Far Cry 3 Review

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Raiyan 1.0:

But how does it compare to the previous installment?

I can confirm one thing - no more baddies respawning at checkpoints minutes after you clear them out.

Great news! That was one of the weakest and most frustrating parts of the game.

It looks like a more complete, polished and feature added version of FC2. I'm happy with that, because while I mostly enjoyed FC2, I did feel it could have been a better game.

I wonder if this will have the same flaw as Skyrim where it's so easy to become over-powered. I'm gonna wait to find out, if it's more functional then I may consider it.

I hope there's no implied r*** in this one.


Implied rape in Farcry? Bwuh?
Gonna need to elaborate on that one, buddy.

I got interested in this yesterday after reading another review.

It looks like a better FarCry 1 that focuses less on the story and more on the gameplay, which I can appreciate.

I'll be picking this one up eventually for sure.


2. Is everyone outside the settlement/s outside to get you like they were in Far Cry 2, or are there neutral people minding their own business?

Judging by when he mentioned "There is some satisfaction in watching a territory transform from Hostile control to everyday civilians going about their lives" It's the latter you mentioned.

The only thing that I saw so far that "irked" me about the game, was that during a couple of driving sections that I saw, the bushes are still being render inside the vehicle, instead of being "ran" over; which I don't remember experiencing in Far Cry 2.

Either its a pre-release reviewers version issue, or its a huge step back.

wow, great health regen mechanics
i'm excited

Actually, it does still have segmented health like with Far Cry 2. Only 3 segments rather than 5, and there seem to be less animations, but some of it's still in there.

Game of the year for me. Hands down. I can't think of a bad thing to say.

Also the 'melodramatic' parts of the story criticized in this review... I don't think you get the point. You start acting more and more the part of a native warrior, going completely over the top with your fanaticism. At one point you even tell one of your friends that killing people now feels like 'winning'... I'm getting a real Spec Ops vibe from this. You're being constantly manipulated further and further into madness.

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