modern military shooters in general and the direction the Medal of Honor franchise in particular. Makes me wonder who's at fault here, the real-life tier 1 operatives who wrote the story, or the designers for making the game into what you described: barely played & almost unplayable?

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