Escape to the Movies: Wreck-It Ralph

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February for the UK?!
December for Australia
By that time they will be lucky if people don't just pirate it

Seriously by not releasing it everywhere simultaneously they are just asking people to just go ahead and download that film without paying for it rather than wait after hearing about the good reviews from America and all those spoilers

I never in a million years thought I would see a Metal Gear Solid reference or Kano ripping a guy's heart out in a Disney movie. I think there was a Portal reference but I'm not sure. I'm definitely buying it on DVD so I can try and catch every single detail. There will more than likely be a sequel, I can definitely see this as being a Toy Story thing.

Saw this movie - it is way too cute. I greatly enjoyed it

You think this series will get milked like crazy?

Why would it? Does Disney ever milk anything? except for the endless flood of "straight to dvd" disney cartoon sequels, but those seems to be an anomaly.

after watching this review I like bob was wondering why they didn't relase an actual Fix it felix arcade cabiant. Then I loaded up my G4 app and decided to watch there intetview with the creators about how ralph is suppose to be in the next sonic racing game. And lo and behold the movie pepile have an actual fix it felix cabaint that plays the game. Why they decided not to mass produce them I have no idea.

after watching this review I like bob was wondering why they didn't relase an actual Fix it felix arcade cabiant. Then I loaded up my G4 app and decided to watch there intetview with the creators about how ralph is suppose to be in the next sonic racing game. And lo and behold the movie pepile have an actual fix it felix cabaint that plays the game. Why they decided not to mass produce them I have no idea.

You'd think that would be good for marketing the movie or something like that.

I loved Wreck-It Ralph, great movie. My favorite character was probably Vanellope, she was adorable, and I'm a fan of Sarah Silverman.

And unlike all of the ones that do, this movie really NEEDS to have a game made that's based on it.

I went to see the movie in Tempe, AZ. and there was actually a Fix It Felix, Jr. machine in the lobby! Sadly, I didn't get to play it. Looks like a different take on Donkey Kong.

Seriously, there in the end [spoiler] when there's the big action scene, I wanted him to declare "I'm gonna wreck it!" before going on his Heroic quest to save the universe.

In all honesty, there were a couple sequences in the movie where I started to tear up, like when he ends up in the classic hero conundrum of good of the many vs. few, and when he's stating the Baddie's Anonymous pledge right before saving the day.

All in all, great great movie.

Tell me everyone didn't see that and immediately think "The Iron Giant"? I did.

OT: Terrific movie, one of the best animated films in a while. Laughed way more than I thought I would.

And yes not afraid to cry when:

Saw Wreck-It Ralph... Like geez, where do I even begin! I actually procrastinated a bit in posting this because I had trouble thinking up what to say about it. It's so freaking awesome, and NOT just because it's all about video games... In fact, like a lot of people have been saying,

The character of "Wreck-It" Ralph is my favorite character in the whole movie, or at the very least, my second favorite, tied with the movie's villain, the Candy King, who I'll get to in a moment. It's weird I say that since protagonists aren't usually my favorite characters in a story, but I think, in a bit of genius reversal, Ralph's the villain, my typical favorite character, of the game he's in. Right off the bad he's immediately sympathetic, in that he doesn't seem like TOO bad a guy, he just does what he's programmed to do, and yet is treated like crap in the game he's in. It's understandable that he'd want more out of "life", but at the same time, he IS true to his program, in that he can be a BIT selfish and destructive, as well as short-tempered, which feeds his destructive nature. He definitely isn't intentionally, mean, though, and this is shown mid-way through to the end of the movie, where Ralph really proves himself a hero, not because he won a medal or anything, but because he did what he felt was right. Also, he's a big strong guy, and I like characters who are really big and really strong. Plus his hands... His huge hands... I wish I had hands like that!

