LoadingReadyRun: RapidFire 3, Episode 1

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Absolutely loved seeing Gabriel(le) again.

Also, for some reason, was amused to see duing the vox-pop zoning segment Graham holding the Zoom H4n directly.

Andy Shandy:
For those that haven't seen RapidFire before or just want to see it again, I feel I should post them.

And thank you, sir, for saving me the trouble of finding the previous installments.

Yay, it's Rapidfire, episode 1 in a new series. I don't know what's more awesome, that it's more rapidfore, or that there will be even more awesome later.

Wait a minute.
Why did Paul only grow mutton chops?

I'm so glad the cops are back, those guys always taught me so much and the blondes are up to their old tricks once again! On a side note, sexy french revolutionary is Sexy! (and Cam's hot too)


... Rapidfire is back?! WHAT?! Did Christmas come early?? THANK YOU, LRR.

Yay more Rapid Fire, been waiting for the day.
I want more children's book reading Paul.

As with everyone else in this thread, thank you for bringing Rapidfire back! Looking forward to more!

Oh man, SO glad you're continuing the RapidFire series. Been waiting for new ones for a long time.

That was wonderful. I've missed Rapidfire.
Rodriguez & Riley on the same page like that made my day.

Rodriguez & Riley was great
so was find my friends on fire
good way to end a shitty day thx

My brain cannot take this much EPIC!!!

this was amazing!

I wonder if Graham and James had to train to speak in unison or if it comes naturally to the two of them.

Okay so maybe I'm missing something really obvious but what the hell is the relationship between silica and apartment 407?

Missie, I so feel your pain
last week I too said to teacher that will do anything to pass the exam
she gave me a book and said to go study all night
I think porn has educated us in a wrong way :(

I enjoyed :)

RAPIDFIRE IS BACK! The years of waiting have finally paid off!

Yay more Rapid Fire, been waiting for the day.
I want more children's book reading Paul.


Edited to second Shinsei-J.

Not sure if it was meant to be visible, but seeing the bulldog clip pinning back Matt's Snuggie made that thing several times funnier!

I should have watched this last year. It would have been a great extra birthday present.

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