Movie Trailers: World War Z - Teaser Trailer

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I'll go to see this mainly because it looks so shitty it'd practically be a comedy.

If I could remove every memory of the book from my mind, I might be able to "enjoy" this movie. So far though, I'm going to loathe it I think. Why mess up good things Hollywood?!

im pretty open to fast or slow zombies, living dead or infected. i liked the trailer when i first saw it but ive seen it a few times since and they move too fast. they might as well of made it a human eating tsunami rather than zombies.

the zombies arent individuals, they move too fast to stand out and be memorable

This film might have been a pleasant, dumb, popcorn-munching flick but the fact that they stapled onto it the name of a fantastic novel kills any hope for that.

Hey, did they remake the Starship Troopers scene with the horde of bugs crawling over the wall? Why do the bugs have only two legs now? And look faker?

Oh, it's supposed to be WWZ. Well. Fuck.

Seriously though, tell me those zombie hordes don't look like the Battle of Whiskey Oupost, without even improving on the decade old CGI there:

Sadly though, Starship Troopers was good - this don't look half as good as that. And Starship Troopers had a really small budget, especially compared to this supposed "World War Z".

Bit of an irony really - from what I understand, Starship Troopers (the book) wasn't that great, but the movie was pretty good; the opposite seems to be happening with World War Z though.

This film might have been a pleasant, dumb, popcorn-munching flick but the fact that they stapled onto it the name of a fantastic novel kills any hope for that.

Maybe, but even if you exclude the WWZ title, it doesn't look that great as just a popcorn action movie.


Geo Da Sponge:

Interview with Max Brooks (author of World War Z) saying how he hates fast zomibes. Way to sell out and give up creative control Mr. Brooks.

Wait, that guy actually used "gay" to summarize his problems with fast zombies? As an insult?

Okay, fuck that guy. His dreams can't be pissed on fast enough now. I sincerely hope that Hollywood screwed him over for this.

First off that interview was from a fair few years back when it was far more socially acceptable and common to use "gay" as a stand in for "lame". Secondly your response is rather zealous, regardless of whether or not this sort of statement is no longer considered OK in the public eye your idea of punishment to crime is skewed to an absurd degree. I say this as a supporter of gay rights, a close friend to many gays, someone who has gay family members and as someone who has always thought that calling something "gay" makes you sound like a tool, though I'd only rank people who still say it alongside dumb-asses who say "YOLO" and "swag". Let's also not forget the fact that some gay people also use the word in this context as well.

Don't worry, you don't have to talk about how 'some of your best friends are gay' to prevent me from attacking you as a homophobe.

But okay, if I'm honest I don't really think that he deserves all that stuff as "punishment". And yes, I admit that response was zealous. It was my instant, slightly knee-jerk response since hearing him say that in a proper interview pissed me off. I don't think he actually deserves anything worse for it, it's just that I lost all sympathy over the film completely changing his book the moment I heard him say that.

It's just that for once I didn't particularly feel like waiting to calm down a bit and temper my reaction with reason, I just felt like giving my instant reaction. Which was pretty pissed off.

Chairman Miaow:
Generic doesn't even begin to cut it. What has Brad Pitt lowered himself to this time?

He's lowered himself into a new pool.

jaded zombie:
the zombies aren't fast, they're a f****** tidal wave...
seriusly, wrf was that?

This really doesn't look good

Maybe at the end Brad Pitt will be seen surfing this wave on a surf board while firing a mini gun? lol.

Well so much for hope that this movie would live up to the book. Biggest issue is the fast zombies.

This, and the fact the horrible CGI is giving me bad "I Am Legend" flashbacks.

wow, did the film makers even read the book beyond the title?

how is it they get a hold of source material that is so unique and original and still decide on changing it into something so bland and generic... seriously why even bother with title? fuck you hollywood... thats really all i can articulate right now, man what a disappointment

Looks like it will be a fun movie adaptation of Left 4 Dead. I'll watch it.

I don't particularly like the book (the premise of a "realistic" zombie attack is self-defeating), but I assume the film only shares the name for the sake of brand recognition. Probably a good thing; there isn't that many ways you can really do a zombie story, and most modern movies attempt a "realistic" approach anyway.

There's a lot of people bitching about how the zombies don't move slow, like in the book (or indeed - every fucking zombie movie that hasn't figured out that a monster that moves at a snails pace isn't scary anymore). It is probably for the best that the zombies are not only fast, but move like a god damn avalanche - that's quite a fresh idea, and it even makes kind of sense, if you've ever seen how ants attack something. Why the hell wouldn't they be scrambling over one another? It makes them far more dangerous than any zombie plague ever depicted.

Ummm did they actually read the book?

Because it doesn't look like it.

I like the way no-one likes the trailer. To echo most of the posts here the film completely misses the point of the book. Max Brooks even says that he sees the Zombies as a walking plague rather than monsters. That was the compelling part of the book showing how incompetance and political agendas could doom the entire planet in the face of an unknown threat and then to see the effects of those actions on individual people. But I suppose a plot of AAAhhhh Zombies Run is all hollywood can come up with these days


Chairman Miaow:
Generic doesn't even begin to cut it. What has Brad Pitt lowered himself to this time?

He's lowered himself into a new pool.

I think James Cameron may need to raise the bar again on this one.

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