86: Shadows of the Colossus

"'People who treat the CAs as run-of-the-mill volunteers are making a big mistake. That person in the [conference] shirt is your next stellar employee, co-worker or even boss,' Harlick says. As a freshman CA in 2004, I was astonished at the number of industry veterans enthusiastically putting in their time with the bright shirts. This will come as a great shock to many gaming starlets, but the industry is not always that stable; the company I'd worked for had folded, and, though technically a full-time developer, I joined the program out of financial need. But for many vets, this isn't the case."

Erin Hoffman takes a peek at the heart underneath the bright shirts of GDCs volunteer staff.

Shadows of the Colossus

A friend of mine was a CA last year. Think she'll be doing it again this year.

Thanks for the article Erin.

I enjoyed a brief look into something I'd never heard of. It is nice to see part of the behind the scenes that has a positive feel to it. As strange as this may be, it's hard for me to remember that the people behind the games I love, get to have fun making them too. (As opposed to the reverse, my view of the industry is far from romanticized, except maybe for those indie guys.)

Blah! If only I knew they had something like this.... I'll attempt to register for next year's when the time comes...


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