Movie Trailers: World War Z - Teaser Trailer

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World War Z - Teaser Trailer

You wanted zombies and well here are your zombies.

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Awesome as it is to watch Glasgow[1] being trashed, they've taken a brilliant book and made it into a boring zombie shoot-em-up.

The book had plenty of action and could have used literally dozens of characters, locations and ideas to tell the story but instead it's going to be Brad Pitt and US Spec Ops shoot lots of zombies. It's a shame they've chickened out on what could be an amazing worldwide story.

[1] that's where the scene with the bin lorries was filmed (which was awesome to go watch being filmed)

I'll say, cautiously, that this could well be a very fun movie.

Unfortunately, unless the trailers are intentionally leaving a lot out about the tone (which I doubt because, well, rage zombies) this movie will have profoundly missed the entire point of the book.

I was hoping that they were joking when they said it was going to be basically Brad Pitt running around shooting zombies for the whole movie.

Turns out I was wrong.

I'm really disappointed that they've completely missed the opportunity to use the license to make something interesting in oppose to making a generic zombie shoot'em up number 123091349234.

The major appeal of the original book was in the application of the zombie invasion scenario into the geo-political situation of today. Instead of being about the survival of individuals during the midst of a zombie outbreak, the book was good in the build up of the zombie disaster, and how humans built up from the brink of annihilation. Hell, zombies were never the point of ANY good zombie fiction. It was always about the context, be it about the people (Walking Dead) or the politics (WWZ)

I didn't expect them to do a 100% conversion from book -> film but man that looks terrible.

Generic doesn't even begin to cut it. What has Brad Pitt lowered himself to this time?

Most expensive zombie movie flop to date incoming. This isn't a Zombie movie. It's football players gone mad and piling up everywhere.

Looks a little too BATTLESHIP+War of the Worlds, but I like zombies and Pitt's been a favorite ever since 12 Monkeys.

I thought the propensity for zombies to pile up into climbing structures was a little silly; they move way too fast. The WWZ writer layed out what I consider the definitive zombie rules, and these look like insane rage zombies rather than proper WWZ zombies.

In WWZ, zombies had 100% of the strength of the former human at their disposal, but they would in effect weaken continuously until they decayed over the next decade (at least, in warmer climates). I'm fairly certain that the tendency for them to pile up a bit was mentioned, but crawiling up a DAM in a zombie pile? Puhleeze.

WWZ would do well as a tv show. This film is nothing like the book. The zombies are fast, in the book they are slow. This movie could be fun to watch but it should lose the WWZ name as it isnt that.

Yup like I said in another thread, this trailer is just disappointing and just shares the name and completely misses the whole point of WWZ.

Well so much for hope that this movie would live up to the book. Biggest issue is the fast zombies.

WWZ would do well as a tv show. This film is nothing like the book. The zombies are fast, in the book they are slow. This movie could be fun to watch but it should lose the WWZ name as it isnt that.

the zombies aren't fast, they're a f****** tidal wave...
seriusly, wrf was that?

This really doesn't look good

Those zombie swarm scenes looked pretty cool, but it does seem like they're selling the entire movie as "Brad Pitt vs. the Zombies".

Also, can we stop with the dubstep in every damn action movie trailer, please?

Interview with Max Brooks (author of World War Z) saying how he hates fast zomibes. Way to sell out and give up creative control Mr. Brooks.

I haven't read the book but am still really disappointed with the trailer - the zombies look awful. The trailer had absolutely no tension or real peril. Hopefully it's just a badly put together teaser, but I'd wager it's more of a whole film problem. Shame.


Alright, let's go over everything that wasn't in the amazing book.

Gay fast zombies? Check.
Complete 180 on the narrative style? Check.
Nonsensical action scenes with lot's of big trucks and shit? Check.
Brad Pitt's entire character? Check.
Terrible CGI that looks like it was pulled out of the Matrix: Reloaded? Check.
Lame, cheesy dialog? Check.

Even if this was a standalone movie, it looks like crap.

