Miracle of Sound: Distant Honor (Dishonored)

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I'd like to hear a song with you and "Faith no More".
And that's the bottom line.

Life In Bullet Time was my attempt at ripping off Faith No More, lol. I also namecheck them in Binary Divide ;)

One of biggest banalities of the world : there's a very big difference between thievery and homage or inspiration. After all, without Black Sabbaths or other Presleys Faith no More wouldn't be what they are.

Just do your job since you're very good at that you Irish rascal - those who recognize tunes won't mind. ;]

The song is good, as always, but I still don't know enough about Dishonoured to properly comment.

It's bizarre. I've seen trailers, reviews, even a snippet of gameplay thanks to Rooster Teeth's 'Things To Do In' series, but nothing I've seen has told me enough about the game to properly capture my interest.

Did you read the Escapist's review of Didhonored? Or watch Yahtzee rip it to shreds? Thos eshould help you make up your mind.
And Gavin, this was a great song. You captured the mood of the player character on his quest for vengeance in such a scary, grim world full of wicked men asking for a knife in the neck. If that's you're thing.

I like the sea-shanty beats about two thirds of the way in and at the end...
#What shall we do with a drunken sailor...#
And the chorus, it has a moving tempo.

This song really makes me want to play this game..

The Escapist review raved it 5 stars.
Yahtzee didn't hate it, although he did compare it to Thief2 a lot. I didn't see a lot of tearing to shreds though... it was typical Yahtzee really wanting it to be better than it was and pointing out those points.

I will buy as soon as I get back to the UK, looking forward to being Slitpipes McGee.

As for the song. AWESOME.. listened to it about 12 times now.. for me, I love the drums.. definite sense of urgency in the song while also being very upset about the situation.

At first, I didn't care for it. Then I got to the Drunken Whaler and thought, "Woah."

After I reached the end, I was at, "... Maybe if I listen again." And then again. And then then again. And then then then again.

It's grown on me. Great job, Gav. =)

Honestly I loved it. Only one listen and it was terrific, although I haven't played the game, so don't know anything about "the atmosphere". What I do know is I loved the "drunken sailor" allusions and the use of strings. The way the song faded out with just those violin type keyboardy sounds reminded me very much of Porcupine Tree, if you're familiar with their work.

Loved it, I haven't played the game so I don't know if it fits the game or not but the chorus is ultra catchy! :D

I know this is an old post, but I'd say yes it suits the game. If you haven't played it you really should. It's like a modern Thief with a bit of Deus Ex and in my opinion a lot closer to Deus Ex then Human Revolution. But that's just my two cents.

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