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one - hail the j man
dual - this is the best one yet!

Hail to the king baby!
J-Mo-Money-Fresshhh is back and on top. Unlike back to back this work

The Johnny skits are gold, but I admit, I really wasn't feeling the green screen. Would it have been that hard to set up a red curtain on a stone interior wall and locate a fancy chair for him to sit in? I also felt like this one wasn't as intricate as the other ones. Basically only one thing happened in the story. Kinda meh compared to the others.

You keep bein' who you be, Jonny Five.

The character of Jonny fits perfectly with these damnable Farcry 3 adds. Jonny would totally fit in that scenario.

I can just see the phone call home, left on the machine, naturally.

Wow... where can Johnny possibly go from here? I mean if nothing else, you guys must be running out of reasons for him to black out. =P

I do like that it acknowledges continuity such as it is with the previous betrayal by people close to him driving him to do that backpacking to get away from the people he knows.

Jersey Shore would be proud.

Jonny Five

Jonny gets back to us concerning his trip abroad.

Watch Video

Ok so I'm thinking kickstarter for Johnny: The Motion Picture. Just you, one camera and 90 mins with no fuck ups. I think it's the least you owe us. You know, the people who have never paid a cent for your work. Chop chop.

"Bromageddon" is the best new word.

Yeah, well, what about BroMEGAddon?...


Jonny can still count to 10 in French? That puts him above me; I couldn't remember how to do that until I saw this not too long ago:

War Penguin:
Yay! I'm happy this little series of videos is continuing! I'm happy to see that Jonny Five... is alive! :D


... Oh, don't look at me like that. The title was just begging for a Short Circuit reference!

God damn ninjas! xP

Quick somebody call Bill, we have a ninjas problem :o

Now I want to try a Duel.

Just be careful. That stuff is pretty dangerous. Gets me in trouble almost as much as this other drink I like, "urmomsahore."

I get in a fight every time I ask for that.

OT: Is there a LRR shirt that says "and that's when I blacked out?" I need one.


Except France beheaded their monarchy during the french revolution...
Unless switzerland has a monarchy (pretty sure they don't) J-man is either a meuseum exhibit or is on the chopping block.

We believe in you J-fresh!

France did have at least one more king and two emperors after that though, and Belgium has a king as well (and they speak French), or possibly he's not king but Prince (Monaco) or Grand-Duke (Luxembourg)

True enough, but they wouldn't be royal by blood would they? As far as I know, the entire French royal family was beheaded making the additional monarchs self-proclaimed (not that it's any different from who called themselves royals first...)

That being said, I'd forgotten about Belgium. I guess that's possible. The green-screen didn't look rich enough to be Monaco. Not enough rich people in expensive sports cars splashing poor tourists as they take in the sights.

Wait, that actually fictitiously happened?

Loading Ready Run i am dissapoint:

I was missold this comedic sketch! I was expecting a robot but instead I got a well done comedy!

I demand a refund of my time!

Am I the only one who hates this character?

Not really funny to me, which is sad, I love pretty much everything else this crew does.

Thankfully for some unfortunate kingdom, most modern European monarchies rely on an elected body of representatives to pass actual legislature. The monarchs rarely use the power they hold.

Besides, I don't think the J-man could stay focused enough to pass a single edict.

If I ever become king, I'm renaming the UK to the Unfortunate Kingdom

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