The other characters... They're all great in their own unique way. I thought Fix-It Felix Jr. would be a BIT less oblivious then he was in the movie, as it turns out he doesn't seem to realize that the Nicelanders (the other people in his game) treat Ralph like crap. Then again, since Felix is programed to be a genuinely (and sometimes painfully) nice guy, he doesn't treat Ralph badly, but I feel like he would if he could. The fact that he's a "Jr." and that his Magic Hammer that fixes anything was given to him BY his supposed father makes me wonder what the first game was like, if there was one, or if there's more to the Fix-It Felix story/series than just this. I wouldn't mind exploring that, if there were any sequels to this movie, and it isn't the only thing (again, I'll get to that later). Vanellope von Schweetz is also very sympathetic, like Ralph, , though because she doesn't appear until a third into the movie, we don't really know that immediately, and she's mostly just annoying at first. Her "cuteness" factor doesn't do much for me, not in the same way that Ralph's "big guy" factor was a HUGE plus for me. That said, you really have to feel for her, being a glitch, unable to leave her game, being shunned, bullied and harassed by everyone... Of course, it gets worse when we find out that

Sergeant Calhoun, now I've seen Jane Lynch's character on Glee, probably the most entertaining thing about that show, and here she's just phenomenal! If only video games could pull off badass female characters like this WITHOUT it being too exploitative. Hell, her sex isn't brought up at ALL, save the parts where Felix is fawning over her, and the movie doesn't treat her, or rather, her body like something to be ogled over, either, so it just comes to show how far more competent, or rather, mature movies are in that regard, in that a movie version of a video game character is way more respectable than 90% of most video game women!

And then there's the Candy King, a character who basically is just as important as the other four "main characters" but doesn't get top billing... Then again, perhaps that's a good thing, considering he's a huge part of the major twist of the movie that makes it, AND his character so much more awesome. The Candy King is the ruler of Sugar Rush, and also it's best racer, and keeps Vanellope from racing because she's a glitch and doesn't want to endanger his game not just for him but for everyone. Really, it seems reasonable enough, even if the way he goes about dealing with intruders is kind of rude/mean and the way he deals with Vanellope is even crueler. That is until mid-way through the movie, when something's amiss...

Seriously, the Candy King might just go down in history as one of the better Disney villains just because of that! He's certainly going to be in at LEAST my top 10, if not my top 5. I also have to admit, his goofy mannerisms does nice to off-set his truly mean nature. His design is also really neat, too, a short big-headed old guy, dancing around like a lunatic in royal garments. It's been said that he's heavily influenced by the Mad Hatter from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (the original one, not the Johnny Depp one) and I can definitely see that, which is another reason why he's one of my favorites! I also have to admit, Seriously, Alan Tudyk just NAILS this role, NAILS it, almost as well as John C. Reily and Jane Lynch nail their respective roles!

I saw this movie with my best friend, who also plays a lot of video games, and I wanted to bring him as a means to nudge on the shoulder and go "OH LOOK, IT'S SONIC" and stuff when certain scenes and cameos popped up.

, they definitely do NOT disappoint with the references, from Sonic giving a PSA ("That's NO good!"), to a would-be Kano performing a fatality on a zomibe (seriously would ANYONE expect THAT out of a Disney movie?), to Ralph visiting the tavern from the arcade game "Tapper", to Ralph searching the tavern's lost and found and But like I said Well, Fix-It Felix Jr. and Hero's Duty are both good, the characters in Fix-It Felix Jr. are all jerky like they would be in a 1980's arcade game, and Hero's Duty is your top-of-the-line First-Person Shooter and looks the best out of all of them. But Sugar Rush... looks like any old CG animated movie you see and not like a video game, ESPECIALLY not a video game from the 90's. Although, when the race actually DOES occur, it DOES feel reminiscent of Mario Kart, so there's that. I also catch the barkeep (voiced by the awesome Maurice LaMarche) from Tapper being all jerky, too. I don't know what it is about that, but I like it.

The premise of a movie is also very good, good enough for sequels even (though these days, it feels like that's sort of a monkey's paw kind of wish). The idea that characters are programmed to do one thing, and that they have little to not choice but to comply with them is a scary though, especially if your programming requires you to be a bad guy and lose like Ralph, or to have terrible things happen to you like Calhoun. The idea that

is also an interesting idea, and I'd LOVE to see it explored further. I've heard it said that this movie is good though not perfect, and I can sort of see why. Unlike the obvious comparisons to Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Toy Story, there are a LOT more rules to this movie's universe that need explaining, and while it didn't hurt the movie for me, or were even that intrusive, it DOES mean that the movie has to explain why there can't be simple solutions to problems that don't seem like a big deal a moment ago... Then again, I'm probably used to that, reading a lot of Shonen Jump manga in which new rules are given to a story every other chapter to up the stakes when all it does is make things more confusing and hard to keep track of... Aside from the twist, what also surprised me about this movie was how emotional it can get. The characters are so well-developed and likable, even the Candy King at first, that it really pulls of the sadder scenes. I was practically close to tears when

So, all-in-all, excellent movie! Great characters, good story, awesome premise, hilarious jokes, perhaps not quite as timeless as Roger Rabbit or Toy Story, but definitely one to see/remember in my book. A-, 4.75 stars out of 5, 3 thumbs up, whatever, good see and enjoy...

