Escape to the Movies: Killing Them Softly

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He's not excited about something with Benedict Cumberpatch in it?

It's a paradox he'll have to resolve but he will surprise me with a glowing review, unless the movie is just so freaking good that it surprises him first.

Historically, Bob has not looked kindly on modern reworkings that eschew certain elements of beloved franchises to make them more actiony and explosiony. While I think the previous movie just barely predates this series, he has referenced it numerous times since, and pretty much always as a negative comparison. See also: Transformers. He was slightly kinder to Sherlock Holmes but almost entirely on the strength of Downey and Law's expert acting.

I liked that movie but I was referencing the literal Sherlock BBC series where Benedict Cumberpatch is Sherlock.

It's one of the best pieces of television I've seen in my entire life.

Possibly on an entirely different echelon than most film. But I might be overstating how much I adore it...but probably not.

As for Transformers, I'm not exactly a professional and the vast amount of money they made suggests I'm wrong, but I felt the actual cinematography of the film was pretty bad. Michael Bay is kind of like Jazz to me, I don't understand how anyone likes it, but I just accept that other people have different tastes than me and respect their decisions.

I'm a fan of action and explosions though >.>... When done properly they make me feel good. The Avengers being a great example recently. Or First Class, the anchor scene had me with my jaw dropped the entire time. Something genuinely clever about it.

Anywho, BENEDICT! He's like Michael Fassbender, any film with either of them in it I'll see. Sadly that meant I mistakenly walked into Prometheus, but if you edit out all of the film but his parts its still a fantastic performance.

No, I know you were talking about Benedict, I was just saying that any love he may have for the actor will have to offset his distaste for action-packed reboots.

And I know what you mean about a good actor elevating even a bad film. Planet of the Apes was... well it just wasn't very good. But Paul Giamatti can still steal every scene he's in, and Tim Roth was just freaking amazing.

Why is it that I've been watching MovieBob for a year or two now, and all of a sudden he can't control his overblown (and I think played up) Baaahstin accent?

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