No Right Answer: Best Pixar Movie Ever

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What about Up?!

Monsters, Inc, Ratatouille or The Incredibles.

Don't ask me to narrow it down!

top ten, imo.

1 Toy Story ( because when it came out it was THE BEST THING EVER. EVERRRRRRRRRRR! )
2 The Incredibles ( see above )
3 Wall-E
4 Toy Story 2 yeeeehawww
5 Cars
6 Toy Story 3
7 Finding Nemo
8 Monsters, Inc
9 Up
10 A Bug's Life

there are others, i haven't watched them all so sue me.

Nemo was a mehhh for me, and Cars I totally loathed, but the rest are damn fine. MY favorite is Wall-E (Peter Gabriel doing the soundtrack rocks!)

I just realized I love all the Pixar movies...
How is that a thing?
How can one company be that good?

This episode was lulz. XD

Wall-E was one of my favorites. How to Train Your Dragon was rather good... Incredibles also excellent. Pixar movies are just good in general.


"You demanded it, we delivered it!"
Well, not really.

Think Wreck it Ralph is the best, haven't seen it, but so much super positive buzz.... :P

Wreck it Ralph isn't from Pixar.

O, oops!!!
No wonder it didn't appear in the episode, then! :)

Then Nemo, closely followed by Incredibles.
Still didn't like the continual switching of one movie to the next though... Very chaotic.

They all great movies but I'm going to go with toy story because it awesome

Yeah, I can understand why picking the best Pixar movie would be pretty damn difficult, as they're the by far best at what they do.

I'd have to go with Wall-E though. Toy Story series is an extremely close second.

I semi-agree...but with the fantastic full circle of Toy Story 3...I'm not sure there has been a single movie in my life I have watched that have induced such a huge feeling of simultaneous longing, loss, hope and just general emotional rollercoasting.

It was pure brilliance. I'm ALMOST crying just thinking about it. So I'll stop.

Also, great episode and probably the truest no right answer ever.

Up and Toy Story 3. Or Wall-E. I can't really decide.

To paraphrase Kill Bill, "If you're gonna compare a [Pixar movie], you compare it to every other [movie] ever made... that wasn't made by [Pixar Studios]"

Just wonderful :D

Toy Story is one of the first movies I remember seeing in theatres (I was about 6 at the time)

Ratatouille is my all time favorite movie, Pixar or otherwise.

It's either Toy Story, which was my childhood, or Monsters('s?) Inc, which was my preteens. Everything that came after those two were good, but they never had the same impact for me that those two did.

UP and TS3 are the two I can relate to in many ways. WALL-E was a good movie but wasn't really moving as much as Up and TS3 were for me.
Put it this way, I didn't have one Jurassic Bark moment in WALL-e where there were a few in TS3 and Up respectively. that is all.

I've enjoyed all Pixar films to varying degrees. Currently I'd have to say my favorite 3 would be Brave, WALL-E, and The Incredibles.

Much better episode then normal, and that is because it does feel like you two would do in real life. Good to see Media Sandwich style being sneaked into No Right Answer.

What about Up?!

You should probably watch the video, you'll get a surprise


What about Up?!

You should probably watch the video, you'll get a surprise

Wow yeh, apparently I watched the first 20 seconds of a video then went crying to the comments. I thought I was better than that. :(

Hilarious episode, probably the best you guys ever did.

Pixar movies are indeed a hard pick, though I would personally go with Wall-E while Toy Story set the new standard for animation period

i dont get the appeal of wall-e. not a bad movie but not a great movie. i would have to go with either monsters inc or toy story, up is really good to. didnt like incredibles either.

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