Oh yeah, and Paperman... It rivals Day and Night as one of the most visually impressive shorts under Disney's roof. Although unlike Day and Night which is Pixar, Paperman was made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, but like Day and Night, this one pretty much blends 2D and 3D animation, though in a way that's completely seemless and makes you question whether something was hand-drawn or computer. The story itself does make it feel like one of those student films, or Hell, maybe I'm just not used to the idea of an ambiguous story in short films. A guy meets a girl, notices she's in the building across from his, and tries to get her attention with countless paper airplanes. It has quite a few funny moments, though isn't quite a comedy like the main feature. It definitely WAS a treat to see it, though, and if Wreck-It Ralph isn't remembered by history or movie-buffs, this short definitely will be... I hope.

Why wouldn't they make a tie-in arcade cabinet, too expensive?

They DID make actual tie-in arcade cabinets... They just didn't put them in theaters.

Hmm... am I the only one not excited about this movie? I feel that instead of trying to evoke my interest, they are trying to evoke my nostalgia instead. And I dont like that!

It's really good. Like MovieBob said, they show the nostalgia characters pretty much EXACTLY enough to balance between stuffing them down our throats and having people say "What the hell? They promised video game characters and I don't see enough!"

I've been telling people that my general review of the movie is this: If you are not a gamer, the story is engaging and you will like it. If you ARE a gamer, above the story, there are tiny, subtle hints at many gaming jokes and programming things that really add a nice icing to the cake. It's really a great movie.

...and as a bonus, the little 5 minute short movie at the beginning of all the Disney movies is easily at LEAST my #2 favorites of all of them...have to think back to see if there was one I liked more. lol

Absolutely loved it, one of the few movies that had me smiling through the entire way. Had to see the 3D version and I completely forgot I was wearing the glasses, which means you know it's worth your time.

OH YES, and don't forget the short at the beginning of the movie! That short alone was worth the cost of admission, really well done.

Great review. These are always better when Bob is passionate about the movie subject.

Absolutely loved this movie. It currently finds itself in a knife fight with WALL-E for the position as my favorite Pixar flick. Toy Story still sits in third, watching while eating popcorn.

EDIT: Wait a minute... this isn't even a Pixar movie. Well, totally dropped that ball. WALL-E gets to keep its crown. And third place goes to, eh, I dunno.

Took the kids, great film, something for everyone in the family. Highly recommend!

I too was one of the ones labeling it as Toy Story, but with video games, but I think Bob may be right with the Nightmare similarity. It definitely should not be over-hyped though, it's a good movie, but it comes off feeling very cliched at times.


You think this series will get milked like crazy?

Why would it? Does Disney ever milk anything? except for the endless flood of "straight to dvd" disney cartoon sequels, but those seems to be an anomaly.

Pirates says hello.

I've lined this before, but damn if it's not relevant, Graham Linehan, writer of Father Ted and the IT Crowd among others, talks about movie piracy, and basically nails it IMO. I feel it's relevant, being about 'UP', which again, didn't get a UK release for like 4-5 months after the US. (It's just after 9 minutes in, if you want to skip to the main points)

In case it's TL;DW, in short, he explains that the majority of people who'd download a movie in the UK, it's because they're fans, and they want to see it NOW, not 3 months later.

They'll download an awful 'screener', that'll sate them for now, then on cinema release they'll be there on UK opening night, then when the DVD/Blu Ray gets released, they'll be the ones adding the 3 disc special edition to their collections, because they're fans, no matter how much they keep getting placed as 2nd best.

Despite the worldwide economic problems, we still have money in the UK, even if it's not dollars, PLEASE, movie companies, make it easy for us to give them to you? Worldwide same day releases mean no spoilers for your audiences, and big piles of cash for you NOW, not later.



You think this series will get milked like crazy?

