Movie Trailers: Warm Bodies - Trailer

Warm Bodies - Trailer

Finally they have found a cure for the whole zombie thing.

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So this movie stipulates that love cures the zombie virus?


That sounds so freakin' cheesy... I might just like it a lot.

"Come with me" (if you want to live!)????
Really silly, and Love never cured anything as far as I'm concerned.

I'm gonna give this a chance, it looks silly and tongue in cheek enough to be of entertaining value.

That and I can't help think its one giant middle finger to twilight XD

This looks so collosally silly it might just be so damned entertaining for it! Looks like a fun, laugh with friends, DVD rental night movie

What a clever idea for a movie.

But now, having just seen all the important parts of the movie, I'm not sure I'll bother watching it.

There's just no imagination in trailers these days.

Might work.

Heck, Rob Corddry might steal the show and make it awesome.

Talk about a shotgun wedding!

Having read the book it's based off of, I'm kinda surprised the trailer makes me want to possibly see it. It looks like they've added humor that was probably in the book but just didn't translate. The book overall was an okay read. A unique twist on a zombie story idea but I was hoping for something a little more. Maybe this movie will give it.

While we're on the subject of zombie stories from the perspective of the zombie, anybody read "The Littlest Zombie"? I saw a preview of it but could never find it in any comic shop. Was it any good? Would it make a good movie?

When my friend told me the premise, I was immediately dismissive. A zombie love story? Seriously? Seriously?

But this commercial...makes me want to actually watch it. It looks pretty damn good and original!

I wonder if they'll try and throw some zombie-movie-science explanation in or if they'll just say "uhh magic."

"Otto; or, Up With Dead People" did it first. It also did it far more confusingly, homoerotically, Eastern-Europeanly, politically, anarchically and pornographically. Which is, of course, par for the course for Bruce LaBruce.

So really, this is a perfectly valid take on the concept. Similar main characters, too.


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