Battle Royale: Mario Vs Link

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Battle Royale: Mario Vs Link

Who would reign supreme in a no-holds-barred bout between Mario and Link?

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Rabble rabble rabble. Put short- disagree, Link easily shaves Mario's stache off in no time.

Hm, definitely an interesting article. It's nice to see someone's analysis on this. And seeing the way you put it I can't disagree with your conclusion.

Hmmm, so ignoring the fact that Link has the Jump spell and can turn into a fairy, or that his magic spells can cause massive AOE dmg......sure, yeah I can see Mario being more mobile than Link. And the Star....yeah, nothing can beat that Star, other than to just outrun Mario for the 10 seconds it lasts.

Hmmm, so ignoring the fact that Link has the Jump spell and can turn into a fairy, or that his magic spells can cause massive AOE dmg......sure, yeah I can see Mario being more mobile than Link. And the Star....yeah, nothing can beat that Star, other than to just outrun Mario for the 10 seconds it lasts.


Plus, the way I see it, the article had them tied, each having the same amount of disadvantages, doesn't that make it a tie?

If we give both Link and Mario full access to their equipment and abilities, Link wins because he gets the full triforce (from LTTP), then wishes for bottomless pits to appear where ever mario is walking. Invincibility be damned.

You forgot to mention Link's rocs feather and Pegasus boots which increases his mobility. Also Link has access to very powerful mask as well. I mean do you really think mario can take on fierce diety Link?

If we give both Link and Mario full access to their equipment and abilities, Link wins because he gets the full triforce (from LTTP), then wishes for bottomless pits to appear where ever mario is walking. Invincibility be damned.

Even without the Triforce, you're still giving Link access to the Hookshot, which raised his mobility to a much higher level, stunned his opponents, and, when he was traveling with it, it made him invulnerable as well.

Gonna have to call bullshit on your conclusion. Long story short, Link just has more natural fighting ability than Mario. When their power-ups run dry, Mario gets slaughtered.

Apparently Sonic can beat Mario in a fight while Link can beat Cloud Strife, according to Screw Attack's Death Battle series (highly recommended if you haven't watched it yet).

So now I wonder that if we go by this article, could Sonic beat Link? A lot of these game character versus have their own conditions... so many variables... I doubt any definitive could be made...

...meh, it's fun anyway haha. Great article BTW.

Link has at his disposal
Cane of Byrna- Invincibility as long as he has magic
The magic medallions which offer a huge boost in power due to the nature of the spells that can wipe out entire screenfuls of enemies.
Magic armor from twilight princess uses rupees instead of magic power, giving him a second set of invincibility.

Combine that with the pegasus boots for speed. Link has shown time and time again that a large enemy is just an easier enemy to hurt.
He can jump and fly with Roc's cape. He can turn invisible with cloaks.
Add in a bunch of masks for a ton of powers. Heck add into the mix Fierce Deity's Mask and suddenly link is a literal god.
Mario has no chance if link gets all his toys. If mario gets all his suits and that damn star, link should get all his toys.

Isn't Fierce Deity Link practicably the strongest thing ever? It turns him into a God.

Also, it's not like Mario has an unlimited supply of stars and they last only 10 seconds. Link can easily avoid Mario's attacks.
And how slow Mario is, even with his flying abilities, it's practically impossible to miss him with a bow and arrow or with the hookshot and just pull him to your self. Closing the gab completely.

Mario has in many previous games had a vast array of other melee abilities, everything from smacking with a hammer, to outright punching, to.. spinning onto them.

So, if we are actually gonna worry about Link's arrows then should we point out that Mario doesn't actually carry around any of his power ups and that he has to find them?

I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree that this is kind of skewed towards Mario. Do remember that items like stars are only temporary and are hard to get. By the same logic, Link could just use his Magic Armour and become invincible.

I think I completely disagree with this thread. If we are assuming Link vs. Mario (as depicted in their original games), then Link would win. Why? The 3rd dimension. Although they both are limited to 2D models, Link moves along the horizontal plane and Mario moves along the vertical. Link would be able to out maneuver Mario simply by stepping outside of the vertical plane, being in a place where Mario could not reach.