Why would it? Does Disney ever milk anything? except for the endless flood of "straight to dvd" disney cartoon sequels, but those seems to be an anomaly.

Pirates says hello.

Come on, 4 movies in 8 years isn´t milking^^.




Why would it? Does Disney ever milk anything? except for the endless flood of "straight to dvd" disney cartoon sequels, but those seems to be an anomaly.

Pirates says hello.

Come on, 4 movies in 8 years isn´t milking^^.

When the franchise should have ended after the first one?
Yes thats the very definition of milking.

Not to mention they altered the rides to include Jack sparow at Disney land...or was it world.

Damn, have to wait till the middle of december for this movie to be released in my country. And then I have to swift before only the dub-versions are still available for screening...

I really liked Alan Tudyk as a sort of "Mad Hatter" type character, and I didn't even realize it was him until the credits. I will say that they dwelt a little too much on something that was supposed to be a big reveal at the end, though it was done well.

Seconded, I didn't recognize him at all until the credits, its always nice to see old favorites getting work.

As for the movie, I was very surprised. The story is a lot deeper then you think its going to be. The appearances of cameos is rarely necessary to the plot but makes the world seem that much more full.

And as much as you know its Sarah Silverman, she really isn't that annoying this time around.

Overal I would say an A- and the 3D was worth while.

You know, I'd basically written this one off until now.

"Ended coming up a bit short"? So yeah, when are you going to review Brave? Why didn't you?

It'was an okay movie, but too cartoony for me.

Bat Vader:
Wreck-It-Ralph was a great film. I really loved it.

Wreck-It-Raplh spoiler


Boy did I miss the train... I pride myself in having watched all of MovieBob's series but somehow I missed this one. But although I'm a few months late I really wanted to share some opinions about this movie which are still true, months after seeing it.

I did not like Toy Story (I say that because Bob says this isn't as good as Toy Story 3). The first one didn't really stick with me back in the days, the second one I didn't even watch to the end and the third one was just MEH, no laughs, no tears. I didn't have a lot of toys when I was young, I had an Amiga. Go figure. I really don't know what's wrong with Pixar lately... Incredibles was incredible, sure, and that first part of UP was a masterpiece, but the rest? Not that much. I just don't connect with them anymore. I've seen too many awesome animes and cartoon classic (such as probably 90% of the entire Russian Animation historic collection) to go back to enjoying loud stuff like Cars. And Pixar just falls flat for me. I did see Brave and yeah, I liked it enough to see it twice (had to show it to my mother as well), but again... apart from that "bear makes kids clean up their room" I just... meh. Anyway... When I saw Wreck-it-Ralph I described it to my friends as the "best Pixar movie ever made." And since I was the first to go see it , nobody corrected me.

It wasn't until seeing this particular review that I realized that it was made by Disney proper. And now I'm actually pissed. Why did Brave take the Oscar? For what?! Hair? Scottish accent? Wreck-it just pawns every Pixar movie I've ever seen (and I've seen them all). After Bolt and Tangled, Walt Disney Animation Studios was already quickly becoming a guilty pleasure. But now? They're my favorite and I'm counting the days till Frozen comes out this year.

Oh right, the movie. After 4 months, it's still fresh in my memory (reviewing it a few times on Blu did help). Well, if you haven't seen it yet, go buy it on DVD or Bluray because you'll want to keep this baby in you collection. I didn't care that much about the arcade game aspect, despite my Amiga past. I am not a Mario or Sega fan so seeing Bowser in the movie didn't mean much to me. Old-guys might recognize a reference in every shot and applaud or criticize the movie based on that, but not me. It's just a gimmick and I agree with Bob that they could've just marketed it without the famous names. But the story is just clever, the characters are awesome and Ralph is the most heroic figure I've seen in a long time. The movie just flows, there is tension, drama, and again Disney just forgoes the classic pie-in-your face laughs for clever nostalgia and melancholy. As with Bolt and Tangled (although Tangled did have its good share of ROFLAMO moments), you get a fuzzy smile on your face throughout the movie and only loose it from time to time to shed a tear. Bloody adored it. Clever, new, tackles a touchy subject, does it in style, makes the best good-guy I've seen in a long time, no crappy stuff, no WTF moments, no glitches in anything. Top job. If only they made GAMES like this one :D

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