Movie Trailers: Black Rock - Trailer

Black Rock - Trailer

Hollywood gives us one more reason to not leave the house.

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I don't think I've ever seen a shittier premiss or more of the film given away in a single trailer.

Douchebags on an Island: The Movie.

This trailer doesn't work. This movie looks like atmospheric conflict against the superior survivalist. The trailer makes it look like Glorious Charge of the Manly Women against the Fantasy Monsters.

Lord of the Flies on a budget cut?

I just watched Last Resort's 8th episode (which turned out to be about a rapist), then turn to the Escapist and see this?
I NEED to see something with a female villain that the audience is supposed to absolutely hate now.

I wanted to link to Black Rock Shooter by Supercell, but then I realized how pretentious that would be.

Actually, this film is has an interesting premise, but is probably gonna suck. The horror genre in films is filled with so much suck that it could probably be classified as a vacuum. Yeah, there are good horror movies, and horror movies that are so bad their good, but both of those are extremely rare.

Ooh, the Most Dangerous Game with ladies. I kind of like this premise. It may end up being executed badly (and the acting doesn't llok great, even in the trailer) but it's kind of jerkish to just write it off.

The only plot line for the woman to be hunted i...
s the only married character tries to cheat on her husband with the island hunt
er. To lead him on so much then when she attempts to stop his pursuits and he almosts rapes her she kills him by accident and then the woman become the hunter prey. Why not just have the woman be psychos for the sake of being Psychos why the subplot of cheating and rape. I mean why cant she just have cracked under the pressure of day to day life and gone nuts like Mrs Voorhees or Lizzie Borden.
WTF?? Would love to interview the director a former Mrs Teen USA and ask her about this one.


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