But you know what? I'm not even mad. I'd be mad if the took the book and made major modification or something. THIS thing has nothing to do with the book except for the title.
I'm not mad. I'm just sad. This was probably the only chance for that glorious book to be made into a movie. And if done right, it could be an AMAZING movie!

Hopefully it will completely bomb and someone will remake it correctly.

Ok, I'd normally forgive the use of rage zombies, but this is ridiculous. These hordes move and act like a cross between the Zerg and a sentient tidal wave.

The zombie mob scenes looked horrible. I thought we had gotten better at CGI than this. Also, fast zombies were only really scary the first two times or so. I haven't read the book so I really would've liked seeing these strong zombies you guys are referring to. Sounds like they would have been way more interesting. Oh, well. I need something new to read anyway.

Edit: Ok, so I just wiki'd the book and got the general gist of it. All I can say is, wow, what a missed opportunity. As another poster said, just remove the WWZ moniker and call it something else. Maybe then someone can come along later and do it right.

There certainly is a sort of particle simulation feel to the zombie wave effects on display in this trailer. Well done, mind you, but I still get the impression that if the director wanted a 'couple more zombies to the left' in a scene, it would be a push of a button, instead of some animators efforts to enhance the zombies individually.

When I'm marveling at such a complex yet seemingly soulless simulation, and that vibe comes across that strong, the thrill or terror of being hunted loses it's impact, I find.

Absolutely DIRE! The fast zombies just look like a wave of nanobots now :(

CGI looks bunk.

I will defend 28 Days later as it WAS quite frightening. The scene when they run through the window was genuinely horrible as well as in 28 Weeks Later when they were running over the hills after Carlye and he left his wife behind.

Wow - that looked, that looked...that looked just awful!

And why are the "zombies" super-fast?! Well, I'm glad I know that I don't have to get excited for this movie. At least the book can't get ruined like this :)

And here I was hoping for a mockumentary of the effects of Z-day on the planet, interviews, and the like. It's a shame; I think it really could have made a good film, or series of films. Now it just looks like generic nonsense.

Well there goes all I hopes of fictional journalist approach to a zombie apocalypse.

Erm. What does this have to do with World War Z apart from zombies existing?

It's not a UN-documentary based around "reports" and "eye witness testimonies" by different people from all over the world, from all the different perspectives and war zones. Instead, it's an action movie centered around a family and mainly a father.
It doesn't seem to be about the efforts of rebuilding, of adapting to the zombie apocalypse, about developing new/old military tactics, about the hardships of human survival in a collapsed world where the cold of winter, the lack of food or proper clothing and other equipment or looters are just as likely to kill you as the zombies themselves.
It's not about the reestablishment of nations, the communications, the worldwide strategies for human survival and reclaiming of the world. Instead it's, just like so many other zombie movies, about the outbreak. About the chaos. Not about the silence and despair that followed it.
Sorry, but this looks like any other action zombie flick, just with the name World War Z slapped on for brand recognition. It's probably not a bad zombie flick. It has big name actors, possibly some good CGI and production values. But it's not World War Z.

Also, human zombie pyramid. What.

Wow, those are some bad special effects.

As much as I liked Max Brooks' books (and his father's films, but that's a different story), I have no expectations for this one. Might still pleasantly surprise me.

Five consecutive production company logos shown at the beginning of the trainer are hardly ever a good sign.

This looks like it'll likely be a FUN movie, but not a WORLD WAR Z movie. Why not just go through the book, take the most interesting ones (my personal ones would be the patient zero story, the otaku kid, the one about the kid who goes to Israel for sanctuary, the celebrity island haven, and the downed pilot) and just tell those stories on film? Have their voiceover at points to give the story connection as a first-hand account of past events, and you have a great movie. As is, this is going to be a TERRIBLE adaptation and should've been its own IP.

Why even post this here. they bought the ip and tore it apart. Who is still excited for this movie? /end pompus rant

Words can express my disappointment: "I am very disappointed and will probably skip this film."