The best Mario could do is a stalemate.

Mario has annoying fanboys & Link has hot fangirls. Why wasn;t that taken into account?

How does does the advantage of 2 to 2 equate a winner?

Sounds like a tie to me.


I also didn't want to sound like I cared about who won by saying your wrong... But... Mario could only absorb up to 2 hits. Link had like... a bajillion hearts.

/v/ talks about this all the time
Here is the gyst of what they came up with
a) Link triforces Mario out of existence
b) Link uses the nayru's love in combination with Chateau Romani and Fierce Deity's mask - Mario's invincibility ends up with a time limit and in this situations Link's does not
c) Assuming they don't have access to these stupidly op power ups then link is versing an unarmed guy with a sword but Mario can jump and escape

Uh, yeah, legend of zelda really isn't an RPG. Zelda 2 was the closest thing to an rpg, and that is more of a side scrolling platformer. The other games are categorized as adventure games. What zelda games DID do is bring about the battery back up which allowed for saved games, and thus rpgs to emerge.

"HEY GUYS! What if we did the same thing as that TV show Deadliest Warrior but used video game characters instead of historical warriors!"

But seriously though, it was entertaining although I disagree with the outcome.

For a while there I was certain Link would be the winner, and while it is certain that he has the superior strength in combat, Mario's mobility does couple off with his items pretty well. If we were playing tournament rules (no items), Mario's boned, but all things considered he does have a rather impressive arsenal.

I disagree that Mario would win. If we were talking strictly about certain era of Link and Mario, then Link would win in the NES, SNES, N64 and Wii Era. Yes Mario can become invincible but if you are using all the tools at links disposal, Mario wouldn't get close enough to do any damage anyways.

Plus Mario takes what 3 hits to down? Link can take 6 at even his lowest health (3 hearts, 1/2 heart damage per hit)

Mario can become invincible? Big whoop, Link can turn INVISIBLE. Link has a freeze wand, a fire wand, a staff that gives him a barrier that forces enemies back and can summon a bird to whisk him away, or just dash around and dodge the fat plumber. (SNES era anyway)

Barring that, his Hookshot would make it easy to just bury Mario under a ton of rocks or allow him to jump out of his reach.

I think that in a straight up fight, Link would destroy Mario, any time, any where. Good article though, and well written.

I kind of stopped reading when the article called The Legend of Zelda an RPG. The entire series, with the notable exception of Link's Awakening (which actually was an action RPG), have been action-adventure games, not action-RPGs, and certainly not traditional JRPGs. Mario has starred in quite a few more RPGs than Link has, most (if not all) of which were significantly more traditional JRPGs than Link's Awakening was. So to say Link introduced large numbers of people to RPGs, while Mario only introduced people to platformers, is way off base.

Ah, but there is one thing you have to consider; Mario is seldom able to take more than 2 or 3 hits at most, whereas Link can take as many as 20, once he obtains all the Heart Containers. Besides, if you let Link have access to ALL the tools in his 25 year old arsenal, he's got plenty of things that might liven up the fight a bit.

Of course, Mario still is not that much of a pushover. As long as he has the Star he will remain invincible, and since Mario's maneuverability is much greater than Link's, Link will have a lot of trouble finding some kind of breathing room in the early stages of the match, giving Mario the early edge. However, once that Star dies out, Link has the advantage both in long-range and in short-range combat.

All in all, it will turn into a bit of a race against time for Mario, seeing as those Stars aren't available everywhere. As long as he has a Star, Link will have a lot of trouble keeping him off his back and will be unable to retaliate. But once it wears out, Mario will find himself in quiet a hot spot, with Link's sword and shield making him formidable up close, and his bow and arrows making him lethal from afar.

Also, Mario has the added disadvantage that he has a frickin' TIME-LIMIT on him! Once 200 seconds or so have passed, he croaks! So it literally turns into a race against time for the poor plumber!

