Battle Royale: Mario Vs Link

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It's kind of cool escapist is doing a 'DeathBattle' kind of blog but man, this was one of the worst analysis' I've ever read. Link and Mario aren't even comparable in a fight, if Link has everything he's ever obtained (Canon-wise he wouldn't but he'd still win.), he flat out stomps the plumber in seconds.

So, pretty much what everyone else is saying, fun read but a really terrible analysis.

Honestly, scenario time. The fight starts with them 8 feet apart, like a MMA fight. Link 'Mortal Draws' and instantly kills Mario, Mario's untrained reflexes and reaction time can not keep up. Done.

List of All Mario Items and the equivilan Link items.

P-Wing, Bee Mushroom, P-Baloon----Fairy Spell
Propeller Mushroom----------------Deku Mask
Super Mushroom--------------------Silver Gauntlets
Fire Flower-----------------------Fierce Deity Mask, Fire rod, Ember Seed, Magic Rod
Tanooki Suit, Statue Leaf---------Stone Mask
Super Leaf, Super Acorn-----------Deku Mask
Cape Feather, Wing Cap------------Deku Leaf, Sailcloth
Hammer Suit-----------------------Ball and Chain, Scatter Shot
Frog Suit, Penguin Suit-----------Zora Mask
Carrot, Spring Mushroom-----------Jump Spell, Roc's Feather
Ice Flower------------------------Ice Rod
Copy flower-----------------------Four Sword
Mix flower------------------------Thunder Spell, Din's Fire
Mini Mushroom---------------------Minish Cap
Mega Mushroom---------------------Giant's Mask
Speed Flower----------------------Pegasus Boots
Slow Flower-----------------------Song of Slow time
Boo Mushroom, Vanish Cap----------Magic Cape, Fairy Spell
Cloud Flower----------------------Hover boots, Cane of Somaria
Rock Mushroom---------------------Goron Mask
Boomerang Flower------------------Boomerang
Star, Metal Cap-------------------Cane of Byrna, Nayru's Love, Magic Armor

This Like the data wasn't all there.

That being said, did anyone else read this in Drew Skye's voice?

Result is meaningless, since Samus would destroy both of them even if it were a 2v1.

I skimmed the article and had to wonder how Mario could have possibly won, so I read it again.

Still don't get it.

Link has a shield which can block or reflect hammer and fireballs. Link can increase his health to 20 hearts, have magic and potions and armor that can effectively multiply that even further.

Mario dies in a hit or 2, but has potentially 99+ lives if depending on how anal you want to take this thing.

I guess metal suit/Starman can make up for a lot but its rather short lived like all his powers. Link also has invincibility doodads on occasion. Like Magic cape, Staff of Bryna (I think its that one) and various golden potions/super milk.

Link doesn't suddenly stop being able to use items after one hit and has to go find them again. This isn't Metroid Prime HEY-OH!

Link can also dig through the ground with mole claws to evade mario, has an upward thrust to counter any stomping (Mario's primary attack) and so on.

Link also wins in water, as he has access to iron boots/zora mask/flippers etc. so he can still actually fight underwater. Mario, as every blooper (bloober?) ever knows is utter defenseless aside from if he had a fire flower before diving in.

Even then he is utterly at the mercy of and deadly underwater currents while Link stands there in his Ferrous Footies unphased.

Mario can fly with a cape etc. ...with a damn long running start and then its more like gliding. Link can summon a damn tornado to get around, or just a little birdy to actually FLY places.

Is mario gonna climb a beanstalk and ride that little cloud around? I suppose he could appropriate a Lakitu cloud from his camera men if need be...

Mainly I think the Mobility and Special moves sections are horribly flawed in the article. In addition to the methods I've already stated Link has Epona, Goron mask Rolling, can counter Mario's poor attempts at flight with a variety of items.

Gale boomerang, the vaccuum thingy from Skyward Sword, basically any of about 5 items that manipulate the air with endless uses. Your mention of Link's ranged requiring ammo is faulty so long as their are Boomerangs. And once again Link's shield would null all of Mario's ranged.

Hell Link could take Mario out with a fucking Bombchu, or by hitting him once and using the net to catch him and stuff his tiny ass into a GLASS BOTTLE.

Oh yeah not to mention Link has on multiple occasions, manipulated the flow of time!!!

All in all I have to assume the article creator has never played any Zelda games, and is only going off of Smash Brothers for info on Link lol.

Link just has so many accumulated items and their associated powers from all his different games, there's no way Mario could win if they had access to everything possible from their respective franchises. And 1 on 1 would be a coinflip anyway, Link has a sword but Mario has effectively two lives and can crush Link with a jump.

Chateau Romani/Nayru's Love?
Every mask ever?
Golden Gauntlets, magically granted innate damage resistance.
Also, say what you will about Navi but Z-targeting is pretty overpowered.

You are right, if you allow the combatants to have all of their equipment it is a significantly different fight.
Death Battle did a much better analysis of Link's combat capabilities in my opinion.

The forum that can suspend and possibly even ban users for starting versus threads simply because of the fact that the replies may not add to discussion decides to have a feature entirely based around the idea of a versus thread.
Didn't really think this through, eh guys?

The writer was bribed!
Bribed I say!

Give Link the Magic Armor from Wind Waker and full magic, or from Twilight Princess and 1000 rupees. Nuff said.

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