I don't even know how I should feel about that shit. I mean, WWZ is one of my favourite genre books. I loved every page of it. And that's just... bad. I mean, it's like every little thing that could have gone bad has turned out even worst during the process of adaptation.

I'm depressed.

Sure the answer is obvious but, Did they even read the book? I mean really?

I mean I could see them making the movie about Gerry's survival since that isn't really covered in the book, to yield a more conventional movie, (I'd try to keep an open mind). BUT the fast zombies is an absolute betrayal to the source material.

This isn't World War Z!! This is Inception with hive mind, fast(!), zombies!

Max Brooks would roll in his grave if he were dead! But he's not. Which I guess is worse?

But whatever. This isn't WWZ. In all honesty, The Walking Dead TV series and game is closer to what WWZ was trying to say.

le sigh

At least it looks like Israel will be shown a lot. Nice to see other places in the world other than NYC in the movies.

I'm of the same opinion as everyone else here. Terrible waste of an amazingly fresh take on the zombie genre. World War Z is THE zombie story you recommend to non-zombie lovers.

The only, I repeat only, way the original could have been honoured would be a 10 to 20 episode mini-series. Take the best chapters from the book, and let them tell the story. A few of my recommendations would have been 3 centered on the american soldier, the decimation of the russian troops, the grown feral child, the K-9 corps and the stranded pilot.


Well at least the special effects look nice, shame about the rest of it.

Dirty Apple:
I'm of the same opinion as everyone else here. Terrible waste of an amazingly fresh take on the zombie genre. World War Z is THE zombie story you recommend to non-zombie lovers.

The only, I repeat only, way the original could have been honoured would be a 10 to 20 episode mini-series. Take the best chapters from the book, and let them tell the story. A few of my recommendations would have been 3 centered on the american soldier, the decimation of the russian troops, the grown feral child, the K-9 corps and the stranded pilot.

I'd also hope that they'd cover some of the "people acting like zombies" parts from the book - they had a name something along the line of "Quinceys" in the book, I can't remember exactly. I won't hold out much hope for that sort of thing, seeing that the film will likely be focussing mainly on Brad Pitts character, it wouldn't really feasible to have him jumping around the world to take part in all these stories. I'd also quite to see the makeshift settlement that was made out of various boats and the like all lashed together - I see there is a shot of what looks like a large fleet of ships, but I'm guessing that's more of a military setup than anything else.

Oh, but I will probably end up having to see this anyway, cos I get to see (part of) my home city play host to some serious destruction, as odd as it is to see some skyscrapers CG'ed in...

Arrrrghh!!! why did i think hollywood had it in them to make a decent movie out of the book. i get they couldn't fit the whole thing into one movie. but they could have at least focused on one of the say the guy from Yonkers.

He appearse mulitpule times in the book and his story alone could have made for an intresting tale. about how the military dropped the ball during the great panic and then later how things started to change and he was on the front lines of the new war.

He could have also tied in a bunch of other stories, he makes refernce to things happening around the world. you could have a brief segmant of those areas as he talks about them. or you could just focous on him.

The book should have been made into a mini series. it wouldn't have gotten the sales a theatrical film would have but it would be the only way to translate the book as its meant to be into live action.

On one hand it looks like the only thing this has to do with the book is the title and the presence of zombies, although the wrong kind of zombies. I didn't have much hope for it after some footage of the filming leaked ages ago. I don't think Max Brooks had much input or maybe he didn't care.

World War Z is worldwide survival horror focussing on the experiences of many different people in different areas. This is an action movie focussed on one guy. It's a pretty wide-scoping task for a film but I think everyone who's read the book here kind of had an image in their head about how they would have liked the movie to be structured so I won't elaborate on what I envisaged.

It looks like fun but I think it misses the entire build-up, (aka The Great Panic, the key part of the book.) I'm imagine it will be "Suddenly Zombies!" and then a string of action sequences loosely based on events in the book like Yonkers.

Disappointment aside it still looks like something I want to see. Just not something that proves a narrative that includes zombies can be something really good. (like 28 Days Later.)

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