The stakes will also vary depending on the arena they are fighting on. If it is cluttered with debris, Mario has a massive advantage. If it is completely flat, Mario will have the advantage with the Star, but Link will have the advantage at all other times.

So, yeah, I can't really predict who would win in a real battle. Sorry...

I don't think mario is meant to be a fighter primarily, link is, so they don't really fall into comparitive class in my honest opinion.

that said there are a lot of items of link that are ignored, for example, link can acquire a set of armour in twilight princess that makes him invulnerable as long as his wallet's filled.
link has an advantage simply because he deals with far greater powers than mario, same way we can't exactly pitch Aragorn versus Sephiroth.

the concept of this article does intrigue me though, so I do encourage you to keep up your work. ^^

How many bottled fairies and red potions and blue potions is link allowed? Not that link needs more than one. Sorry princess but mario is a goner.

Does no one want to write anything even slightly original for this website anymore :(

I saw this on the front page and was actually a bit upset, this belongs in Nintendo Power 20 years ago, not the Escapist today.

Fun article but a bad conclusion. Mario simply does not have what it takes to kill Link. The best he could hope for is a draw.

Less mobility for link? he can instantly roll in any direction and pegasus boots make star-mario-evasion a breeze.
Also mario can fight in close combat using his cape, quite effectively too.

Fun read but disagree with the conclusion if you're going to allow mario his power-up suits then the same applies for links armour and masks, so invulnerable magic armour while he has money and fierce diety mask. also doesn't link have a blade beam attack in the early games when his health is full.

They include the star but NOT the Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros.?

Mario's victory hinges on the Star making him invincible and giving him one-hit kills, but Link can tank that with Magic Armor and Faeries or even use the Four Sword to scatter in all directions until it runs out. Even if he somehow lost... he'd just reincarnate and come back to finish the fight.

Wait, Mario gets to carry around and use all of his suits and an invincibility star even though he's never actually been able to do that, but Link can't use the magic cape that makes him invisible, invincible and capable of walking through solid objects, which was an actual item that he could actually carry around with him?

I think this fight might be rigged.

Not bad, except he left out all the mask power ups from Majora's Mask. The Fierce Deity Mask, Giant's Mask, Goron mask, Deku mask, Zora mask, Stone mask, and Blast Mask are more useful and interchangable than most of Mario's powerups, and that Link is sturdier. Even in the new games, with every powerup, Mario can take only take 12 normal hits, Link can take around 40.

That's the problem with this. Mario's powerups are more powerful but of limited duration and he can't carry a bunch of them around with him. Super star is great, but only lasts a few seconds. Tanooki Suit Mario is great, but one hit and it's gone and he can't just pull another one out of his pocket.

Fierce Deity Mask > Fire flower + Mushroom - Both have projectiles, but Fierce Deity Gives the projectile + More Powerful sword + Can take more than 1/2 hits.
Zora Mask > Frog Suit - Faster, more combat effective, can take more than one hit
Goron Mask > Stone Cap - Faster, more combat effective, easier to control, can take more than one hit.
Stone Mask or Magic Cape ~ Tanooki Suit - Tanooki Suit can fly for a short period and float, but Stone Mask stealth lasts longer and lets Link move.
Giant's Mask > Mega Mushroom - Both have limited duration, but Giant's mask makes link bigger and lasts longer. Also only needs magic to recharge, not the luck to find and catch another mushroom.
Minish Cap > Mini Mushroom - Both do the same thing, but Minish cap can take more than one hit.
Deku Mask ~ Racoon Tail - Both can float, Both have a spin attack, both can fly. Deku mask has a range attack the Racoon Tail doesn't, but the Racoon tail has a better fly ability.

Then there's magic from Adventures of Link like Thunder, Shield, Fairy. Upwardthrust screws over Marios primary attack. And there's a whole arsenal of other items like the Titan's Mitt, Pegasus Boots, Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Double Clawshot, Mirror Shield, ext ext ext.

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