No Right Answer: Most Depressing Series Ending

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In my opinion, Blackadder Goes Forth had the most depressing ending of all. Considering the entire rest of the series had been a funny, snarky comedy, the ending to the very last season takes a very depressing turn.
In the last episode, it is finally time for the final push over the top and and out of the trenches. Captain Blackadder desperately tries to get out, only to have his last attempts end in failure, Captain Darling is sent to the front by General Melchett as a "gift", when he wants nothing more than to stay OUT of the trenches, and Lieutenant George is very gung-ho about it all... until about five minutes before they are all going over the top, when he suddenly realizes that he too is scared by the prospect of dying. The last we ever see of them is when they charge out of the trenches, into the enemy's gunfire, with the theme slowly and melancholy playing in the background, before the whole scene dissolves into a field of poppies. No credits whatsoever, The End.

You forgot the most touching part.
When Baldric announces he has a cunning plan a few seconds before going over the top and instead of hearing it out and taking the piss, as Blackadder has been doing for the entire history of the program, he simply says "I'm sorry Baldric, it will have to wait" and they go over the top to their almost certain death.

No other TV show or film I've seen has been able to effectively portray the futility of war as well as that.

Blackadder goes forth has the most depressing, yet most poignant ending, hands down.

I had watch both these shows when I was growing up but I couldn't remember the ends so I youtubed them and boy was that a mistake. . . Gods damn they are depressing! Especially Roseanne, I have found memories of this show and they all came flooding back when I seen how it ended

Thanks guys for a trip down memory lane


At least they left Dinosaurs open for a sequel. The Baby could thaw out and become the Dinosaur Captain America. Or is that more depressing?

I'd like to nominate Clone High, though in retrospect it might be more infuriating than depressing. But still:

In terms of bad endings MAKING me depressed ....
Lost and Battlestar Galactica.
They both pull the god-card.
Still, Galactica ends with them destroying all their spaceships (by hard-wiring it into the brain of a main cast member, murdering him in the process), the president of the people dies of cancer, Adama goes into grief-exile, Kara was the angle-o-death-or-something and disappears UNEXPLAINED, most of the main cast is dead and the rest is probably gonna die during the first winter.
Like, you got an entire planet full of people and you got ONE old doctor. Your civilisation is clearly fucked.

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